What Is The Perfect Size of Light Bar for ATV?

The perfect size of LED light bars for an ATV can be 7 to 20 inches. Regulations and laws may vary in your area depending on where you reside. 

If you aren’t going to be riding on every open street, you should be safe in the majority of situations. These are the kind of lighting bars and the sizes of light bars on ATVs that we will be discussing in this article.

Sizes of Light Bars in ATV

The length of an ATV light bar may vary from 6 to 22 inches, with 12 inches being the most popular. When it comes to choosing a size, extra space and aesthetics are often important considerations.

Measure what the various sizes of lights may look like when they are mounted to the ATV bike. Light bars are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 5 inches to more than Fifty inches in length. However, more is not necessarily better. A light bar that is excessively large will not be visually appealing.

When installing the light bar on the interior of a brush guard or grill of the ATV, this is very critical. If possible, you should choose a light bar that is about 1 inch smaller in diameter than the area provided. Installing it in this manner will be simpler, and it would also provide for optimum ventilation.

To ensure that you don’t end up with a light bar that is either too large for your installation position or that seems entirely out of scale, you should grab a measuring tape and measure the space you have available. Measure the diameter (LED lighting system length), thickness, and elevation of the space that is accessible.


Lightbars are available in a variety of forms, with the regular and curved being the two commonly frequent. You may also obtain smaller lighting in the shape of squares or circles, and these are called car work lightings rather than light bars for ATVs. However, for others, they could still be a viable alternative when it comes to ATVs.

It is suitable for off-road usage since a curving light bar can distribute illumination more evenly to the corners. Straight light bars, on the other hand, are more expensive than curved bars. A less expensive alternative is to seek lighting that is focused on excellent deflectors in order to produce the same impact.

What Sizes of Light Bars Do You Need?

Typically, when people think of a lighting bar for the ATV, they see a row of bright LED light bulbs encased in a durable billet exterior covering that is 10-15 inches in length size and 2-3 inches wide. This is the sort of tutorial we’ll be concentrating on in this section.

Other comparable sorts of lights are referred to as “light bars,” which is a rather ambiguous word. Perhaps one of the following will meet your requirements just as well as a regular light bar according to your preferred sizes:

  • Micro-pod work lighting bars: These might be a terrific addition to a light bar’s illumination.
  • Single LED-light bars: They may be used to augment the ATV’s indicators or as spotting lights.
  • Flush mount light bars: Flush-mount work lights need you to make a hole in the ATV’s bodywork in order to be installed.
  • Amber light bars: LED bars with an amber light are ideal for piercing fog at night.
  • LED whip light bars: These are often placed to provide the most vision possible for off-roading or sand riding in the darkness.

Final Note

The length of an ATV light bar may vary from 8 to 22 inches, with twelve inches being the most popular. When it comes to choosing a light bar size and shapes are often important considerations before mounting it to the ATV.

It could be worthwhile to investigate if any rules or laws exist that specify what sizes of lighting controllers are permitted to be installed. On-road usage of an ATV is permitted, although drivers are not permitted to utilize an LED light bar while on the road. If you want to be partially legal wherever you ride, you must wire it such that it is completely switched off while you are on a public road.

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