How To Choose LED Headlights for Your Street Glide In 2022

Riding with the street glide on the road gives us a sense of freedom and peace. But doing so at night without a bright headlight has great risks to it. Daytime riding fans may stick with the stock ones. But for nighttime driving enjoyers, an upgrade to the headlight is mandatory.

LED headlights can be a wise choice for replacement as they are highly energy-efficient and give a higher brightness. But it is not that easy to pick one single headlight among countless options.

How about you check some excellent headlights we used for street glide models? We made sure to add only the best-graded ones with excellent performance, build quality, beam pattern, and look.

List of LED Headlights For Street Glide

1. TRUCKMALL 7 inch LED Headlight Fog Passing Lights Kit

TRUCKMALL 7 inch LED Headlight Fog Passing Lights Kit

Fit for Touring Road King Ultra Classic Electra Street Glide Tri Cvo Heritage Softail Slim Deluxe Fatboy Chrome


  • The headlight has a breathing valve that removes moisture and fog trapped inside.
  • You get a brightness of 2,600LM on the low beam and 4,000LM on high.
  • It comes with a pair of fog lights and other necessary mounting accessories.


  • The auxiliary lights are not durable and can loosen up on bumpy roads. But their customer service is really responsive, so contract them quickly if any issue happens.

Let’s start this list with a LED headlight kit that pleased many street glide owners. The headlight from TRUCKMALL contains a DOT certification and comes in chrome housing. However, we preferred the black or red versions.

The body size of the headlight is 7-inches in diameter and 3.8 inches in depth. It uses an H4 plug that will totally fit the socket of your bike. Its housing has stable lenses of polycarbonate that can resist shocks. The rear part has die-cast aluminum and a practical design for better heat removal. There are also breathing valves to eliminate moistures.

You don’t need to worry about the illumination brightness of the bulbs. Once lit up, there will be a low beam of 2,600 LM and a high beam of 4,000 LM in front of your motorcycle. Their color temperature is 6,000K, the standard amount for a Xenon white light. Meanwhile, the fog lights give 2,880 lumens in total.

Because of being projector LEDs, you won’t easily glare at someone on the road. It focuses downward more. You can drive in the rain or wash your headlights without worry as they have IP67 water and dustproof level. The lights operate fine from -40° to 176° F.

You can install them on Street Glide FLHX 06-13 or Street Glide Trike FLHXXX 10-11. There are other Harley Davidson motorcycles in their compatible list too.

2. BeltandRoad Super White LED Headlight for HD Street Glide

BeltandRoad Super White LED Headlight for HD Street Glide

Fits 2014-2022+ Street Glide Special,Hi-Lo Beam Headlamp With Dual Beam Adapter,Black Housing


  • The 4D projector lenses ensure a wide and long beam ahead.
  • Its LED chips work effectively, providing a higher brightness on lower power.
  • You get a LED wiring harness that keeps the current flow constant.


  • It doesn’t have a plug-and-play. It needs a mounting ring like the old styles to install them.

This headlight comes with a striking look and three different colors- black, chrome, and silver. The BeltandRoad LED headlight is compatible with Street Glide FLHX 06-19, Street Glide Special FLHXS 14-19, and Street Glide Trike FLHXXX 10-11.

As you get a LED light harness adapter, the lights can conduct a smooth flow of electricity for a higher lifespan. The LED chips used inside the lenses are really high-quality. It ensures bright low and high beams.

D-shaped Lenses make sure to give you a wide focus on the road without blinding any oncoming drivers. It lets you have a long-ranged illumination to respond quickly when an animal approaches the road. It is possible because of the 4D round projector lenses.

Apparently, BeltandRoad used a cover over the plastic lenses that resist harsh scratches and dust off the road. The aluminum-built rear part protects from environmental harshness. It also keeps the headlight cool. This whole headlight has IP68 weatherproof level.

3. Z-OFFROAD 7″ Black Halo LED Headlight

Z-OFFROAD 7" Black Halo LED Headlight

Sealed beam type for any truck or car, 100% Plug N play Design, made with Osram LED Chips and Upgrade polycarbonate lenses.


  • There is a built-in harness to prevent flickers. It is totally DOT-approved.
  • The installation has a plug-and-play system. The headlight and fog lights have exact OEM sizes.
  • Z-OFFROAD added polycarbonate lenses that resist abrasiveness.
  • The Osram LED chips can provide a high brightness of 4,200 LM with 40W total power.


  • Moistures can go inside during rainy weather. They are removable but still, neglecting it may damage the headlight.

If you are an owner of a street glide FLHX 06-20, Street Glide Special 14-20, or Street Glide Trike FLHXXX 10-11, consider checking the black halo LED headlights from the Z-Offroad brand. Aside from the headlights, you also get two fog lights of 4.5 inches and other necessary instruments.

What makes them stand out is their uniquely placed DRL Halo LEDs on the housing. The low beam creates a light of 2,800 lumens and the high beam 4,200 lumens. Your nighttime driving will turn a lot safer as you replace your headlight with this one.

The bright halo DRL circles around both high and low beam parts. We noticed a longer beam distance on the road than the stock ones when using the headlights. But such high brightness requires better cooling. That is why Z-OFFROAD created the heat dissipation system with aluminum alloys.

For making it easier for you to install them, the headlights are made with a 1:1 size of the stock halogen headlight. This headlight with IP67 will serve you the same whether it is rain or fog.

4. Falconstar 7 inch LED Headlight Fog Passing Lights

Falconstar 7 inch LED Headlight Fog Passing Lights

Fit for Harley Davidson Touring Road King Ultra Classic Electra Street Glide Tri Cvo Heritage Softail Slim Deluxe Fatboy


  • The headlight and fog light have LED halos of amber and white colors. The main bulbs have a 6,000K color temperature.
  • The item comes with different color options.
  • The IP67 housing has enough sealing to prevent fog from entering.


  • The beam pattern isn’t something that impressive.
  • The instruction manual isn’t properly detailed.

Next up, we have the Falconstar LED headlights that give your motorcycle an attractive look. You can pick between black and silver colors for the housing. Meanwhile, you can also get the version with Halo or without.

As a complete kit, the product includes fog lights, wiring harnesses, and mounting rings. Each part feature super durable constructions that earned the headlight so many praises. Falconstar used plastic for the lenses with higher durability. It doesn’t get scratches even after a long time.

The main goal of the intense LED chips was to give the users better visibility of the road. It allows you to travel through dark rural roads or rain with clear visibility. You get 3,200LM on low and 6,000LM on high beam in total. The aluminum alloy housing keeps the headlight cool following a long ride.

Installable on Street Glide FLHX 06-20, Street Glide Special FLHXS 14-20, and Street Glide Trike FLHXXX 10-11, it is a great deal at a low cost. The wire adapters can convert H4 to H9/H11. Meanwhile, the mounting bracket secures the headlight firmly.

5. AlyoNed 7 inch Motorcycle LED Headlight

AlyoNed 7 inch Motorcycle LED Headlight

Compatible with Harley Davidson Fat Boy Street Glide Heritage Softail Road King Switchback Electra Glide Ultra Classic Black


  • The combination of a 4D projector and D-shaped double lenses lets a wide and long beam that doesn’t dazzle any passerby.
  • The aluminum housing can cool the body, save energy, and prevent accidents.


  • The headlight may interfere with the radio signals.

The LED headlight from AlyoNed offers a crisp white light of 6,000K to ensure that you get white lighting on the road. This item comes with two 4.5” fog lights, mounting bracket, and wiring harnesses. Since they are totally DOT certified, you won’t face any legality issues and will get a safer riding experience.

Suitable for Street Glide FLHX 06-17, Street Glide Trike FLHXXX 10-11, and Street Glide Special FLHXS 14-18, the headlight is a complete fit for these models. You can install it with the plug-and-play with ease as it is a bolt-on OE replacement.

Street Glide with one plug can use the wiring harness for the bulbs. Meanwhile, the models that contain dual-plug will need the H4 to H9 adapter.

AlyoNed went overboard on the build quality of the headlight and fog lights. They contain housing of aluminum alloy for better heat conductivity. Meanwhile, the plastic cover can block dust and resist scratches. For a wider light pattern, they used the D-shaped dual-lenses. And to avoid glaring, there are 4D projectors.

The lumens you will get are 2,600 on low beam, 4,000 on high beam, and 2,880 on the pair of fog lights. Since they are IP67, they won’t easily get water damages.

6. Wisamic 7 inch 80W Motorcycle LED Headlight

Wisamic 7 inch 80W Motorcycle LED Headlight

Compatible with Street Glide Road King Ultra Classic Electra Tri Cvo Heritage Softail Deluxe Fatboy


  • They are so easy to install once you get a mounting bracket separately.
  • The housing is shockproof and waterproof IP67. Meanwhile, the bulb lenses have quake resistance to withstand bumpy roads and engine vibrations.
  • You get a color temperature that ranges from 6,500K to 7,000K.


  • The low beam often shows a bit of shadowing.
  • Moisture can end up inside after prolonged use.

Since we all want a high-quality LED headlight for our bike, we recommend the one from Wisamic. Its unique LED bulb placements can please the mind of any riding enthusiast. On the body of the light, you can clearly spot the stamps of the DOT and SAE certifications.

The headlight is available in black and makes your motorcycle look the part. You should definitely check it out if you own a Street Glide FLHX from 2006 to 2013. You will need a mounting bracket to install them, which is not included in the package.

You can notice two series of 4 LEDs on the top and bottom parts in the headlight. The LED halo ring has an amber light for turning signal and white for running light. It features a switchback feature.

The road ahead of you will illuminate by a beam of 2,800 lumens on the low beam and 4,450 lumens on the high beam. They only take a power of 32W and 48W on the low and high beams. There won’t be any interference on radio signals.

7. SUPAREE 7 inches LED Motorcycle Headlight

SUPAREE 7 inches LED Motorcycle Headlight

Fit for Touring Road King Ultra Classic Electra Street Glide Tri Cvo Heritage Softail Slim Deluxe Fatboy Chrome


  • The DRL lights on both sides work as left and right turn signals with amber color.
  • There is a breathing hole to remove moisture from the inside.
  • It is one of the coolest-looking headlights on our list.


  • You may notice dark spots in the beam pattern.

How about a headlight that not only looks attractive when lit but also when off? The 7-inches LED headlight from Suparee will surely win the mind over anyone with its design. And it was achieved by combining the black housing and white DRL at the sides.

By operating on 12V, the headlight gives you a luminous intensity of 1,500LM on low and 2,000 LM on high beams. You will be getting a much whiter output than the stock halogen headlight since it produces a 6,000K colored light. It consumes a power of 45W and 30W on high and low beams.

The item has an aluminum alloy housing and polycarbonate lens. Its entire body has a waterproof level of IP67, eliminating any chance of water damage. Because of the sealed design, you won’t notice moisture or water drops inside after washing your bike. But even if they manage to enter, there is a breathing hole to get them out. You can install them on Street Glide Special FLHX and FLHXS 05-17.

You get both a whiter, wider and much brighter light with this headlight. After wiring it correctly, you can use the angel eyes on both sides as turn signals. It changes from white to amber for that.

8. SUNPIE Motorcycle 7-Inch LED Headlight

SUNPIE Motorcycle 7 Inch LED Headlight Chrome

Fit for Harley Road King, Road Glide, Street Glide and Electra Glide,Ultra Limited


  • It features a direct plug-and-play with wiring harnesses and adapters included in the package.
  • The headlight is really bright. It has a long beam of around 137 meters.
  • The sealing design won’t let moisture inside.


  • Some people received defective parts. If so happens with you, make sure to contact the sellers or customer service quickly.

We are moving on to the next impressive item on our list. The SUNPIE has released an excellent headlight kit for different Harley Davidson models. With perfect OEM size, you can go for chrome or black housing. There are also versions with RGBW halo lights.

There are two fog lights, wiring harnesses, and mounting brackets in the package. By utilizing the brightness of over 3,600LM, you can have visibility of more than 137 meters ahead of your bike. It was possible because of the advanced CREE LED chips planted inside the headlight. The projector LED focuses on the road without dazzling anyone.

With the IP67 weatherproof level and heat-resistant housing, the item can last up to 50,000 hours. The clear lenses that SUNPIE used won’t fade even after long rides under the sun.

The headlight comes ready to install right from the package. You can directly use the plug-and-play by utilizing the wiring harnesses or adapters to mount it.

9. LX-Light Black 7-Inch LED Headlight

LX-Light Black 7-Inch LED Headlight

Compatible with Motorcycles with Mounting Bracket and Wire adapter


  • There is a built-in anti-flicker to prevent flickers in the middle of the road.
  • You get a lumen of 2,400 and 3,600 on low and high beams and 1,440 on fog lights. Both provide a color of 6,000K.


  • The installation manual is not detailed, and the process is not easy for people with lesser experience.
  • The mounting ring is not durable enough, and its parts may break off.

You can go for the LX-Light LED headlight for a classic look and output. It is available in black and silver colors. The fog lights that come along have a matching color with the headlight and a size of 4.5 inches.

There won’t be any moisture or fog inside its body, considering the durability of the sealed body. It contains an ingress protection level of 67. But for further safety, the rear parts have breathing valves that prevent moisture from forming.

No worries about legality problems, as you can spot the DOT and SAE compliance stamps at the front of the headlight. It also has the approval of the E-Mark, which further proves its reliability.

We should tell you that you need to use the H4 to H9 adapter on Street Glide Special 14-19. It is suitable for Street Glide models from 94-16.

10. YYCKE Motorcycle 7-Inch Moto LED Headlight

YYCKE Motorcycle 7-Inch Moto LED Headlight

1994-1995 Electra Glide Road King FLHR 1994-2013 Electra Glide Classic FLHTC 1995-2009 Electra Glide Standard FLHT 1999-2002 Electra Glide Classic EFI FLHTCI


  • You get three times higher brightness with this LED headlight.
  • It has an angle of 30° and 60° for the beam angle.
  • Because of the American Tax Chips, the bulbs consume low energy than regular LED headlights.


  • The sealing of the headlight is not very reliable.

The headlight from the YYCKE brand offers a mounting bracket and wiring harness in its package. It is one of the best budget options on our list. But note that the product doesn’t come with additional fog lights. With this light installed, you can get a beam angle of 30° and 60°.

The black housing has an aluminum alloy shell for higher heat absorption. Since there is an IP level of 67, you won’t have to worry about rain, snow, and dust to damage it.

YYCKE used an American tax chip to provide an improved brightness on these LED bulbs. The bulbs utilize 30W on high and 20W on low beams for a constant operation. As you can see, it is highly energy-efficient.

This headlight is compatible with Street Glide FLHX 06-17, Street Glide Trike FLHXX 10-11, Street Glide Special FLHXS 14-19, and many other Harley Davidson models.

What to Look for When Buying Headlights For Your Street Glide

It is without saying that we want to gift our motorcycles with the best. Not only does it brings great pleasure to our mind, but also it makes the rides safer. If you are thinking of spending the money on the replacement, you should research various products first.

Like any other electronic product, there are a number of standards to meet for a LED headlight to call the best. We will talk about them below. We won’t go over price and warranty factors since those are common knowledge.

Compatibility with Your Street Glide Model

You must ensure that you are checking a LED headlight compatible with the model and year of your street glide. It will be an upsetting matter to pick the wrong sized one. It is so because it won’t even fit your vehicle.

Go through the compatible vehicle list while checking the product descriptions. Street Glide models use 7-inches diameter for the headlight and 4.5-inches for the fog lights.

Brightness and Color

For a safe ride, you want a bright headlight. LED lights usually already give you a high lumen. Lumen is the unit of brightness, by the way.

Your Street Glide needs at least 1,500 LM on the low and 2,500 LM on the high beam for safety. The fog lights must have at least 1,200 LM. CREE chips are so effective at producing brighter light with lower energy costs.

Among vivid colors, 6,000K is the choice of many people. It is so because it is actually the whitest one in the spectrum. Any lower kelvin creates yellow light while the higher gives a bluer output. Too blue is illegal, while too yellow will reduce the brightness.


You require a headlight with an aluminum shell for heat dissipation as it lets better heat absorption. The LED headlight must have a heat dissipation system with a curved design.

Also, its body must have shock resistance and a weatherproof level of IP67. Ones with breathing valves don’t let moisture trapped inside the housing.

You may need to drive your motorcycle on bumpy roads at many points. It is why shockproof housing and bulbs are obligatory.

Additional Accessories

Some products only come with the headlight and wiring harnesses, which is understandable. But getting some extra helping instruments is a great help.

It will make it easier to mount the headlight on your Street Glide. If you look at it, the ones that come with additional equipment don’t cost too higher than the ones without. So, prioritize the former.

Aside from the harnesses, you may expect adapters, mounting brackets, and even a pair of fog lights.


Try to choose a housing unit with a color that matches your Street Glide. You can find headlights in black, chrome, silver, red, and other colors. Note that black ones often cost higher than the rest.

Beam Pattern

The pattern of the beam is one of the most vital aspects of vehicle lighting. You must go for ones that do not glare and blind oncoming drivers as it is illegal.

The bulb focus should be towards the road and give a beam with clear visibility of 50 to 100 meters ahead of your bike. That is what the USA law says. Having a wide illumination without any dark spots or shadows is necessary.

Final Note

Replacing and upgrading your stock halogen headlight with a LED one will be a wondrous experience.

Especially if you are so used to the factory housing unit, the new one will give you a higher thrill at night. Don’t let this fun get ruined by the simple mistake of purchasing a low-grade headlight.

The LED headlights we suggested on our list got so many favors and praises from their buyers. Still, we request you try them out quickly upon receiving the product.

As it happens, some people often receive defective items when buying electronic goods, even from popular brands. So, checking them fast is a wise move.

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