How Wide Should the Vanity Light Bar Be?

You are probably one of the many drivers who have done some study on vanity light bars for automobiles, but you already know that they’re the most advanced and productive sort of lighting that can be put in a motor vehicle.

If you own a car, you may be prepared to invest in a vanity light bar in order to improve your overall visibility. Due to the fact that not every car is a truck, drivers are unsure whether or not additional LED light bulbs may be installed on their vehicles as a consequence of this.

In addition to providing a greater degree of protection against highway hazards and catastrophes, increased road vision will also allow for the more effective employment of vanity light bars.

Sizes of the Vanity Light Bars in a Car

There are several different sizes of LED light bars to choose from, ranging from 6 inches to 48 inches in length. Of course, the greater the grade of the vanity light bar, the more money you may expect to spend on it in the long run.

When deciding whether or not to place a vanity light bar on the roof or bumper of a vehicle, size is unquestionably one of the most important considerations to take into consideration.

It should come as no surprise that the larger the light bar, the higher the number of LED lightbulbs you’ll have and, therefore, the greater the quantity of light that will be emitted from it. Naturally, there are little light bars on the markings that have proven to be appealing while still delivering a significant amount of illumination.

Purpose of Installing a Vanity Light Bar

In off-road settings, regular stock headlights aren’t always equal to the duty of keeping you visible in the darkness. Because of the difficulty of navigating a challenging area, it is vital that you have enough brightness to see properly what’s next to you, especially in cases when there are animals nearby or when it’s fogging up.

As a result, many off-roading car owners want to equip their vehicles with vanity light bars to increase visibility. In these challenging situations, it is vital to offer more light than usual.

Due to the fact that they give extensive coverage and are available in a range of sizes and shapes that are ideal for a variety of vehicles and travel situations, vanity light bars have become quite popular.

Measure the Size of Vanity Light Bars

The size of the lighting bars that will be mounted on the car should be measured first. The size of a vanity light bar has a propensity to influence the brightness of the light. Also, the amount of visible area illuminated by the light bar since vanity light bars are made up of a number of individual lights.

Since most vanity light bars are rectangular horizontal flat bars in design, you must consider the elevation and thickness of the vanity light bar you want to mount in addition to the length and width.

Correct Measurement of a Vanity Light Bar

1) Vanity light bars, which are the most basic sort of light bar, are normally available in two, three, and 4 light configurations to accommodate headlamp chassis of various sizes as well as rooftop installation hooks of different shapes and sizes.

Yet you want to guarantee that you do have enough illumination, be sure that the headlights you pick are no broader than the width of the roof or bumper, which may be broader than the standard headlights on your vehicle.

2) The majority of individuals choose vanity bar lights that are around 65 percent of the overall width of the headlights. In order to have a clean and polished design, vanity light bars should be mounted high off the bumper or main engine (50 inches is ideal) and centered with the headlight chassis.

Use much more than one with the same lighting bar to complete the installation which may be necessary if you have a very lengthy vanity or a double lighting bar layout.

3) Using mounting clips or hooks instead of or in addition to a vanity bar before attaching it to the vehicle’s roof is an alternative method of fastening it to the automobile. Purchase vanity illumination bars that are around 15 inches wide in diameter or maybe less in width for an average-sized automobile.

Smaller bars of 10 inches or less are recommended for smaller places. It is possible to use illumination bars that really are 15 inches broad or even bigger in a larger bathroom.

4) Placing one vanity lighting bar on each side of the vehicle’s sides, at least 30 inches away from each other and at the correct position, 50 inches up from the car base, will provide enough illumination.

In case the bars have shutters, position the bottom borders of the shades just below the level of the eyes.

Final Note

The challenge is not in choosing a vanity light bar; rather, it is in obtaining one that will fulfill all of your criteria. We recommend that you make a list of characteristics that are important to you, such as the sizes or the shapes that will fit inside the vehicle or truck that you’ll be driving, followed by luxuries that aren’t as important to you, such as GPS and Bluetooth technology.

Identify your budgetary limits, like how much cash you are willing to spend on a vanity light bar, and then work within those parameters. Afterward, if you’ve discovered a reputable provider on whom you can depend, the only thing remains to do is mount and configure a new vanity lighting system.

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