How to Replace Headlights on Genesis?

Whether it’s for personal security, ride comfort, or roadworthiness, the headlights must constantly be working. Unfortunately, lightbulbs are replaceable components that will ultimately smoke out over time and must be changed.

You’re probably reading this as one of the headlights has burned out. And now you want to learn how to replace the lightbulb of the headlights on the Genesis. I have written this post to help drivers do this operation on their own without visiting a service center. Beginning with the selection of the low beam lightbulb for the vehicle, I will discuss how to replace the headlights on any Genesis model vehicle.

Signs indicating when headlights should be replaced

They blink randomly

If you switch on the headlights and they start blinking on and off by themselves, you must replace them before they fail to function properly.

They lack brightness

Initially, the headlight, like the lightbulbs of the ceiling, is bright and strong. However, with the time that passes, they become dull. When the headlights give insufficient lighting, it is also a warning that you should consider replacing them.

They smoke out

In some cases, both of the headlights may fail. If one goes out, the other often starts to blink shortly afterward. Driving with a single headlight might get you stopped by cops, so it’s advisable to change both to avoid unequal beams.

How to replace the low-beam lightbulb in the Genesis

Now let me talk about the portion that will most certainly excite many drivers’ interests: how to replace the low beam lightbulb in Genesis. There are not many methods to change the lightbulb, so get ready to learn it. In fact, I will detail a few necessary procedures. But be aware that replacing the lightbulb on the vehicle may be quite difficult on a very serious task. That time you might need the assistance of an expert.

The steps are given below:

  • To replace a low beam lightbulb in Genesis, you must remove the bulb’s covering.
  • Locate the entrance to the optical unit.
  • Then, you will need to open the way to the lightbulb unit. Here is where the task gets difficult, as the entry is sometimes tricky. And clearing the space by removing the obstructions may appear impossible. So, one half is less challenging than the other half of the task.
  • After having access to the lightbulb unit, you just need to open it. Then remove the old lightbulb. Finally, replace the low beam lightbulb in the vehicle.
  • Remember to correctly set back anything that you opened to access the vehicle’s headlight assembly.

How to choose the low-beam lightbulb on my Genesis?

Let’s begin the discussion with the option of a dipped beam lightbulb on Genesis. Drivers have a set of extra lightbulbs in their car’s glove box. However, you might have used the extra lightbulb and don’t want to purchase a replacement pair.

Or you might want to increase the intensity of the lights and, as a result, choose a stronger lightbulb. But I prefer to H7 lightbulbs, which is the “formal” designation for these lightbulbs. Here are the many kinds of lightbulbs and their respective benefits.

Genesis low beam halogen lightbulb

This kind of lightbulb has various advantages as it is the most affordable, and they are suitable on budget. The benefit of halogen low beam lights for the automobile is that they provide a bright and accurate beam, but their yellow light may be irritating to sight. In fact, they have a limited life and are subject to unexpected damage.

Low-beam Xenon lightbulb

Replacing the low-beam lightbulb in Genesis with a Xenon lightbulb is a middle-of-the-road option. In reality, it will provide brightness and a white hue comparable to LED lighting systems. But its lifespan will fall somewhere between that of Xenon and Halogen. Also, both are similar in terms of budget.

Low beam LED lightbulb

Replacing the low beam lightbulb in the vehicle with LED will provide a variety of benefits for drivers. In fact, an LED lightbulb will first produce strong white lighting that doesn’t irritate the vision. Furthermore, it should have a long life. So, you might replace the Genesis before you need to replace the lightbulb. Lastly, the electricity consumption is low, and LED headlights would have fewer consequences than traditional lightbulbs. On the other hand, you must be aware that the retail value will be greater and that certain models may need an adaptor in order to be installed.

Final Note

Undoubtedly, repairing a headlight system is one of the simplest methods to assure road safety. But its cost is dependent on the car. If you decide to update the headlight system of the Hyundai Genesis, you get to decide between a broad range of low and high-beam headlights from which to pick. This will provide you with the vision you need to drive with confidence.

You may want to start replacing the vehicle headlights now that you understand how to replace the headlights on the Genesis automobile. Although it may appear obvious that frequently washing and cleaning the headlights would increase their durability, this is not the case. Therefore, over time you must replace the headlights.

Reading my article will surely help to understand how to replace Genesis’s headlights. If you have any queries don’t hesitate to ask me, I’ll definitely come to that as soon as possible.

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