How to Reset Battery Light on Ford F150?

How to Reset Battery Light on Ford F150

You are having a wonderful time on a drive with your Ford F150. All of a sudden, the battery icon light turns on your vehicle’s dashboard. After a while, the truck starts to slow down and totally stops. Yes, it is an unexpected experience none of us want, but this can happen to you.

To reset the car battery light of your vehicle, you should first understand the entire problem and know why it happened. In our today’s article, we will explain why your vehicle’s battery light turns on and how you should reset it. Check out the whole article for related and necessary information and additional advice.

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Why Do the Battery Warning Light Turned-On on Your Ford F150?

As a proud owner of a Ford, you may already know it, but all Ford models have a 12V battery inside them. This battery is what keeps your computer, radio, engine, headlights, taillights, and many other components running.

The battery needs to be recharged by the voltage regulator and alternator, and otherwise, the battery will start dying. During its dying process, the dashboard battery light turns on. An illuminated battery light can indicate either a damaged battery or a faulty alternator.

You will need to troubleshoot the computer system and the damaged alternator on your ford to reset your battery light. Below we have explained the checking, fixing, and ford f150 battery resetting process.

Step One: Turn off the Parts that Takes Battery Power

Once the battery is dying out, your vehicle systems will still be running on it. And you won’t even be able to drive it much longer. So, start with turning off all the functions that drain your battery power. But you can keep the headlights on for safety purposes if it is nighttime.

Step Two: Troubleshooting and Cleaning Your Battery Terminal

Your first step is to check whether the battery terminal has corrosion. It can happen in warm weather. You will need a battery terminal-cover remover to open the terminal for checking. If there are fume-like green or white substances, they are the main culprit here.

Avoid touching them with bare hands as they can harm your skin. The worst is that they can also spread if not cleaned in time. Here is how to clean grimes and corrosion off your battery terminal-

  • Open the battery terminal using the cover removal. Wear gloves.
  • Take a cup of warm water and add a tablespoon of baking soda to make a solution.
  • Dip a toothbrush in the mixture and scrub the grime. It should remove the corrosion and grimes.
  • Check the clamps of the terminal. See if there is any loose part where the clamps connect the wires. Secure them with a plier and wrench. This part can be different based on your ford model.

Step Three: Battery Cable Resetting

Your next duty is to check the battery cables that start from the alternator to the starter motor relay. Find a large red cable and check its condition. It may have burnt out if you notice any twist or melting in it. You got to fix the cable.

Step Four: Recharging the Battery and Repairing the Alternator

Your ford battery gets its charge from the alternator, which is distributed by the voltage regulator. If any of them gets faulty or stops working, the battery will stop, and the battery light turns on. The same happens if the voltage reduces too. So, you may need to get a battery service for this. If you act soon, you won’t have to face a sudden stop in the middle of the road.

Other than that, the alternator may need some attention too. Since it provides electric power to the radio, headlight, etc., you need to keep it okay all the time. Contact a mechanic to inspect the alternator, voltage regulator, and battery. Schedule maintenance if there really is an issue with them.

Step Five: Checking the Alternator Belt

Another vital component to your ford is the alternator belt. It directly affects the steering system and the control pump of the engine. As a result, a faulty alternator belt can result in a rise in heat in your truck and steering problems. It is exactly as dangerous a situation as it sounds.

If you feel the above two conditions, try to bring your vehicle to a local garage or repair shop quickly. Otherwise, it can lead to serious accidents and injury. Never drive with a faulty alternator belt. Your main goal here will be to replace the alternator belt with a new one.

Whether you replace it with a cheap and poorly-built belt or a costly but well-made one is your call, but it is advisable to go for the latter. You may need to spend around $100 to $150 for the replacement service.

Step Six: Reset Battery Light Using the Computer System

Your next step is to reset the battery warning light using the computer system on your ford f150. You can complete the process with ease by following some quick steps.

  • Access your ford f150 computer system.
  • Open the diagnostic information on it.
  • Now, you have to disconnect all the systems from the battery one by one.
  • Return to the home screen. It will let the battery charge through the data stream. As it happens, you should now modify all the settings that include voltage, charging rate, temperature, etc.

Final Step: Test the Battery Reset

After finishing the processes, you should test the battery reset to confirm everything is all right. To do it, first, you got to turn on the ignition key. Doing so will fix the BMS (Battery Management System). BMS is the part that monitors different systems and lets you know when you need to reset your battery, BCM, and BMS itself.

Check the BCM system on your ford. BCM or Base Control Module is basically a control panel that controls all the systems that run on electrical energy on your vehicle. Only the latest ford models are using this excellent function, and it replaced the earlier way where the individual systems had to be controlled manually using switches. As you reset the battery, the BCM will increase the gas mileage system.

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Optional Step: Reset Battery Light from the Computer Function

We mentioned that this step is an option because it will be useless and do nothing if there are faults in your battery, alternator, voltage regulator, or any similar system. But you can give it a try.

  • Begin by locating the battery icon on the dash. Look a bit right from the steering column. You can identify it quickly as it looks like a black box that contains two relays.
  • If the battery light is on, you can detach the negative cable of your vehicle battery and keep it like that for 15 minutes.
  • Afterward, reset the KAM system. KAM (Keep Alive Memory) manages the vehicle systems when it is being operated.
  • Doing so should reset the battery light if there is no issue in any other internal systems.

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Final Note

Now, if you are a new vehicle owner, all that can be a little confusing to you. Worry not as you can just contact a mechanic or vehicle expert service provider, who can explain everything to you firsthand. And this knowledge is almost obligatory to take care of your vehicle.

Whether you have gotten a new or used ford f150 from David McDavid Ford, Bill Estes Ford from Brownsburg, or any other vehicle dealership, you should learn the proper way to care for it. The best way to do so is to check all the vehicle parts once in a while by yourself or via an expert.

This article should help you in resetting your battery light. We hope our wording of the process was perspicuous to you, and thanks for your patient.

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