How to Choose Light Bars for Jeep Wrangler?

Proper artificial ambient lighting is necessary if you frequent the countryside or any dark areas or love off-roading with your Jeep Wrangler.

Most solve that using the headlight and fog lights of our vehicles. But I prefer having a series of auxiliary lights as they can help a lot in such times. It leaves no room for poor visibility. And what is a better additional light than a light bar?

Me and my friends were wondering which light bars would be good for the Jeep Wrangler that’s sitting on garage. Scrolling below, you will find guide and tips we discovered while searching the right product.

We have shorted out and reviewed the ten best light bars for your Jeep Wrangler. We considered their budget, adaptability, lifespan, build quality, and performance for the listing.

Choice of Light Bars For My Jeep Wrangler

1. YITAMOTOR 52-Inch LED Light Bar

YITAMOTOR 52 Inch Led Light Bar

Fit for 07-18 Jeep JK Wrangler


  • You get an extreme brightness of 30,000 LM of 6,000K color.
  • The light bar comes with two 4” LED pods. There are also mounting brackets and wiring harnesses.
  • You can adjust the beam pattern up to 360°. The angle of the spot beam is 30°, and the flood beam is 60°.
  • It has certifications from multiple safety agencies, including DOT and CE.


  • It is hard to mount it alone.
  • You may hear wind humming when the light is on.
  • The iron part can rust when water stays on them after heavy rain. It needs a proper drying after getting in touch with water.

Starting off our list with probably the best item we have come across so far. The light bar from YITAMOTOR has a length of 52 inches and runs with low energy of 300W. Additionally, we got two small mounting lights of 4-inches.

Suitable for Jeep Wrangler JK 07-18, this bar can also work as a spotlight and other places. If the vehicle has enough space, the bar is also installable on ATV, Motorcycle, Truck, etc. Their aluminum body ensures proper heat removal no matter the application or atmosphere.

Combining the LED bar and the two small LED mounting pods, we got a total lumens of 30,000 ahead. So, the front of our Jeep was illuminated with a super bright light. For the mounting bracket and the body of the bars, YITAMOTOR used iron and diecast aluminum.

The lenses use polycarbonate. IP68 weatherproof level blocks any water or dust from getting inside the body. It also allows you to use the bar on boats or damp areas.

Automotive relays are inside the bar that keeps the current flow constant. It lengthens the lifespan of the lights and keeps giving the same output under different conditions. The light bar has CE, ROHS, DOT, and FCC certifications.

2. Nilight ZH409 Triple Row LED Light Bar

Nilight ZH409 Triple Row LED Light Bar

Combo beam with triple row and nest reflector cup design in the middle for extreme light efficiency 


  • The reflector cups allow the light to beam in multiple directions.
  • The light bar can keep the brightness and whiteness at the same level because of the constant unchanging current flow. It is possible for the inductance.
  • Nilight uses its own chips to ensure a lifespan of around 50,000 hours.
  • You can control the beam angle to 45°.
  • The rocker switch has three pins. You can use it to turn the bar on or off.


  • Some people didn’t receive the wiring harness and brackets in the package.

We were also looking for a bit wider LED bar. This option from Nilight was excellent. It comes with a length of 20 inches and works with 420W to output 42,000 lumens. This heavy-duty light bar is suitable as a floodlight, spotlight, and even anywhere outside vehicles. We found long wiring harnesses in the package.

It offers three layers of light bars and provides a white light output of 6,000K to 6,500K. However, there is another version with amber and white mixture light. That variation contains six modes of lighting. 

With a width of 3.1 inches, I installed them with no problems. Note that you will get a screw set and an Allen wrench in the package. Inside the bar, there are 20 highlight chips that ensure a super bright light. The inductance can keep the current flow the same under any circumstance.

For a wider illumination, there are reflector cups with special designs. It lets the light refract in multiple directions. The wires have sealing of potting glue that keeps them intact. Meanwhile, the silica gel strips can last a long time too.

The installation is possible under only four steps. You get an amazing beam pattern ahead with it. We were also able to adjust the angle of the beam up to 45°. Both the entire housing and the fuse holders are waterproof IP67 for added safety. The wiring harness has three additional blade fuses.

3. OEDRO LED Light Bar


Upper Roof Windshield Mounting Bracket Fit for 07-18 Jeep JK Wrangler


  • The lights work fine under a temperature range of -40° to 185° F.
  • The entire body of the light bar has shock resistance, dust, and water resistance. It does not face corrosion.
  • You get a brightness of 66,430LM by combining both spot and flood beams.
  • Two 4” LED pods provide 1,600 LM each. They also contain the same build quality as the bar.
  • Aside from the two brackets, you get two extra mounting brackets that are totally fit for Jeep Wrangler.


  • There will be noises from the light bar. However, it is possible to fix.
  • There are no detailed instructions for the bar.

Next up, the Oedro light bar took a place on our list for its intensely high lumen and durability. The bar was excellent for our Jeep Wrangler JK 07-18. There are also two LED pods that come along. The bar should fit on the upper roof or in front of the windshield of your vehicle. You can go for the variation without the LED pods to save a bit of money.

The light uses 758W of power to provide an astounding 66,430 lumens of crisp white beams. Meanwhile, the LED pods that you can install near the bar uses only 27W. This high brightness is thanks to the triple row design of the LED placement.

30° spot beam helps you see every detail of the ground clearly. Meanwhile, the 60° flood beam helps provide a better view in the rain and fog. However, you can also go for the combo beam that gives you the utmost visibility whether it is dark night or misty weather.

The silica gel strips are waterproof, and the housing of the light bar is made of aluminum. Meanwhile, the heavy-duty brackets can hold the bar in place securely, even on bumpy grounds. The beam pattern is also adjustable. The total body is waterproof IP67, meaning they will be okay to wash. Make sure to wipe the parts well, though. This bar has RoHS, FCC, and CE approvals.

4. Nicoko Straight Offroad LED Light Bar

Nicoko Straight Offroad LED Light Bar

Feet for Passenger Car, Bus, Van, ATV, SUV, UTV, Truck, Jeep


  • It features an RGB halo stripe. There are ten colors that can have 72 different patterns.
  • There is a music function on the bar.
  • It has an IP67 weatherproof level.
  • The premium arc-LEDs with reflector cups ensure a wider and further beam distance on the path.


  • Connecting the light to the mount is not an easy task to do for most.
  • The lights often don’t sync when using the app on the smartphone. The issue doesn’t happen with the remote control.

Sometimes, I like to see some color in the vehicle lighting. The Nicoko Straight LED bar offers an RGB halo strip with ten colors. But it is not only one pattern. You can switch between 72 modes to get the perfect color design you want.

The bar is 50-inches long, which provided a perfect fit for our Jeep Wrangler. It is also installable on other vehicle types and boats as my friends tried them out on his truck. You may use these bulbs to tackle fogs by using a warmer spectrum of color. Note that it has other versions with different brightness and power.

By using only 288W, the bar can light up the area with a high brightness of 28,000 LM. You can get different color temperatures from the bar, but by default, it is 600K. As for the beam angle, it is 30° for the spot and 60° for the flood.

Nicoko added a complete diagram of the light bar and its wiring. Although, many people may not understand it. If the installation seems too complex, you should take expert helps.

You can control the color of the LED using your smartphone. It is also possible with the additional RF remote. The Bluetooth app that you use for it has a mode where the color changes based on the music.

5. Spead-Vmall 5D LED Light Bar

Spead-Vmall 5D LED Light Bar

Brackets fits for Passenger Car, ATV, Van, Motorcycle, SUV, Truck JK Farm Equipment, Pick Up, Ladder Truck, Cargo Van and many more


  • There will be two LED bars and four LED pods in the package. You will also find wiring harnesses and mounting brackets.
  • 5D light reflector cups can send light beams in more directions and widen than 2D, 3D, and 4D.
  • The LED light bars feature an impressive heat removal process.


  • Many people didn’t get the mounting brackets in the box. Contact the manufacturers or seller quickly if so happens.

How about getting a complete set of auxiliary lighting for Jeep Wrangler? That is what we were expecting upon purchasing the Speed-Vmall 5D LED Light Bar. The actual bar is 52 inches in length. 

However, what comes along is a 20” additional bar and four 4” LED pods. We tried installing the bars in front of the windshield or on the rooftop and both ways were excellent. They are perfect for 2007-2018 Jeep Wranglers JK and JKU.

It is surprising to see the low cost of the product considering all the additional items. Each part of the lights has IP67 weatherproof level. At the same time, there are rubber covers that can block water on the LED bars.

The mounting brackets feature solid metal construction that does not corrode or rust easily. They are also heavily durable that hold the bars tightly. Meanwhile, the wiring harness features durable and waterproof relays. You can find a complete diagram and process of the installation in the product description.

The heat dissipation system contains dense grooves that ensure faster heat removal. Meanwhile, the housing has an aluminum body and powder coating for added protection.

6. Auxbeam Single Row LED Light Bar

Auxbeam Single Row LED Light Bar

Driving Light for ATV UTV SUV Jeep Wrangler Boat Tractor Pickup


  • When running, the light bar does not interfere with the radio signal. It doesn’t flicker or get dim since the current stays constant all the time.
  • You get screw sets, adjustable brackets, and harnesses in the pack.
  • The heat dissipation system works wonders. It has designs that keep the wire protected even under high heat.
  • It comes at a low cost.


  • The installation instruction for the mounting brackets is not detailed.
  • The bracket is not freely adjustable like many other products on the market.

We have found a smaller LED light bar if you want something like it. The light bar from Auxbeam has a length of 14 inches. So, you can actually install more than one of them on your vehicle if you want. Aside from Jeep Wranglers, it is suitable for ATVs, SUVs, pickups, UTVs, tractors, and even boats.

It is also an ideal option if you want something within a low budget. In fact, the light bar is one of the most energy-efficient items on this list.

Anyway, we were able to find the certifications of RoHS and CE on the product. It is because the whole body of the bar has stable construction to tackle any harsh weather. Its housing is diecast aluminum. The ingress protection of the body is 67.

With the help of the CSP LED chips, the light can produce 5,800 lumens using 60W of power. Its color temperature is 6,500K, which is cool white. The light is basically for the spotlight and not as suitable as a floodlight.

Inside the housing, there is a single row of LEDs. Then there are 6063 polycarbonate lenses and reflector cups with 15° depth for spread light.

7. Zmoon LED Light Bar With Signal Row Bar

Zmoon LED Light Bar

Waterproof Slim Light Bar for SUV Jeep ATV Boat


  • Its cooling system has excellent 9-pieces of cooling fins and thermal grease.
  • The bar is so cheap in cost and pretty slim. It doesn’t take too much space to install.
  • The light bar has a weatherproof level of IP68.
  • If the installation feels hard, reading the instruction guide in the package will help.


  • Some people didn’t receive all the additional hardware.
  • The light bar is not that bright.

We have another budget option that comes from the Zmoon brand. This led bar is a 26-inches long light that contains the ability to emit 16,000 lumens using 160W. Well, it may seem low for a bar, as you can get that from a LED headlight. But considering the price, we think it is understandable.

The light bar is surprisingly slim, with a width of 1.65 inches. It is not that hard to mount it, and you get additional screw sets and an Allen wrench. When lit, it looks like a series of LEDs providing a bright and white output ahead.

Zmoon used their quality chips to keep the LEDs okay even after a year. Meanwhile, the heat dissipation has thermal grease that keeps the heat under control even after long operations. There are 9-cooling fins for the proper removal of the excess heat.

The angle of the floodlight is 170, and the spotlight is 30. You get a white color of 6,500K from it. It has a constant light transmission rate of 97%. The light works fine within an operating temperature between -40° to 185° F.

8. FEELON 5D LED Light Bar


Mounting Brackets and Switch Wiring Harness Fit 1987-1995 Wrangler YJ


  • The 5D reflector cups illuminate every corner of the area ahead.
  • The bar and pods are the perfect fit and tailored-made for specific Jeep Wrangler models.
  • The LED pods have 6-modes of lighting. Its spot angle is 15°, and the flood angle is 170°.


  • The beam distance of the spotlight is not too long.

If you own a Jeep Wrangler YJ model from 1987-1995, the FEELON 5D LED Light Bar is what you need as an extra light source. But it doesn’t just come with that. You can also find two 4” LED pods that can change the lighting color from white to amber. The combo is suitable for floodlights, spotlights, off-roading, etc.

The other versions are for Wrangler TJ from 1997-2006 and Wrangler JL from 2018-2019. We got high quality durable mounting brackets, wiring harness.

Since the bar is 52” long, I needed a helping hand from my friend when mounting it. The black housing is made of diecast aluminum with IP67.

You can use the bar and pods with total safety assurance since there are certifications of DOT and SAE on them. I didn’t worry about water damages, as the ingress protection is 67.

Both floodlight and spotlight parts have 5D parts that provide multiple directional beams. The actual spotlight stretches ahead on the ground. Meanwhile, the fog light beam stays in a wide range. It was easy to adjust the beam angle up to 360°.

9. LIGHTFOX Professional LED Light Bar

LIGHTFOX Professional LED Light Bar

IP68 Waterproof 140W 17,612LM Spot Flood Combo Driving Light LED Work Light for UTV ATV UTV Truck Boat


  • Its OSLON chips are really high-quality. It ensures proper brightness and better energy efficiency.
  • The 6,000K light spreads wide across the ground no matter the size you pick. It gives one lux per 494 meters.
  • Its operating temperature range is pretty wide. It can work between -40° to 302° F.


  • The overall build quality is not something impressive. The item may not last as long as most of the light bars above.

The light bar from the Lightfox brand features a single row of LEDs that illuminates with a bright dazzling of 17,612 lumens. While the link leads you to the version with 28 inches in length, there are other ones with 8, 14, 20, and 40 inches. Depending on the size, you may get a higher or lower brightness amount.

This LED bar takes 140W of power and is usable as a spot, floodlight, or combo of the two. Its IP68 waterproof level is true to the manufacturer’s words. It features OSLON chips, which ensure low energy consumption. It also has a plug-and-play installation on the DT connector.

Its beam angles are 13° for the spot and 60° for the floodlight. The combo beam, as it sounds, provides both angles at the same time. The housing of the bar has a rubber seal that keeps water out. In fact, it can survive almost all-weather types.

10. BEAMPLUS LED Light Bar


Fit for Truck Pickup Jeep SUV Wrangler 4X4 ATV UTE IP68 Waterproof


  • There are six rows of lighting that will brighten up the entire terrain in front of your Jeep Wrangler.
  • The LEDs are pretty high-quality.
  • The adjustment of the mounting bracket is possible up to 45°.
  • The light transmission rate is 97%.


  • You may not like the fact that the power cable comes out of the side of the bar.

Last but not least, I treid out the LED light bar from BEAMPLUS. It has a body of 20 inches in length and 3.35 inches in width. The brand didn’t waste any of that spot. The light features six rows of LEDs on it. But in return, it also draws 1,134W power to operate.

It works with both 12V and 24V and fit our Jeep Wrangler perfectly. BEAMPLUS has its own chip design, which they use for a constant and long bright light. It also keeps the same brightness at all times.

I found a set of screws and an Allen wrench for installation with the item. Its IP68 waterproof level gave me assurance of safety no matter where on the vehicle I mount it. For the body, the brand used diecast aluminum.  Thanks to it, the light can work between -40° to 176° F. There are LED beads underneath the lenses. It utilizes the finest quality SMD chips.

This light bar provides a flood beam of 170° angle. The color of that beam is 6,000K, which is Xenon white. Note that there is a different version of the product, which is a pair of LED pods.

What Are the Indications of the Best Light Bar for Jeep Wrangler?

Buying a light bar for your vehicle is not a simple task. Keep in mind that the bar will be one of the lighting sources in your Jeep Wrangler that defines your safety when in a dark area.

So, whether you are going for an expensive or an affordable one, make sure that it has perfect qualities and meets the needs. But you may question- what are these qualities? That is what we will talk about below.

Size and Compatibilities

Light bars are available in various sizes that range from 8 to 52 inches in length and even higher. Your task is to decide where you will mount it and deduce whether it will fit that space. You also have the option of getting multiple smaller ones than a single long bar.

Then comes compatibility. Usually, you will come across lots of light bars labeled for universal use. While they are indeed installable on most vehicle types, it is still ideal to go for ones specially made for your Jeep Wrangler models.

Manufacturers create them with more thoughts to match the power, size, and other factors of that vehicle. It ensures high-quality performance.

Color and Brightness

Light bars can have a lumen output from 6,500 to even 72,000 or higher. Now, it all depends on how much you prefer. Note that a high brightness draws more power and is not too comfortable to look at for a long time. Meanwhile, a light bar with too low lumens is also not preferable.

We think 6,000K will be the best for you for the color. It is the most white in the color temperature spectrum.

Any lower gives you a warmish color, which is better for floodlights. Higher than 6,500K makes bluer light, which we do not recommend because of their low water penetrability and brightness.

Heat Dissipation

LED light bars get hot as you operate them and need proper heat removal. Aluminum housing is the best in this situation, as they have better thermal conductivity. More heat removal fins are better to remove excess heat.

Moisture and Ingress Protection

You never know when it can rain. So, you will need a bar with a high IP level. IP level 67 and 68 keeps the bars safe in the rain. Look for bars with breathing valves. It lets them remove any moisture trapped inside.

Helpful Hardware

Getting the necessary accessories for the installation process will help you a lot. Not all bars come with them, and they don’t have to. But doing so is a sign of excellent service from the manufacturers.

You should expect mounting brackets, a wiring harness with plug-and-play, screw sets, a relay, additional LED pods, etc., in a package of the best LED bar.

Installation Process

The installation process can be really easy or too complex, depending on how the manufacturers designed it. So, the ones that come with a detailed installation manual are much better.

LED Type of the Bar

There are many LED types out there that different manufacturers release. But most lighting companies use OSRAM and CREE chips. It is so because these two provide one of the best light outputs without any dark range. CREE chips are probably the most luminous-efficient among the popular ones.

You may also notice chips from Phillips, CSP, COB, etc. All of them hold high quality. Some lighting manufacturers use their own chips. It is hard to know about their performances until you buy the product and test it. So, we suggest sticking with the ones that use chips from reputable manufacturers.

Light Type

You need to choose one among the three light types- spot, flood, and combo. Spotlights provide a short-ranged but wider illumination. Meanwhile, spotlights give a beam that is narrow but long. The combo lights mix the two.

Going for the combo light is not that ideal in most cases. It is so because you do not get much versatility in that way. We suggest getting two light bars of shorter length, where one is spot, and one is floodlight. Many of the ones we added to our list allow you to switch between spot, flood, and combo lights.


When the newly bought LED lights work just as we desired, it brings great pleasure to our minds. But in the opposite case, it may be the cause of great disappointment. So, take your time to check through every aspect before purchasing a LED bar for your Jeep Wrangler.

When searching for a LED bar, you should make a list of priorities. It can include brightness, durability, installation, RGB halos, etc. Go from high priority to low. You won’t find everything in a product that easily. But we do believe that most light bars on our list show praiseworthy performance and quality in every aspect.

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