Is 6000K HID Lights Legal in California?

Because they create a brilliant, white-blue light that closely resembles natural daylight, HID bulbs can increase visibility. On the contrary, the dazzle they emit might cause other vehicles to get blinded.

Some jurisdictions permit HID lights; however, California strictly permits headlight bulbs that generate yellow or white light, therefore only low-intensity HID lightbulbs with a color temperature of 6000K are acceptable.

Blue headlight bulbs are illegal in California. Only headlight bulbs that generate yellow or white brightness are allowed in this state.

Aftermarket HID systems often generate high-intensity blue illumination and are illegal. Vehicles sold with HID lightbulbs fitted are acceptable since the makers ensure the lightbulbs are (6000K) low intensity.

Are HID Lights Illegal in California?

If the drivers want stronger illumination for their headlights, they must be willing to buy HID lightbulbs. These headlights are a bit more costly than conventional headlights, increasing a few dollars to the cost of the vehicle.

Xenon HID lights are only permitted on the road of California if the light unit is lawfully labeled appropriately. An HID kit may only be considered Cali Road legal in this way if the complete headlight assembly is replaced with one designed specifically for HID lighting.

HID lightbulbs, commonly known as HIDs or high-intensity discharge lights, are not your average headlight bulbs. HID lights are becoming more popular among drivers. Xenon is a kind of gas used in high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting. As a result, the bulb produces more illumination than a standard halogen bulb.

HID lights have a far higher color temp than halogen lights, which have a color temperature of around 3000K. As a general rule, make sure the HID lightbulbs aren’t over 6000K.

In California, HID lightbulbs are absolutely legal but over 6000K are no longer authorized on the street, therefore when purchasing HID bulbs, make sure to check the color temperature first.

Reputable merchants will always notify you if a bulb is authorized to use on the street of California, so you may consult with specialists before attempting to install them yourself.

Are 6500k Headlights Legal in California?

If a lightbulb is labeled as “road legal,” it is safe to use on the street of California at night. A street-legal lightbulb is required for most drivers. Otherwise, you risk being stopped by the cops and receiving a ticket or a big fine.

6500k headlights will produce a bit more bluish than that of 6000K which generates cool daylight. That means 6500k is illegal as the opposing drivers from the other side won’t see your vehicle.

HID bulbs are available in a wide range of hues, including yellow lights (3500K to 4500K), whites (4500K to 6000K), blues, and dark purples (7000K and over). Lower-intensity HID bulbs provide white or yellow light, and higher-intensity HID bulbs produce dark bluish light. The California legislation prohibits the use of HID headlights that emit purple and blue or dark violet light.

This statute makes blue-light emitting headlights prohibited in California so 6500k HID lightbulbs are not legal for driving in the streets.

Final Note

When HID lights are pre-installed in an automobile, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) ensures that the color intensity is low enough so that blue light is not produced.

This means that under California state law, these HID lights are lawful but up to 6000K.

There must be no issues if a car owner purchases a new car with HID lighting. It should also be fine if they purchase a used automobile that’s been marketed with HID lightbulbs fitted when new.

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