How to Choose The Perfect Sealed Beam Headlights?

Since the 1950s, sealed beam headlight was a popular headlamp type by the automotive industries and vehicle owners. However, it has been replaced by halogen and LED headlights in most places.

But the sealed beam headlights are still favored by many for their durable builds, surprisingly good lighting, and low cost. You may notice them a lot on older vehicle models.

We will admit that there is not many quality sealed beam headlights on the market as LED or HID. That is why it is harder to find the best one. We have spent a nearly two weeks finding and making a list of the ten best sealed beam headlights for you.

List of Sealed Beam Headlights

1. HWSTAR 2021 LED Headlights with New Osram Chips

HWSTAR 2021 LED Headlights with New Osram Chips

DRL Turn Signal Hi/Low Sealed Beam Compatible with Jeep Cherokee XJ Wrangler YJ Ford Chevy GMC Toyota Nissan Silver


  • The light beam is spread 200% wider than traditional headlights.
  • The bright light lets you see the road clearly with 9,500 lumens. You won’t find any dark spot, and there won’t be any glaring.
  • The brightness of the light should remain the same even after 5-years of usage.


  • The soft plastic cover over the lenses can get scratched pretty easily.

Let’s start this list with one of the best sealed beam headlights in terms of quality and popularity. The HWSTAR 2021 LED Headlights take a power of 180W to provide light almost 500% brighter than regular ones.

OSRAM chips are arguably the best LEDs on the market currently. That is why the manufacturers used it in the making of the headlights. The headlight offers a DRL and turn signal with high-quality lighting. You can fit them easily on Jeep Wrangler YJ, Jeep Cherokee XJ, Toyota Nissan, Ford, Chevy GMC, etc.

The beam patterns of the sealed beam headlight get you a 200% wider illumination than average ones. It contains a brightness of 9,500 lumen, which stays constant all the time. The color is 6,500K. So, if you like cool-white lighting, this is an ideal item. Its DRL and turn signals are placed at the bottom that is easy to spot.

For proper cooling, there is thermal grease inside. It has a waterproof level of IP67. Meanwhile, the breathing valve keeps the moisture out. The aluminum housing will let better heat conductivity.

We were able to install the light easily by utilizing its plug-and-play system. It comes with a load resistor pre-installed that removes flickering chances. You can install the whole thing within 15 minutes. Choose from black or silver for the housing.

2. YORKING Sealed Beam LED Headlights

YORKING Sealed Beam LED Headlights

Fit for sedans, light SUVs and trucks, motorcycles, and off-road vehicles. Some vehicles such as : Dodge Challenger,Dodge Charger and More


  • The headlamps are easy to fit on most vehicle models.
  • Both the lenses and the housing contain durable materials that work under extreme temperatures.
  • You can use them as a direct replacement for HID or halogen headlights.
  • All the headlights take really low energy to operate.


  • The installation is not that easy.
  • The bulbs are not that high-quality.

We tried out the sealed beam headlights from the YORKING brand that comes with 4-pieces of headlamps. With both high and low beams, the items are H4651, H4652, H4656, and H6545. They come in a size of 4 by 6 inches.

These headlights come with additional slim ballasts and are compatible with Kenworth, Ford Probe, Freightliner, Chevy, etc.

YORKING sed Poly (methyl methacrylate) on the lenses for durable construction. The headlights contain aluminum housing for added heat resistance. You can use them fine under -40° to 140° F temperature range. All their parts have IP67 weatherproof levels. They are also resistant to vibration.

The power they use is 45W each. You get a 6,500K color temperature light with 1550 lumens on low and 3200 lumens on high beam.

3. Optix 7×6 Inch Sealed Beam Headlight

Optix 7×6 Inch Sealed Beam Headlight

H4 LED Conversion Kit 6000K Cool White 8000LM 80W


  • You get two additional H4 LED bulbs.
  • The sealed beam headlight has a beam pattern that will surely impress you. It uses COB chips to achieve that.
  • It doesn’t use that much energy for its operations.


  • The covers of the headlights are not even decently durable. You may need to buy separate covers for it.

We used H4 LED bulb pair inside this kit. The headlight features the H6054, H6052, and H6014 sizes. One thing about the headlights that impressed me and my buddies so much is their housing style. It has a diamond-cut design that looks shiny and attractive.

You get two additional H4 LED bulbs with the item. It provides a 360° spread light with a brightness of 8,000 lumens. Its color is Xenon white, at a 6,000K temperature. It uses only 80W to produce that. The clear lens ensures that no light particles get blocked.

The bulbs you get come with CANbus ready to remove flickering chances and error codes. These and the headlights both have weatherproof IP68. They work between -40° to 200° F without malfunctioning or shortening their lifespan.

4. Sylvania H6024 Basic Halogen Sealed Beam Headlight

Sylvania H6024 Basic Halogen Sealed Beam Headlight

Made from high quality material for long lasting durability


  • You can pick from multiple sizes of the sealed beam headlight.
  • It has a 1:1 OEM size and is produced by OE manufacturers.
  • They are available at a low cost.


  • Some people received a defective one.

Sylvania is one of the most reliable brands for light sources and vehicle parts that we used. Their H6024 halogen sealed beam headlight has a size of 7 inches. But the product is available in H4351, H4352, H4651, H4656, H4666, H4701, H4703, and H6054 sizes.

The package we got contains only one piece of the headlamp, so you need to purchase two. It has a really low cost, so that is not an issue.

The headlight has total DOT compliance like other products from the brand. Sylvania used durable materials on it. So, the light stays intact no matter the weather or road. Since the brand is literally a producer of OEM parts, you can rely on their headlight.

Since the headlight has a total size as the stock ones, we didn’t face much problem in the installment. They fit right in the place. You will be surprised to see how the customers were happy about the item.

5. Phillips Automotive Lighting H6024 LED

Phillips Automotive Lighting H6024 LED

Up to 6000k powerful cool white light


  • The headlight has a plug-and-play installation system and is easy to mount.
  • The light doesn’t glare and focuses on the road.
  • You get a beam with a long visibility distance.


  • The headlight is too expensive even with its high qualities.

Like Sylvania, Phillips is another equally reputable brand for its lighting products. The H6024 LED integral beam is the kind of sealed beam headlight you want for your vehicle. It has a diameter of 7 inches and offers a plug-and-play installation system. You get one piece in the pack.

You will get a color temperature of 6,000K from the headlight. Pairing the intense brightness with the cool white light, you can clearly see the road ahead at night. The headlight provides a crisp cut to the beam to make it legal. It doesn’t glare and focuses on the road.

We were able to use it with 12 and 24V connections. Phillips used polycarbonate lenses to make the lenses highly durable. They do not get water damages and are DOT compliant.

6. DVISUV 7-Inch LED Sealed Beam Jeep Headlight

DVISUV 7-Inch LED Sealed Beam Jeep Headlight

LED Headlamp Offroad Light Angle Eyes Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK TJ LJ Motorcycle


  • The headlight comes with an attractive look. It features a nice placement of DRL, turn signals, and some star marks for added styles.
  • The headlight offers a plug-and-play design with easy installation. You get an H4 to H13 adapter.
  • The luminous intensity of the brightness is 6,500 for the low and 9,000 for the high beam. The color temperature is 6,500K.


  • They don’t fit properly on many Jeeps that DVISUV promised. You may need professional help or to do some modifications.

DVISUV released a sealed beam headlight for people who need a 7-inches headlight for their motorcycle, Jeep Wrangler JK TJ LJ CJ, etc. With DOT, SAE, and E-mark stamps visible on the housing, the headlight provides utmost safety on the road.

We utilized the headlight for both high and low beams. There are white DRLs that can switch to amber. The star marks at the bottom look excellent when the light is on. Aside from the J007-HP, it also comes in J003T-B and J003T-LY designs.

This headlight features breathing holes to get rid of water particles, moisture, and fog from inside. There is a weatherproof level of IP68 on it. Its cooling system keeps the heat under control always. The suitable operating temperature is from -40° to 212° F.

You can install the headlight on the W-Rangler JK 2-door model and W-Rangler Unlimited JK 4-door model 07-17, AM general Hummer 92-01, Hummer H1, H2 from 03-09, etc.

7. Parts N Go Sealed Beam Glass Lights with Halogen High/Low Bulbs

Parts N Go Sealed Beam Glass Lights with Halogen High/Low Bulbs

Compatible with Cars/Trucks from 1976-1992 – H4656 H4651 60/55w 9003/H4


  • The aluminum housing ensures that the headlights stay okay under high heat.
  • You get four H4 halogen bulbs in the box.
  • It is possible to uninstall the bulb sockets from the headlights using the rubber gaskets.
  • Installing the headlamps doesn’t take much time and effort as it needs no modification.


  • Some people received broken or defective bulbs.

Here we have a set of four sealed beam headlights that features a rectangular size of 4 by 6 inches. Manufactured by Parts N Go, these headlamps come with halogen bulbs for the high and low beams. It’s a complete conversion kit that also works as a facelift.

Like traditional sealed beam headlights, these items contain glass lenses. But what makes them better is the high durability of their glasses. On the rear are the enduring gaskets, and in the middle are the bulb sockets. The total height of the headlights is 3.75 inches, which is ideal for trucks and cars from 1976 to 1992.

They use an H4 bulb size and only take 60 to 55W to operate. The sizes of the headlights are H4656 and H4651. You can also check out other proportions and designs of these headlights from the same brand.

8. Wagner Sealed Beam Headlight

Wagner Sealed Beam Headlight

12v Car Truck Motorcycle Head Light


  • The sealed beam headlight comes at an affordable rate.
  • The bulbs use 50W for the low beam and 60 for the high to emit a bit brighter light than the stock headlight.
  • It is a direct replacement and pretty easy to mount.


  • The light isn’t a suitable upgrade if you want high brightness.

If you want an extremely budget option with high quality, you can go for the Wagner sealed beam headlight. It features a size of 7 inches round light and fits the vehicles that accept the proportion. So, it is compatible with motorcycles, trucks, and cars with a 12V connection.

You can use the headlight as a direct replacement for any 6014 stock one. Note that many vehicle models, including Mercury, Ford, Dodge, Harley Davidson, Chevrolet, Lincoln, etc., already come with this headlight from the factory.

Since the headlight comes with an original design, it is also easy to mount. You may need to buy two of them to replace both driver and passenger sides. The retainer ring inside the headlight is durable but may become kind of problematic when installing it with big fingers.

9. Ourbest Sealed Beam 4×6 Headlights

Ourbest Sealed Beam 4×6 Headlights

H4 Plug H4651 H4652 H4656 H6545 bulb Headlamps for Pickup Off road Truck


  • They work perfectly in the rain or fog. If you want to have better visibility in the fog, you can go for the amber version.
  • The breathing valve is easy to handle. Removing the moisture from inside is doable within 3-steps.
  • There are slim ballasts with resistance to heat. The entire body has IP67 and vibration resistance.


  • The lights are not so long-lasting.
  • The lenses get scratches easily.

These sealed beam headlights from Ourbest come with a rectangular proportion of 4×6 inches. It features H4666, H4651, H4652, H4656, and H6545 designs. You can take them for a pickup or truck. You get two pieces in the package. Aside from the white color, there is one version with yellow light.

The headlights contain durable breathing valves. Opening their cap will get the trapped moisture out of the body. Meanwhile, the heat dissipation system works twice as faster as regular headlights with similar traits. For letting you drive in the rain without any worry, there is an ingress protection level of IP67 on them.

You may need an H4 wiring harness to install them if your power socket does not work with H4 ones. There will be around 3,200 lumens and 6,000K color from these headlights.

People install them on American Motors Concord 78-83, Eagle 80-88, Spirit 79-83, Buick Electra 75-90, LeSabre 82-87, Cadillac Eldorado 75-85, Seville 75-85, Chevy Camaro 82-92, Cavalier 82-87, Monte Carlo 80-88, and many other models.

10. GS Power’s OEM Style Glass Lens Headlight

GS Power’s OEM Style Glass Lens Headlight

Greatly enhance the appearance of Your Vehicle, Classic car, Truck, Van


  • The design of the headlight allows you to use H4 bulbs on them. You can also change the bulbs.
  • The headlights contain durable metal back and glass lenses that ensure heavy-duty performance.


  • Because the glass is slimmer, the headlights do not secure in place firmly.

If you want a headlight with OEM style and not something too modern, then the pair from GS Power may interest you. Mind you, this is not a sealed-beam headlight but was designed to have a completely sealed look.

It is available in multiple sizes, including 7×6, 4×6, and round 5.75-inches. Unfortunately, the headlamp does not come with any bulb. But it is understandable for the price range.

This headlight pair accepts LED, HID, and halogen bulb types. GS Power used a durable glass lens in order to construct them. These lenses have both collision and shatter resistance, which keeps them safe under harsh conditions. As we know, glass can absorb much heat compared to plastic. In the rear part, the brand used metal parts. It doesn’t corrode or rust easily.

It is a total OEM style, which should fit right in replacing the stock ones. In fact, you can use the headlights to improve the look of your vehicle.

Buying Guide

Among many different headlight types, you chose the sealed beam ones. And we quite like your choice. After all, they are pretty durable (Well, most of them are) and show excellent performance for their price.

Fortunately, it is not too difficult to spot the best sealed beam headlamp among many options. You only have to check out certain factors. Let’s talk about them below.

We haven’t added the installation process here since these headlights are so easy to mount by yourself at home because of their simple designs.


Sealed beam headlights already perform really well by default because of their sealed designs. It removes any chance of glaring and blinding upcoming drivers.

You only need to get one that provides a clear and bright light at night. It can be from 3,200 to over 8,000 lumens. We suggest getting ones with 6,000K for the high and low beams.


You have to notice the size of headlights that your vehicle accepts. Those are the only sealed beam headlamps you should target. There are many sizes of these headlights, like H4656, H4701, H4666, H6054, etc.

Also, the headlight must have the right proportion to fit your vehicle. There are ones with 7×6”, 4×6”, 7” round, etc. Getting the wrong sized one will be a lost cause.


Because of their opened design, sealed beam headlights already have extra points in durability. They don’t usually get any moisture or fog to trap inside. However, some high-quality ones still come with breathing valves on the rear.

Meanwhile, the headlights with IP67 or higher weatherproof levels can tackle rainy weather effectively. Look for an item with shock-resistance glass lenses and metal housing for a long-lasting service.

Type of the Sealed Beam Headlight

You may find different sealed beam headlight types on the market. There are regular ones, amber-tinted lenses, halogen types.

Shockingly enough, there are even LED-type sealed beam headlamps on the market at a high cost. We can’t label one better than the others here. Choose the one that you prefer.

Final Message

Sealed beam headlights are enough to meet the needs of many of us. While not as much as HID or LED, you can get a decent amount of brightness from them on a dark road.

They are ideal items to use as a replacement for old vehicle headlights with factory sealed beam headlamps.

Note that not many popular brands manufacture sealed beam headlights nowadays. So, the item you get may not be as reliable. It is why there can be issues with the packaging and overall qualities.

We highly suggest going for products with responsive manufacturers or customer service to help you in these cases.

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