How to Choose Jeep Wrangler Led Tail Lights?

If your OEM taillights are broken or dim, it’s time to think about swapping them. There is no point in keep replacing halogen taillights over and over again when you can switch to LED.

With my experience using LEDs, I didn’t have to deal with dim headlights and enjoyed a higher brightness with a whiter color!

Choosing the finest Jeep LED taillights, on the other hand, is no easy task since the market is flooded with enormous alternatives. Me and my friends looked at over a hundred different manufacturers. This year, we were able to identify the top ten best jeep LED taillights.

List of Led Tail Lights For Jeep Wrangler

1. Xprite LED Taillights with Novel “C” Shaped Design

Xprite LED Taillights with Novel "C" Shaped Design

Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK JKU 2007-2018, Built-in EMC, DOT Approved


  • It has a comprehensive array of LED lights as well as a number of distinct proprietary Jeep designs that go through stringent quality control testing.
  • It keeps prices down without losing quality, allowing it to blend design, function, and security at a low price.
  • Low Voltage Security, Steady Power Driver Chip with High Accuracy and low power consumption.
  • Lifespan over 50,000 hours.


  • According to a few customers, after fitting the Xprite LED Taillights taillights, there is occasionally a very high pitch noise.

Like MaxxHaul taillights, Xprite taillights include three different types of operational lights: traffic lights (red), braking system lights (red), and reverse lights (white). These taillights were capable of meeting all of my illumination requirements.

The Xprite JK taillight has an ABS casing and a PMMA lens with high brightness. OSRAM LED Chips to outperform regular LEDs in terms of results, energy consumption, and luminosity. They were able to show visible illumination in even wet and cloudy conditions. This taillight is DOT-approved for protection.

Jeep taillights are easily identifiable, enabling rear passengers to notice the vehicle’s light effects in real-time, are watertight, and have a mega-fast on/off frequency, enabling driving safer.

These taillights include a plug-and-play design that takes only ten minutes to install. There are no parts to change, so it’s quick and straightforward.

Suitable with Jeep Wrangler JK 2 Door/ 4 Door models from 2005 to 2020.  For US vehicles, the taillight has a female socket. For foreign customers, they should double-check whether their vehicle needs a male or female plug.

2. MaxxHaul 80685 Universal Square 12V Combination 38 LED Signal Tail Light

MaxxHaul 80685 Universal Square 12V Combination 38 LED Signal Tail Light

Fit For Truck, Trailer, Boat, Jeep, SUV, RV, Vans, Flatbed


  • High-intensity LEDs break past dark and fog to offer clarity.
  • To light your plate number, there are 16 red LEDs, 18 white LEDs, and 4 more.
  • For endurance, it has stainless steel bolts, a high-quality lens, and an ABS frame.
  • These lights are made to meet federal criteria to guarantee that they are road-worthy in terms of focus and dependability.
  • UV protection, great brightness, and damage tolerance are all features of the PMMA lens.
  • Color scheme cables make setup and recognition very simple.


  • The purchase does not include load resistors.

Compared to other taillights mentioned here in this list MaxxHaul has a PMMA lens for great clarity and UV protection, as well as an ultrasonic bonded ABS casing for water-resistant and the ability to tolerate stress and motion.

I would say these taillights will give much more clarity than AUDEXEN taillights. Stainless steel top bolts, LED diodes that last far longer than traditional filament bulbs. It features 38 ultra-bright LEDs (16 red for stop/turn/tail), 18 white LEDs for backup, and, (4) white LEDs for the plate illuminator.

It was extremely easy to install with a 3 screw mounting layout and 4-color labeled wiring connections. MaxxHaul taillights are DOT certified, like just a few other taillights.

These MaxxHaul 38-LED Indicator Taillights are ideal for a variety of vehicles, including tractors, trailers, yachts, RVs, buses, semi-trucks, SUVs, Jeeps, and much more.

3. AUDEXEN LED Taillights

AUDEXEN LED Taillights

Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK JKU 2007-2018, Unique”C” Shaped Design Smoked Lens


  • Lifespan over 50,000 years
  • Although the cost is cheaper you don’t have to worry about its quality.
  • It features a 20-watt reverse light that is quite strong.


  • Taillights will blink fast on both sides if no load resistor is installed.

AUDEXEN taillights are the best when it comes to water-resisting. It features a 20W reversing light that is water-resistant to IP67. EMC is also built-in, making the setup as simple as the connector.

Jeep Wrangler JK JKU 2008-2022 is compatible with these taillights. 2 LED taillights and 1 instruction manual are included with the AUDEXEN taillights.

These 2022 new updates for extremely brilliant rear light, brake light, and racing luminous taillights would be a great alternative even if you’re only seeking new taillights.

4. Xprite 4D Smoked Lens LED Taillights

Xprite 4D Smoked Lens LED Taillights

Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK JKU 2007-2018, Plug & Play, Built in Resistor


  • No Extra Load Resistors Needed.


  • Moisture forms in the enclosure compartment.

Unlike AKKON and PARTSAM, these lights have three light settings, including Daylight Car Lights, Brakes Turn Signal Light, and Reversing Light Function. Therefore, it is pretty similar to AUDEXEN taillights. Adding Exquisite Elegance and Enhanced Chrominance to Your JK’s Back.

The Xprite Destroyer Series LED Taillights for Jeep improves the car’s performance and style considerably. A highly brilliant 4D taillight lens configuration with a faster switch on and switch off reaction speed is employed for driving safety. In fifteen min or less, I was able to plug-and-play the taillights.

This light, like most other taillights, is DOT APPROVED. It has a lifetime of around 50000 hours. These taillights have a robust darkened ABS compartment and dark PMMA lenses. OSRAM LED bulbs are stronger and consume less power than traditional taillights.

5. u-Box Wrangler JK Tail Light

u-Box Wrangler JK Tail Light

Brake Light & Turn Signal for Jeep JK Wrangle & Unlimited 2007-2018


  • These LED taillights provide car alerting instructions, boost automobile caution impact, combine all feature lights into one unit, and are a great match for any JK.
  • The sensation of luminous intensity path is powerful, the light hue is pleasing, and the light line does not induce driver eye fatigue in the back car.
  • No piercing is required; just the existing openings must be plugged and played. No resistor is required.


  • Not compatible with con Jeep 94.
  • You can’t replace the light bulb from the installed taillight if it doesn’t work.

No cutting is required unlike the FIREBUG taillights; simply unscrew the screws and plug them into the OEM holes. No resistor is required.

This JK LED taillight may be utilized as a turned signal light, braking light, backup reversing light, and driving light, and it improved the look of my car. It is well-sealed, watertight, and shock-resistant, and it is tough to fade yellowish fading white.

These LED lights’ feeling of irradiance orientation is powerful, the light hue is pleasing, and the light line does not induce eye tiredness in the rear of the car driver.

Wrangler LED taillight gave our vehicle alerting instructions, increased my car warning effect, combined all functional lights on its own, and was a great match for our JK, upgrading vehicle look.

The perception of irradiance path is powerful, light color is satisfying where the light line does not cause driver eye fatigue in the back vehicle. LED luminescent circulation 3000LM, pretty bright, monsoon fog, driving in the darkened night is perfectly safe. Frequent switch setup or cut-off is relatively benign, anti-seismic, and much more secure.

Allow an additional 20 feet of stopping space (at 70 mph) for drivers behind you to safely stop.

6. LX-LIGHT DOT Approved 4D LED Tail Lights

LX-LIGHT DOT Approved 4D LED Tail Lights

Compatible with 2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler JK Brake Reverse Light Rear Back Up Lights Daytime Running Lamps,EMC Build-in


  • Great eyesight and a comfortable reverse experience are provided. Three times brighter than the factory taillight, making it safer to use on the highway.
  • When both the brakes and the running are engaged, 19 brilliant red lights glow immediately.
  • Built-in anti-flicker hardness.


  • There are no features for reduced power usage.

With these taillights, I didn’t need to modify my current automobile circuit wiring because it is plug-and-play. This taillight has a reversing light, a running light, and a brake light. The reverse light has a 4D lens for better visibility and safety.

This taillight eliminated flickering, eliminated the need for load resistors, and was simple to set up than the original version.

These taillights are also DOT Approved. 4D LED Taillights are built-in OSRAM led chips with the most recent scientific optical technology and powerful penetration, 30W REVERSING DESIGN, 3 times brighter than the factory taillight, safer for on-road usage, and are suitable with 2008-2020 Jeep Wrangler JK JKU.

4D LED taillights are dedicated to creating cutting-edge, high-performance lighting systems for automotive clients all over the world.

7. FIREBUG Wrangler Tail Lights

FIREBUG Wrangler Tail Lights

Smoked Led tail lights for JK wrangler, JK Rear Lights, With Brake Light & Reverse Light,JK JKU 2007-2017


  • Life Span over 50000Hrs.
  • Low Voltage Safeguard, Steady Voltage Controller Circuit with High Accuracy.
  • Much better than stock lights.


  • Won’t fit in any European standard cars. These taillights are made just for US vehicles.
  • Not DOT approved.

What do you mean when you say style or class? The Firebug Led Taillights meet any artistic appeal you attribute to LED taillights. Firebug’s verdict on this product is that this is a head-turner. These LED taillights feature a cutting-edge design that enhanced the look of our Jeep.

These taillights don’t have any tint film on their lenses compared to AKKON Cherokee taillights.

They also have a really quick on/off reaction time, which makes driving considerably safer, especially in bad weather. If you’ve ever been struck from behind by a car, you’ll appreciate and understand the need for lighting and rapid reaction times. Because you’re practically constantly in the spotlight, drivers can’t overlook you.

The Firebug Jeep Led Taillight is built of robust ABS and Cree Led, ensuring long-term performance. It also has a simple connector setup, so it isn’t difficult to set up. It is constructed in such a way that it is protected against low power.

It also has an elevated Steady Voltage Chipset, which helps to manage the desired luminosity by stabilizing the power flow in the LED light. In basic terms, it has built-in regulators that assist minimize flickering and increasing the lifetime of LED taillights in the long term.

8. AKKON – Fits 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee taillight

AKKON - Fits 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee taillight

Direct Bolt On Replacement For Your Original Tail Lights, No Wiring or Any Other Modification Needed


  • There are OEM-style straight substitutes as well as bespoke aftermarket upgraded lighting alternatives.
  • All generations of the Jeep Grand Cherokee from 1999 to 2004 are interoperable.


  • Vision may be harmed by a film that is excessively dark.
  • Installing tinted headlights or taillights on your automobile might be prohibited.

Similar to the GXENOGO taillights these taillights can be installed in about 15 minutes.

When compared to the Firebug taillights, the AKKON taillights stick out because they look so amazing. They’re simple to install, which is important for Jeep drivers who have many options for customizing their vehicles.

The LED bulbs in the AKKON lights serve to increase your protection while driving. The black enclosure blends nicely with dark-colored Jeeps and stands out against light-colored Jeeps. The only disadvantage is that condensation forms within the casing of the lights.

Because of the darkened glass above the brilliant white LED light lines, these tough off-road taillights stand out from the rest. The AKKON taillights feature a brilliant reverse light that illuminates the road behind your Jeep. LED taillights have been shown to produce a more even light, which improves visibility.

Ultimately, these AKKON lights will be a decent pick, specifically if you want something simple to set up. They look stunning and boost my Jeep’s appearance on the road because of the dazzling LED lights.

9. Partsam 2x Red/White 39 LED Stop Turn Tail Stud Lights

Partsam 2x Red/White 39 LED Stop Turn Tail Stud Lights

Replacement for Jeep CJ YJ JK Truck Trailer Boat RV, Hardwired


  • Mud, rain, grime, snowfall, and dirt will not be able to penetrate the IP65 water-resistant silicone.
  • Each LED is directly connected and water-tight sealed, making them pressure-resistant and less vulnerable to stress damage.


  • According to some of the customers, they don’t get the reverse lights when they use the signal. And it starts to blink sometimes.

Partsam turn Tail Stud Lights are available in 5000K Xenon light, clear red, or golden yellow, allowing you to completely replace your taillights. Three of the Xenon white bulbs are located within the projection lens, and each bulb contains 39 pieces of 2835 LED chips. 

The golden yellow bulbs have 39 2835 LED chips which can be used to replace the factory T25 adapter (3156 / 3157) turn signal or flasher’s light.

Both normal and CK/SRCK bulbs are suitable with pure reddish bulbs. They also employ 39 pieces of 2835 LED chips per bulb, although they aren’t free of Canbus faults.

While the majority of people are happy with this taillight, there are a few drawbacks I faced. I had to add a load resistor to prevent specific technical errors, which has previously been cited as the most significant issue. Others had problems with the LED bulbs only a few weeks after they were installed.

10. ‎GXENOGO LED Taillights Jeep Wrangler JK


Compatible with 2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler JK, Brake Reverse Light Rear Back Up Lights Daytime Running Lamps


  • There are no additional load resistors required after installation.
  • There are no flickering issues.
  • It has a lifetime of over 50,000 hours, much as most other taillights.


  • According to customers, there could be minor fitment issues.

This pair is considerably brighter than most taillights mentioned here. GXENOGO LED Taillights are excellent Jeep JK taillight kits that are simple to operate and install. It’ll take upwards of 15 minutes to install everything, which is a new record. These rear lighting and signaling systems, in our opinion, provide excellent value for money while also being quite functional.

The load resistor is which was before, which saves me the time and effort of figuring it out and maybe screwing it up. On that point, installing a load resistor on your own might not be the greatest option, especially if you aren’t very mechanically inclined or skilled.

This taillight uses a 4D lens with scientifically rigorous optical tech and great penetration, giving it a wider field of vision and making it easier to use on the road.

It has pro lenses and an elevated housing is extremely sturdy and is ideal for off-road use. Waterproof to IP67.

While the fit is excellent, there is a little gap between both the pieces and the Jeep’s body. To keep water and dust out, I needed to apply a homemade solution to these holes once again. Nevertheless, it isn’t a huge concern.

You’ll be satisfied with the progress and the duration of the lights. The brightness is sufficient for off-road lighting. So far, there hasn’t been any condensation. We really like how they give the Jeep Wrangler a more contemporary look.

Buying Guide

There are a few specific things you need to be looking for in search of the taillight especially when the purpose is to buy the best of those. Perfect taillights will improve your night driving performance and will give you protection from getting hit from behind.

The following factors play the most roles in terms of increasing your security from the back. There are also other important aspects mentioned. In terms of strengthening your back security, the following aspects are the most important. Other crucial features are also highlighted.

Load resistors

When conventional or halogen taillights are replaced with LED taillights, hyper blinking is a regular occurrence. Load resistors are the answer to this problem.

Although it isn’t required, a taillight box with constructed load resistors might be more convenient than one without. The first one can make a massive difference if you would not want to fuss with having it set up correctly.

Wattage and Lumens

A lumen is a measurement unit for the luminance of a light source. The stronger the light, the greater the lumens will be.

Brighter taillights can help you stand out far more from other drivers; improving your security by letting other drivers know where you have been and just how far forward you are. This allows them to determine the respectable distance they must maintain now before it’s too late.

Wattage is the energy required to produce a certain number of lumens. In general, it’s better to choose depending on LM/W (lumen per watt) rather than evaluating each measurement unit individually. This approach will inform you whether taillight uses less energy than another.

Bulb types

Taillights are available with a variety of diverse light bulbs, the most popular of which are halogen, high-intensity discharge (HID), and LED.

Halogen lights are really not noted for their clarity or brightness, although HID (high-intensity discharge) bulbs are said to be so brilliant that they can cause other road users to become blinded. So, LEDs are likely to appear in much more taillight items than any other form of a bulb.

LEDs are more energy-efficient, robust, and have a far longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs. Furthermore, installing a Jeep Wrangler taillight bulb that isn’t LED may take a lot more time and work.

Model of your car

To discover the perfect fit, know your vehicle’s model number. Trusted suppliers should make it clear which automobiles their items work with. If there is an apparent lack of information, then you must wait until you can confirm if it is compatible with your car.

It also is worth mentioning that even if a product claims to be a good match for your Jeep, you’ll almost certainly find that the fitting isn’t flawless. Some goods, as previously stated, may not fit flat against the car’s body.

Final Note

If you’re present taillights are on their way out, you’ll have no choice but to replace them. The finest Jeep LED taillights are determined by a number of elements, the most important of which are your demands and budget. Use the information in the buying guide and reviews above to help you choose the finest taillights for your automobile.

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