What is a Headlight Bezel?

A headlight bezel is a frame between the lens and the housing of a headlight. Though simple in design, the headlight bezel serves an important role. In addition, it also affects the car’s external appearance. Headlights are essential for any kind of vehicle, and the headlight bezel serves as their safeguard.

What Are Headlight Bezels Made of

What Are Headlight Bezels Made of?

Headlight bezels can be made of an assortment of materials. As they have to withstand heat and moisture, the materials must be sturdy as well. Traditionally, different kinds of plastics are used in making headlight bezels.

  • Polycarbonate: PC or polycarbonate is a kind of plastic that can be molded or thermoformed very easily. Because of its transparency, it has a wide range of uses. Many manufacturers use polycarbonate components to ensure better performance.
  • Polybutylene Terephthalate: PBT is also a thermoplastic that can withstand heat. Because of its insulating capabilities, manufacturers commonly use PBT to make headlight bezels.

But nowadays, manufacturers are trying to develop newer designs for headlight bezels that can perform even better. Using variations of traditional materials makes it possible for these newly designed bezels to withstand extreme conditions without degenerating. 

Why Do I Need Bezels for My Headlights

Why Do I Need Bezels for My Headlights?

A car’s headlights have to go through extreme external conditions over time. The drastic change in temperature and moisture can damage the insides of the headlights very easily.

The plastic film on the headlights or the halo lens can be blurred if they are not appropriately protected. In addition, if the proper headlight bezels are not used, it can hinder the driver’s ability to see in the dark.

What Kind of Headlight Bezel Should I Use

What Kind of Headlight Bezel Should I Use?

There is a wide range of headlight bezels to choose from. Some are more suitable for you than others. The appropriate shape and size of the headlight bezels depend mainly on the vehicle in question.

Bezels vary greatly depending on the model of the car. So it is essential to know precisely the kind of car you are using and what you want out of the bezels.

Generally, you can discern this by looking at the headlight lenses. The bezels are meant to fit very snugly into it. It should envelop the headlight assembly firmly. Headlight bezels also let you personalize the car’s appearance. Various designs of bezels can be found for the same model for vehicles.

How Do I Change the Headlight Bezels?

The headlight assembly differs from vehicle to vehicle. But when it comes to changing the headlight bezels, the procedure is generally the same.

  • First, you have to remove the front bumper and fender liners as they will get in the way
  • Remove or disable the wiring connected to the car battery
  • Carefully unscrew the nuts and remove the washers to take off the headlights
  • Apply heat to the headlight for a little over 15 minutes to melt the adhesive. Now you can dissect the interior parts of the headlights and remove the bezels. The adhesive is usually reusable.
  • Lastly, you have to glue the new bezels onto the headlights assembly. For this, you can reuse the adhesive you melted previously. But if the glue becomes messy, then it can cause a leak.

Headlight Bezels

Final Note

Vehicles are complex inventions in themselves. They are made up of intricate parts that accumulate into their performance. Headlight bezels are forgettable yet an important component of the headlight assembly of cars. By using the right bezels, one can ensure the proper assembly of the headlight apparatus.

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