Why Does My Light Bar Make a Buzzing Noise?

The buzzing noise coming from your light bar could be because of a dying battery, bad manufacturers or a number of reasons! Wind and heat dissipation can also be the primary reasons for the buzzing sound from a light bar.

Here, I shall explain the cause and details of this issue and what to do to stop the buzzing from your light bar.

It May Not Be a defective Light Bar

Upon hearing such noises, many of our initial thought is that we have bought a defective LED bar. But that may not be the case. The issues are more in manufacturing than in individual products. So, you are likely to face the same noise even if you buy that bar from other sellers.

On the other hand, there can be other reasons behind a buzzing or humming light bar. I have seen some buyers facing the problem while others are not using the same bar.

Is a Buzzing Light Bar Dangerous?

A buzzing light bar is not risky to the system. If you follow the root of the problem, it is simply from the vibrations. So, if you see the buzz, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will last shorter or pose any threat to the vehicle’s lighting system.

The only problem here is the annoyance from the sound. Some people often ignore it altogether.

The Main Cause of the Buzzing Light Bar

A buzzing sound from a light bar usually has a frequency of 120 hertz. It is in harmony with double the main frequency.

Because of that, the peak current can reach up to 120 times per second. The event makes the parts of the light bar vibrate. If this vibration can be suppressed, there is a chance that the bar won’t buzz. But it is rare, unfortunately.

The cause of noise can also come from the heat dissipation system or the wind. Many manufacturers design their bars especially to avoid these.

What to Do to Avoid a Buzzing Light Bar?

Whether humming or buzzing noises, it is usually because of a bad manufacturing design to save some production costs.

However, in rare cases, you can get rid of the buzzes by tightening the mounting screws and making sure that the light bar is totally stable and steady when mounted. 

Note that it is rare to stop a LED bar from buzzing completely. You may be able to do so on a home LED bulb, but LED bars are not the same case. The best thing to do is to stay cautious before the purchase. Consider the following factors when buying a light bar.

Vibration-Proof Bars

You can usually see light bars having a vibration-proof body. It is to prevent internal and external vibrations from damaging the bar and making noises. Go for such light bars as they are highly unlikely to generate buzzing sounds.


I highly suggest buying light bars online. In that case, you can initiate a return for a buzzing light bar using the withdrawal right. You may not be able to do so when buying it from a local store.

It is so because some sellers often don’t count buzzing or humming as appropriate cause for a return as it is technically not a defect.

Buying online will also allow you to read the reviews of the previous users and avoid such products.

Switching to a More Reputable Brand

Once you return or avoid a light bar that makes buzzing noises, you should opt for a different manufacturer. I suggest choosing a reputable brand, as their products are more reliable.

Going for Silent Light Bars

Some manufacturers especially care for their customers and make light bars that are totally silent. I have seen ones with an aerodynamic design to prevent wind currents from whistling and more stable design to avoid buzzing. They are your best bet.

Final Note

Having a buzzing light bar can be really irritating, and nobody wants to endure the noise. The best way to avoid it is to take necessary precautions before buying the bar.

If the problem starts, you can try tightening the mounts. If it doesn’t work, you should initiate a return as the cause of such an issue stems from poor manufacturing.

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