How To Choose LED Headlight Bulbs for Motorcycles?

See and be seen – an important motto for bikers driving. To do that, halogen is logically not enough. Yellow stress-causing light, low brightness, poor durability of halogen – what more reason do you need to switch to LEDs?

For motorcycles riders, LEDs can provide the best service. The extra brightness with white light helps bikers see the road better at night while also letting others know their presence. However, you have to pick the right LED that can do the job perfectly.

Based on the installation, luminosity performance, longevity, and other essential factors, we ranked the best LED headlight bulbs for motorcycles available this year. Compare them with each other to find the one that’ll suit your requirements!

List of Motorcycle Headlight Bulbs

1. AUXITO H4 LED Headlight Bulb Motorcycle

AUXITO H4 LED Headlight Bulb Motorcycle

9003 HB2 LED Light 6000K White for High and Low Hi/Lo Beam 1860 CSP LED Chips


  • White, 6000K color temperature provides you a significantly better vision than yellow halogens.
  • Easy installation; you do not have to remove the OEM dust cover to get a proper fit.
  • The beam pattern is the same as OEM bulbs with a much better intensity.
  • Lasts 30,000 hours on average due to aviation aluminum cooling.
  • The fanless design makes the bulb silent unlike other LEDs with turbofans.


  • Can quickly get hot due to the fanless feature.

Budget-friendly, wireless, bright, and white – these words can briefly explain the H4 LED from Auxito. First of all, the installation process is very easy. The bulb has the same size as regular OEM halogen and it fits your motorcycle without any issues. 

The fanless design definitely adds to the compactness of the bulb. Not being too big, you can leave the OEM dust cover on, which a lot of LEDs don’t let you do.

Right after the installation, we were able to see a big difference between this and OEM halogen bulbs. With a 6000K color temperature, the LED is white, unlike the stress-inducing yellow halogen.

The light pattern is similar to quality halogen without any dark spots. However, the brightness is more than two times better.

The cooling system of the bulb is interesting. It does not have a turbofan, which makes the bulb silent. However, it can also cause the bulb to get heated. Most of the heat is dissipated due to aluminum aviation. As a result, the fanless design does not affect the longevity of the bulb too much.

In an overall sense, this bulb is great for your motorcycle if you are looking for an H4 option. The ability to illuminate far distances makes it superior for bikers who are out at night. Not to mention the clarity of the white light.

2. SEALIGHT HB2 LED Motorcycle Bike Bulb

SEALIGHT HB2 LED Motorcycle Bike Bulb

This bulb puts you in control when riding at night, with even greater brightness and visibility compared to dim halogens


  • Easy plug-and-play installation without requiring modification.
  • 14W of power consumption; runs much cooler than 55W LEDs.
  • The cutoff of the beam is the same as OEM; works excellent in regular reflector housing.


  • Not wireless unlike other bulbs on this list. However, the installation is still easier.
  • Installation is harder on a V-Star 1300.

Compared to the Auxito bulb mentioned previously, this option from Sealight is much more expensive. Is spending more on this light worth the money? You can decide after reading this review.

The bulb has a bigger heat sink than the Auxito bulb. Moreover, it operates at only 14W. As a result, the light does not get as hot as other 55W LEDs while still maintaining a good brightness.

At such a low power operation, it really does not require a fan for cooling. Therefore, you do not have to worry about annoying fan noises from your motorcycle’s headlight assembly.

Even though the bulb has a bigger heat sink, it isn’t too large to cause issues with the installation. Unless you are trying to mount it on a V-Star 1300 where the bigger heat sink can make it a bit hard.

On top of that, the non-polarity feature adds to the plug-and-play simplicity. For most motorcycles, you do not require a Canbus-decoder for this LED.

The placement of the LED chips is on the same spot where a halogen filament would be. As a result, you get the same beam cutoff and illumination of the original OEM bulb but with extra brightness. The color of the beam is pure white, ensuring a better biking performance at night.

In terms of efficiency and performance, this H4 LED from Sealight is better than Auxito. Therefore, spending a bit extra can be a good idea. On the other hand, the Auxito bulb is also a great budget-friendly option. So, make your decision according to your needs and budget.

3. MZS H4 LED Bulb Single for Motorcycle

MZS H4 LED Bulb Single for Motorcycle

With Top Chips@6500K cool white light,combined total of up to 4700Lux 5000 Lumens per bulb


  • See and be seen: The brightness extends to a longer range and illuminates the sides better.
  • Only uses 30W of power while providing the performance of a lot of 55W bulbs.
  • IP67 waterproof rating; the bulb is suitable for bad weather conditions.


  • The high brightness can shine white signs around the road that can hurt your eyes.
  • Bulb gets hotter than expected; highly dependent on the fan.

If you are looking for something brighter than the Sealight bulb, this 30W one from MZS can be the right pick. The bulb can produce 5000 lumens, which makes the bulb four times brighter than a regular halogen. 

Such a high brightness makes night driving easier. However, it does make white signs on the road glare and shine, which can hurt your eyes sometimes. We don’t expect it to happen if you adjust the bulb properly while installing it.

Speaking of installation, mounting this bulb onto your motorcycle is pretty easy. It could be due to the small 30mm heat sink. The low-profile base makes it simpler to fit inside your headlight assembly.

However, a smaller heat sink like that can make the bulb get hot faster. The light does get very hot in a short amount of time which is kept under control with the dual ball fan.

The high temperature brings the durability of the bulb into question. If the fan stops working, there is a possibility of the bulb not functioning, which can lower the longevity of the light. The heat sink does its job to ensure it doesn’t happen. Moreover, the waterproof feature adds to the durability.

Overall, for high brightness, the MZS bulb is one of the best. It makes it easier to see at night while also letting other drivers know that you are passing a turn.

4. Camelight H4/HS1 LED Motorcycle Headlights

Camelight H4/HS1 LED Motorcycle Headlights

This is a motorcycle headlight with LED angel eye aperture. Red angel eye has a strong penetrating power in rainy and foggy days


  • The red ring, or the ‘angel eyes,’ makes it easier for other drivers to see you without blinding them.
  • More stylish than regular motorcycle headlights due to the red aura around the white light.
  • Plug-and-play installation; only took us five minutes to get them installed.
  • Features a super silent fan that does not bother you while the engine is on.


  • The red halo also called “angel eyes” can be illegal in some places such as WA State. Check your state’s law before making your purchase.

The “angel eye” of the Camelight bulb is the first thing you would notice. This halo provides a red light aura, which not only makes your motorcycle look mean but also grants an excellent performance in bad weather. 

Red light is the best for foggy weather, which makes this bulb one of the best options if you are riding your motorcycle very late. Moreover, the halo is easily noticeable by oncoming drivers, making you safer.

What are the other reasons that make Camelight one of our top picks? Firstly, the installation is pretty easy even though the size is a bit bigger than regular halogens. Being wireless and having a 1:1 design makes it easier to fit in the headlight holder without any issues.

Let’s talk about the main LEDs. There are two CREE LEDs that provide 5000 lumens of output from 30W of power consumption. The white light of 6000K color temperature stretches out far, providing an excellent vision of the road. Therefore, if you don’t like the slight bluish hue from the MZS 6500K bulb, you will prefer this Camelight option.

We expect the durability of this bulb to be better than the MZS light just because of how much better it can control heat. Along with energy-efficient performance, the silent fan ensures over 50,000 hours of longevity. Overall, the bulb is a great choice if you are looking for something that will be stylish and help during foggy weather.

5. DAYWALKER H4 LED Motorcycle Headlight Bulb

DAYWALKER H4 LED Motorcycle Headlight Bulb

Hi/Lo Beam 9003 Bulb 2100 Lumens White 6000k CSP Chips LED Car Headlight H4 Headlamp


  • The white beam does not have any hint of blue; a great pick if you do not like the eye stress caused by 6500K bulbs.
  • Better light coverage; illuminates all around and lets you see signs more clearly.
  • Similar to halogen in size and a polarity-free feature; easier to install.
  • The fanless design makes the bulb silent.
  • 6063 aluminum aviation controls the temperature of the bulb.


  • There are better options out there for night driving.
  • For a small number of sensitive motorcycles, you may need a decoder for stopping any flickering issues.

If you are mostly riding your motorcycle during the day, you don’t need expensive high-brightness LEDs. Therefore, we recommend a more efficient and budget-friendly option from DAYWALKER. This bulb, even though not as bright as options like Camelight, MZS, or Sealight, still provides more lumens than an OEM halogen. 

Therefore, nighttime performance from the light won’t be terrible. However, we recommend the other bulbs if you are strictly looking for something that will help during your night adventures.

When it comes to durability, the bulb offers 30,000 hours of lifetime. It is not as much as Camelights 50,000 hours of longevity at the same price range. However, if you like fanless bulbs better, DAYWALKER is excellent. It is also easier to install compared to Camelights due to its low-profile design.

The beam pattern of the bulb is the same as your OEM halogen, only slightly brighter. Due to having a 6000K color temperature, the light is gentler on your eyes compared to 6500K bulbs with a bluish touch to them.

Overall, this is a small, efficient, and budget-friendly option with a satisfied customer base and successful tests. We recommend that you compare the bulb with other options on this list and pay attention to the price and other important details to figure out if it is the right choice for you!

6. LED Headlight Bulb Motorcycle with Angle Eye Daytime Running Light

LED Headlight Bulb Motorcycle with Angle Eye Daytime Running Light

9003 Hi/Lo Beam 25W 3200LM CSP Chips High Bright 6000K Conversion Kit


  • The blue ring DRL adds a stylish look to your headlight assembly.
  • More than twice the brightness of regular OEM halogen while consuming less power.
  • Plug-and-play installation; takes less than 10 minutes to get the bulb mounted.


  • The blue ring can be illegal in some states.
  • High beam of the bulb lights up a bit high but does not cause glare to oncoming traffic; requires proper adjustment while installing.

Before considering this bulb, make sure to check out the headlight laws of your state to see if the blue ring light of the bulb is allowed or not. This option from AOLEAF is a stylish bulb that can make the front of your motorcycle look aesthetically pleasing with a blue hue.

The primary light of the LED outputs a beam with a 6000K color temperature. As a result, you can see better at night with a pure white light that can bring out the details of your surroundings.

Compared to the Daywalker bulb, AOLEAD offers more brightness as it outputs 3200 lumens using 25W of power. Moreover, it does have a better cooling system compared to Daywalker due to the cooling fan.

You can expect the same light pattern as your regular OEM halogen option once you adjust it properly. 300% extra brightness, white 6000K color temperature, and excellent beam pattern make this LED far superior to most halogens.

The blue “angel eyes” not only adds to the style value but also allows you to have a better vision during foggy or rainy weather. However, the fog vision of the bulb isn’t as strong as the Camelight red DRL. Moreover, it allows you to be seen well by oncoming traffic, making you safer!

If you liked the Camelight bulb but want the “angel eyes” or the circle DRL light to be blue, AOLED light can be an excellent alternative. The noiseless cooling fan and aluminum aviation make the LED long-lasting. Therefore, it can serve you a long lifetime.

7. CAR ROVER H4 Motorcycle LED Bulb

CAR ROVER H4 Motorcycle LED Bulb

9003 HB2 HS1 6000K Xenon White CSP Chips Conversion Kit, Replacement High Low Beam Light


  • Illuminates a farther distance than regular halogen and even common LEDs.
  • Features a unique heat sink design along with a powerful internal fan.
  • Fits most 12-24V motorcycles without issues due to the built-in EMC.
  • IP68 waterproof rating ensures longevity under bad weather conditions and moisture build-up inside the headlight assembly.


  • The installation is slightly harder than most other LEDs we mentioned here.
  • The fan on the front slightly reduces the focus of the light.
  • RF interference issues with some motorcycles; may require a decoder.

Similar to the AOLEAD bulb, this option from CAR ROVER features blue “angel eyes.” However, this LED is superior in terms of brightness due to 6400 lumens of output. Let’s talk about the installation before anything else. Getting this bulb mounted on your motorcycle’s headlight assembly can be easy or complicated depending on the model. 

Fortunately, for most models with 12-24V options, you will not be facing any issues and will enjoy an effortless plug-and-play. Some sensitive models may need a decoder to stop flickering or RF issues.

The most impressive reason to go for the CAR ROVER option is the performance of the bulb. Being able to output an excellent amount of brightness, the beam of the bulb reaches a longer distance, illuminating farther down the road.

Not to mention the color temperature of 6000K, which makes you easily notice the road signs and your surroundings. Therefore, night driving performance is superior with this bulb.

Similar to the AOLEAD’s blue DRL or “angel eyes,” CAR ROVER’s blue ring can help you see better through fog and rain. Moreover, it gives your bike a mean look. Unfortunately, the blue light can cause legal issues in some states. That’s why you should check out your state’s laws before purchasing this option.

When it comes to durability, this bulb has better longevity than most other LEDs mentioned on this list. The IP68 waterproof feature, powerful yet silent fan and unique heat sink increase the lifetime of the light. For riding your motorcycles at night, this bulb can be excellent if you can deal with a slightly complicated installation.

8. HIMA4X4 LED Headlight Bulbs Motorcycle

HIMA4X4 LED Headlight Bulbs Motorcycle

9003 LED Headlights Hi/Lo Beam With Fan 6500K Super Bright CSP Chips Xenon White Conversion Kit


  • Lights up a wider area compared to other LEDs.
  • Higher brightness with low power consumption; allows you to use handlebars or heated jackets from your motorcycle’s leftover power.
  • Great longevity; the 12,000 RPM cooling fan provides sufficient cooling.
  • Easier to install as the bulb has a more compact design.


  • On the center of the low beam, there could be a dark sport barely visible.
  • Not the best performance on the high beam.

Even with a powerful 12,000 RPM fan and aluminum aviation body, the HIMA4X4 has a compact size. Therefore, installing it in most motorcycles is easier compared to LEDs like CAR ROVER. Moreover, the built-in driver eliminates any RF issues.

On the low beam, the bulb works excellent and illuminates a bigger area on the sides and in front. However, the high beam performance isn’t the same as the LED. On the high beam, the bulb lights up a good chunk of the road ahead. However, you can hardly see the road closer to you. Therefore, we recommend this bulb only for the low beam.  

The light pattern of the LED is the same as any OEM halogen due to a proper chip placement. However, we did notice a very slight dark spot in the middle. Overall beam pattern is excellent and the 4,000 lumens of output makes the bulb significantly brighter than regular halogen. Not to mention the 6500K color temperature that makes the light white with a hint of blue.

If you were searching for simplicity on the low beam LED bulb you are trying to mount on your motorcycle, we recommend this option from HIMA4X4. Along with a proper cooling system, the IP65 waterproof rating will make sure the bulb can last you years to come in bad weather.

9. WAYRANK H4 LED Motorcycle Headlight Bulb

WAYRANK H4 LED Motorcycle Headlight Bulb

9003 HS1 Hi/Lo Beam 25W 3500LM 6000K Cool White with Blue Angel Eye Daytime Running Light


  • Can be installed in less than 5 minutes! True plug-and-play.
  • The DRL is bluish-purple and gives a motorcycle an excellent look.
  • Aviation aluminum housing, IP68 waterproof feature, and a high-speed fan ensure high longevity of 50,000 hours.
  • Works excellent as both high and low beam LED and ensures better visibility even during off-road riding.
  • The blue ring DRL can help you see better in foggy or rainy weather.


  • Does not fit motorcycles like the 1994 Yamaha Virago due to being slightly bigger.
  • “Angel eye” or the blue ring light can bring the question of legality. Check your state’s laws.

Where the CAR ROVER LED lacked, the WAYRANK bulb delivers. This light can offer a satisfying beam pattern as both high and low beams. While the blue ring light illuminates around you and cuts through fog and rain, the main LEDs emit powerful 3500LM light, providing vision far down the road and on the sides. The bulb can be great for high beams too if you mostly riding off-road.

We recommend checking out your local laws as the bulb includes “angel eye,” or, in simpler words, a blue DRL ring light. This ring light not only adds to the stylistic aspect of your motorcycle but also helps in a lot of ways. During rainy days or foggy atmospheres, the DRL light can increase visibility. Moreover, it also lets other drivers know of your presence easily.

If you do not like the bluish feel of the 6500K bulbs such as the LED from HIMA4X4, the 6000K beam from this light can be easier on your eyes. The true white illumination makes everything clearer, increasing your reaction time during night riding.

We hold the WAYRANK bulb in high regard when it comes to longevity. You can easily enjoy the service of this bulb for 50,000 hours without any dimming. Therefore, if you are looking for a long-lasting option, this bulb is it!

10. DZG H4 Motorcycle LED Headlight Bulb

DZG H4 Motorcycle LED Headlight Bulb

9003 HB2 HS1 P43t 6500K CREE Chips High Low Beam Light Conversion Kit


  • The fan is situated inside; which makes it fit better than LEDs with a fan at the base.
  • The blue heat sink not only dissipates heat but also looks great when the headlight is turned off.
  • 6500K color temperature without any blue hues. Does not cause stress to the eyes.
  • The beam pattern is similar to the OEM halogen bulb, only brighter and whiter.


  • Gets hotter than usual LED bulbs.
  • Requires proper adjustment in some headlight assemblies for getting a good beam pattern.

The blue heat sink body is the first thing you notice on this DZG LED bulb. It works to dissipate heat while making your headlight look great when it’s off. However, let’s talk about its performance.

Compared to OEM halogen bulbs, the beam pattern is similar due to the chip placement being similar to the filament placements on stock bulbs. Moreover, you will be experiencing a brighter light without the blue hue of other 6500K options.

DZG H4 bulb has a proper cooling system and our experts love the inner fan that is silent enough to not cause you any disturbance.

Moreover, it also adds to the compactness of the bulb, making it easier to install in your motorcycles. The IP68 waterproof rating ensures that the LED does not face damage from bad weather.

Even with the cooling features, the bulb does get hotter than most LEDs we mentioned here. However, it is surely not as hot as many halogen bulbs tend to be. Overall, we love the easy installation, blue body, and excellent chip placement that ensures proper light output. This bulb is worth the value!

Buying Guide

Make sure to keep the following subjects in mind while trying to get the best LED for your motorcycle:


The installation is not easy for most LEDs. Due to cooling heat sinks, they tend to have a bigger base, which leads to complications when you are mounting one on your bike.

Some LEDs have fans on top of heat sinks, which makes them even larger.

You can have an easier installation process with LEDs that follow the specifications below:

  • Non-polarity design
  • Small heat sink or no heat sink at all
  • Fanless construction
  • Wireless
  • Small 1:1 size to halogen bulbs

Should you go for bulbs that are easier to install? What if you find an LED that is excellent in quality but can take an effort to install? We would recommend that you put more value on quality instead of the ease of installation.

Light Pattern

One of the most common issues that motorcycle riders have been facing with LED lights in the beam pattern. That’s why most bikers are still going for HIDs.

However, newer options have a better light pattern, which makes them great for seeing the road without any scattering. They work excellently in regular halogen housing while providing the same coverage as halogen with brighter light.

You can ensure an excellent beam pattern from your LED by comparing them to OEM halogen. If the LED chips should be on the same spot of the bulb where halogen lights have their filament. It will ensure a better light output without any scatters.


Does the light fit your motorcycle or not?

Compatibility is a big factor. Check your motorcycle’s OEM bulb size. Get the same type of bulb to have a flawless installation.

Some motorcycles’ inner wirings can be a bit sensitive to LED bulbs. It usually leads to the bulbs flickering. To stop that, you may need an extra adapter. Therefore, we recommend checking if your bike is going to work fine with an LED.

Final Note

Nowadays, LED bulbs are a better option for motorcycles due to their longevity and high brightness. As a result, even if you have to deal with a slightly harder installation, we recommend switching to LED.

Make sure to get one that fits your budget, your required wattage, and other important factors. Our favorite LED from the list was the Camelight one due to its aesthetic factors of it. But you should make your own choice!

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