How to Use Turtle Wax Headlight Lens Restorer?

How to Use Turtle Wax Headlight Lens Restorer

Your vehicle has many parts that provide safety to you during a drive. The headlights are an essential part of that as they show you the way ahead using light beams in darker or foggy roads. But nothing stays like new, and your headlights will also start to get cloudy and hazy after using for a long time.

Our first thought in that situation can be to replace the headlights with a new pair. But you can literally restore their old color by simply using some products.

If you want to save your money, you should get yourself into this DIY process. Our article will show you the complete process of headlight lens restoration using a turtle wax restorer. Don’t forget to check the additional information too.

Reason Why Your Headlights Are Hazy

Before the restoration process, let us give you a better idea of the problem itself. There is more than one reason your headlights can appear gloomy and hazy. If you see fogginess on your headlights, it can just be built-up messes off the road. It also comes from different weathered conditions.

The headlights can also be oxidized, thanks to the UV-ray exposure or dirt and grime from the road. In all cases, a turtle wax headlight restorer kit can solve the issues. Just follow our steps below.

What Does a Turtle Wax Headlight Restorer Kit Contain?

When you buy a turtle wax headlight lens restorer kit, it comes with a number of items. Each of them is necessary for the process. So, you got to make sure the kit includes this below stuff.

  • Spray Lubricant.
  • Polishing precision green pads.
  • Compounds to clarify the lenses.
  • Lens sealing wipes and coating for the base.

If something is absent, you should contact the sellers.

Fogginess Cleaning Process with a Headlight Lens Restorer

Below, we divided the cleaning process into sections.

Prepare Your Headlights

  • At first, clean your headlights with clean water and your usual car washing agent.
  • Notice the headlight condition.

Keep in mind that turtle wax restorers can only clean the outer part of the lenses and plastic. It can’t remove any fogginess or oxidization on the interior side.

Use the Lens Clarifying Compound

Now it is time to make the lenses clear.

  • Apply the lens clarifying compound to a clean and soft cloth.
  • Use it to rub the compound on the lenses in a back-and-forth or side-by-side motion.
  • Continue it all over the lens for each headlight for a couple of minutes.
  • Give it time to dry. Afterward, use a clean microfiber cloth to polish it off. The lenses should be totally clear by now.
  • Apply base coating on the headlights.

Cleaning Oxidization with Turtle Wax Headlight Lens Restorer

You can get rid of oxidation using a turtle wax headlight restorer kit. If your headlights are not clear after the last processes, they are most probably oxidized. Follow these next steps to give them a proper cleaning.

Applying the Spray Lubricant

  • Take a green polishing pad and apply spray lubricant on it. Also, spray some lubricant on the lenses too.
  • Now, rub the lenses using the pad back and forth. The oxidation will start to disappear. You must spray the lubricant on the pads and the lenses during the process to keep them lubricated.
  • Turn the pad over to the opposite side (tan side) and repeat the process in the opposite direction. Don’t forget to keep both lubricated. Continue the rubbing for a minute.

Using the Second Pad

  • Take the second pad. Use its teal side to rub the lenses back and forth for a minute.
  • Flip it to the purple side and rub it in the opposite direction for another minute.

Dry the Lenses

  • Take a clean microfiber cloth. Use it to wipe the headlight lenses until they are totally dry.
  • Now, compound the entire headlight lens surfaces with the compound kit and rub them properly.
  • Once the compound dries, you can polish it off with a cotton cloth.

Once all these steps are done, you have officially cleaned the headlights with the turtle wax headlight cleaner. But for further protection, you can check the next section.

Applying Base Coat

You should follow the below steps to avoid the yellowing and haziness of the headlight in the future. It is time to apply the base coat on the lenses.

  • Use the lens coat wipe to coat the headlight lenses swiftly. Let it dry.
  • After it dries, be quick to use the lens sealant wipe to wipe them off.

You have finished using the turtle wax headlight restorer kit, and your lens should be shiny as new. The base coating takes a whole day to cure. But we must remind you again that for the internal part of the lenses, these processes won’t work.

Are There Other Methods to Clean Headlight Lenses?

There are multiple other ways that you can get rid of the fogginess and oxidation from your headlights. Most of them are even household items that you can get at any moment.

While they have their own advantage of being so affordable and easy to clean, the result of cleaning still falls below a turtle wax headlight restorer. So, if you are not in a hurry and want the best for your headlights, using the kit is the best option here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Turtle Wax headlight lens Restorer work?

Yes, the Turtle Wax headlight lens restorer can work on most headlight lenses. It is safe to use on almost all headlight lenses, except for those made for older vehicles. It works best on light colored headlight lenses, like yellow, red, white, silver, and so on.

Can you use Turtle Wax polishing compound on headlights?

Turtle Wax polishing compound can be used to shine the headlights of your car. It works really well, but you should avoid using it for exterior purposes since it can easily scratch the paint of your vehicle.

Can wax restore headlights?

Wax can repair headlights, but it won’t fix cracked bulbs or bulbs that are burned out. If you find that your headlights don’t turn on, then you can try cleaning the headlight lens with a microfiber cloth to remove any debris. If you’re still having problems, you can get a new bulb to fix the issue.

How long does Turtle Wax headlight restoration last?

Turtle Wax headlight restoration can last for up to a year depending on the type and intensity of the damage.

Turtle Wax headlight restoration is best done on a regular basis, say once or twice a year. This allows you to remove any gunk and grime accumulated on your headlights, which makes them look better and increases their brightness. You can also restore the headlight covers, bulbs, and turn signals to give your vehicle a fresh look.

Can you use a polishing compound to clean headlights?

Yes, you can use a polishing compound to clean headlights, but you must use the right one. You must get a compound that is specifically made for removing oxidation from metal surfaces.

Polishing compounds usually contain waxes, silicates and other polishing agents to create a protective film on the headlight surface. These compounds can be used for polishing headlights.

How do you use Turtle Wax Premium rubbing compound?

To use the Premium Rubbing Compound, you should simply apply it on your motorcycle’s surface with a microfiber cloth. It provides a protective layer for your motorcycle’s paint, but you will need to reapply it after about 2-3 weeks.

Does turtle wax polishing compound contain silicone?

Turtle wax polishing compound usually contains silicone, which is a non-stick and softening agent. You can apply this compound directly on your bathroom mirror, but you should know that it can leave streaks on your glass. Use a good quality polish, and make sure that it’s sealed well to prevent water and dust from damaging it.

Is Turtle Wax polishing compound clear coat safe?

Yes, Turtle Wax polish is clear coat safe, and its UV-resistant formulation doesn’t affect the clarity of your paint job. It is also a durable product, and you can expect a lifespan of 2-4 years. So, if you need a polishing solution that doesn’t damage your paint, then try out Turtle Wax.

Final Note

A turtle wax headlight lens restorer kit will provide you with a complete set of items that you require to shine up your headlights. It is one of the best polishing compound kits you can find on the market. But you should always follow the proper steps to use the product.

We highly recommend you use the sealant wipe and the base coat so that you won’t have to face the same issue in the near future. Fortunately, you can use the same kit multiple times before running out or buying new pads. Hopefully, you will never have to drive with a haze and cloudy headlight.

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