Why Does My Car Blinker Blink Faster When Installing A Led Bulb?

Consider replacing the filaments or incandescent signal lights with something stronger. In such a situation, I found that LED traffic indicator lights are now reasonably affordable, allowing me to update them at a cheap cost. Although installing LED traffic signal lights may seem like a good idea, they might have issues.

The rapid flickering of LED blinkers is referred to as hyper-flashing. It arises as a result of the mismatch between the circuits of older vehicles and modern LED technologies. By adding extra resistors or relays, the hyper-flashing may be readily rectified.

Now let’s go further into the subject of hyper blinking and find what’s the reason behind light blinking. 

Why am I receiving flickering LED lights?

Before I guide you through the process of solving hyper-flashing, you might want to learn why it’s occurring. This might stun you to find that car blinking is really a purposeful feature of the car’s turn signal system, which alerts me when a lightbulb has burnt out.

This functions for lightbulbs, which require electrical resistance to generate light. When the lights smoke out, my car can determine that the resistivity is limited, and it’ll begin to light bulbs blinking.

If you add LED lightbulbs, which will take substantially less energy than fluorescent bulbs. And this creates a fall in the circuit’s resistivity. If there’s a mentioned problem, then the car might get smoked out lightbulb and will start blinking.

Why am I receiving flickering LED lights

How To Stop Hyper Flashing LED Lightbulbs?

To solve ‘Hyper flashing’ and restore the signal lights, you may use numerous ways to address the problem.

  • Installing or repairing the old led indicator relays.
  • Adding load resistor to approximate the existing bulb power.
  • Utilizing LED bulbs with installed decoders and resistors.

Since these improvements are very easy and may be quickly performed, they also have their own sets of specific obstacles and concerns. Let me share what I did when I faced similar blinking problems.

Adding LED Flasher Relays

Using an LED flash relay unit particularly intended for lightbulbs is the simplest technique for resolving hyper blinking. These devices are affordable, and there are several companies to pick from, among which you can get on amazon.

They are easy to set up. In most situations, the flash relay devices are tiny square or circular boxes with steel hooks coming out one end. And that fits towards where the standard flasher went inside the headlights.

These LED flash units are compatible both with LED and conventional light bulbs. Therefore, even if I use LED traffic indicators in the rear and incandescent lamps in the front, I may use these units without any issues.

However, this is one of the simplest techniques for repairing hyper flashing. Drivers need to note that the traffic indicator is typically regulated by the circuits control system with current automobiles. If so, installing the LED traffic indicator relays requires activating the control circuit.

You must detach the traffic indicator inputs and outputs from the wiring harness. Then connect them simply to the LED traffic indicator relays, which may not always be a smart idea and result in additional mistakes.

Before purchasing the flash unit, it is crucial to check the wiring layout of the standard flasher with the circuit design of the flashers you are seeking to buy.

Adding LED Load Resistor to the LEDs

Unlike the plug-and-play LED flash unit we talked about before, the load resistor requires additional cabling due to the system. However, a standard 15-volt 75-watt load resistor may come with everything you’ll need to attach them.

The LED lightbulb flashing may be turned down to a normal pace by attaching load resistors, thereby matching the initial bulb workload. For every LED light, front and rear, the resistors must be put in series (connected to negative and positive).

The installation technique is exactly the same for every car. Also, you may need to purchase car particular resistor sets if the installation process is different.

Finally, putting the load resistor, you need to make sure to attach them onto a surface of the metal far from any polyester border. They may generate heat if kept on for long durations.

How To Stop Hyper Flashing LED Lightbulbs

Final Note

Certainly, hyper flashing is annoying, particularly when newly-installed lights are not functioning correctly. I’m confident that one of these solutions will assist in repairing the lights so drivers can enjoy using new LED lightbulbs.

Knowing how to cope with LEDs hyper blinking by adding a flash unit or load resistor would be easy for drivers to stop light flickering. Now would you put an LED indicator on your vehicle?

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