Why Do HID Lights Flicker?

HID lightbulbs generate light from filaments instead of laser ablation over 2 electrodes enclosed inside an enclosed gas chamber. Although HID headlights are extremely bright, they are susceptible to flickering for a number of reasons.

HID lightbulbs have a power capacity and low resistance. They need ballasts to adjust their voltage and current in order to function properly. If your car’s power system isn’t suited for HID lighting, fluctuating current will be transmitted to the lightbulbs, which can cause them to flicker.

How Do I Stop My HID Lights from Flickering?

If your car has daytime halogen running headlights, just around 25 watts of power would be given to it instead of the 40 watts necessary for any of them to function properly. HID lightbulbs will also flicker as a result of this.

  • This problem can be solved by turning off the daytime running headlights, which would be a simple process.

The total power given to HID headlights could be insufficient to prevent lights from flickering if the car’s lighting is powered by a Ten- or Fifteen-amp fuse.

  • The resistance would be reduced as well as the quantity of power provided to the lights will be increased without overheating the wire by substituting the switch with such a 20-amp version.

A dead battery is among the most prevalent reasons for headlamp flickering. The battery is required for the correct operation of your lights. Flickering or fading lights could be the consequence of failed batteries. It’s advised not to disregard flickering or fading lights, irrespective of whether the batteries are to blame.

  • In this case, you should request a free battery examination from the nearest garage. If the lights are flickering because of a dead battery, it’s time to buy a new one.

The power produced by your automobile is impacted when the alternator begins to fail. Because lights rely on electricity from the car’s batteries, this might lead to flickering, fading, or nonfunctional lights. The car’s electric circuit will quickly drain the batteries if the alternator has been unable to charge it.

  • If you feel stuck, consider the alternator examined by a professional to see if it needs to be changed or rebuilt.

Flickering headlights might occur if the lightbulbs or projectors in your headlights are outdated or broken. Luckily, there is a straightforward cure for this.

  • Drive your car to your neighborhood mechanic, those professionals will change the old or broken lightbulbs.

How Do You Test Your HID Ballast?

Be always conscious of safety while proceeding. Once you begin to work, make absolutely sure the light source is turned off and disconnected. Here we will be explaining how to test HID ballast step by step.

  • Replace the light first to ensure it’s the ballast that would be the issue. To avoid skin sweat from damaging the face of the bulb, wear leather or latex gloves while replacing it. If you contact the HID lights accidentally, they may be destroyed or even have their longevity reduced.
  • Examine your ballast’s current and voltage rating to verify whether it’s within the appropriate range. Utilize the voltmeter and double-check that it’s set up correctly to catch the necessary numbers.
  • The cabling of the ballast varied based on the model. Check the ballast’s power source and ground to discover if any connectors are loose. Replace or repair any broken or damaged wiring you find.
  • A solenoid consists of a coil, a casing, and a moving plunger. The availability of electricity causes the coil to be surrounded by a magnetic field. If the permanent magnets in your HID system are broken, your headlights may be unable to switch on.
  • The connections to the termination are by far the most prevalent problem with an HID ballast. You’ll need a welding iron and welding wire to reconnect them. Make absolutely sure you do it appropriately and also that the connection is strong and reliable.

Final Note

Here we’ve described every possible way that can make your HID lights flicker and how to stop lightbulbs from flickering. Do not change the ballasts right away if the HID lights flicker. To check if you really can restore or fix it, go through all the instructions carefully.

Almost all of the time, doing so will save your time & expense. Whether you’re repairing, it’s a good thing to understand these fundamental methods for testing HID ballast so that you can examine these areas first.

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