How to Replace Headlights on Alfa Romeo?

With its eye-catching and aggressive look on the road, Alfa Romeo is definitely one of the vehicles I like so much. Their headlights indeed contribute a great deal to that charm. So, knowing how to replace the headlights greatly assisted me in providing a facelift to my Alfa Romeo MiTo.

This article is all about the straightforward methods for replacing the headlights and bulbs on your Alfa Romeo. Consider giving it a read if you own one and thinking about performing a headlight conversion.

Replace Headlights on Alfa Romeo

Quick Precap

As a synopsis of the article, I have written down our processes of replacing the Alfa Romeo MiTo headlights and bulbs, in case you are in a hurry. Our work will be as follows-

Headlight Conversion Process

  • Opening the bonnet.
  • Removing the front bumper.
  • Removing the screws and the clip securing the headlight.
  • Pulling the headlight out and disconnecting the plug.
  • Removing the headlight and installing the new one.

Bulb Conversion Process

  • Disconnecting the battery belt and terminals.
  • Removing the dust cover and pulling the old bulb out.
  • Connecting the new bulb and inserting it into the housing. Replacing the dust cover.
  • Replacing and reconnecting the battery.

Replacing Headlights on Alfa Romeo MiTo

Let’s say we are replacing the headlight on the left side of my Alfa Romeo MiTo. The process takes time and is tricky since you must remove the bumper. I would proceed as below-

  • Start by opening the bonnet.
  • Remove the Front Bumper:
  • There are four screws at the top and four at the bottom of the bumper. You also need to remove two screws from the area in front of each wheel. Check out this video if you are confused.
  • Remove the Headlight:
  • There will be two bolts, one at the side and the other at the top of the headlight. Use a 10mm socket to remove them. There is another bolt on the other side of the headlight. It is a bit near the bottom. You removed the bumper to access this one. Remove it too.
  • There is a plastic clip on the top of the headlight. Pop it up by sliding a flathead screwdriver underneath it.
  • Now, you can take the headlight out of the crevice. Afterwards, disconnect the multiplug by sliding the clip back. It usually takes force to do it.
  • Connect the new headlight to the multiplug and place the headlight to the old one’s position. Test it.
  • Secure it with the screws and the plastic clip.
  • Replace the front bumper and close the bonnet.

You may need to remove the battery when replacing the passenger side headlight. I explained the battery removal process on the bulb conversion section below.

Replacing the Bulbs on an Alfa Romeo MiTo

As you can see, removing the headlight just to replace the bulbs will be a big hassle. You can easily avoid that by removing the battery and accessing the bulb from the inside. Here is how it is done-

  • At first, open the bonnet.
  • Notice that the battery is secured with a belt screwed at the bottom. Remove the screw with a socket wrench and remove the belt out of the way.
  • Firstly, remove the connector off the negative battery terminal using the socket wrench.
  • Then remove the protective cover off the positive terminal and its connector.
  • Take the battery out, which will grant you access to the headlight bulb cover.
  • Remove the bulb cover and pull the bulb out by wiggling a bit.
  • Remove the bulb from the connector with a flathead screwdriver.
  • Place the new H7 bulb in its place. Insert the bulb inside the housing. Check if the bulb is working properly.
  • Replace the dust cover and replace the battery. While reconnecting the terminals, connect the positive first, followed by the negative end.
  • Close the bonnet.

Congratulations! You have successfully changed the headlight bulb on your Alfa Romeo MiTo.

Here are a couple of videos that showcases the steps above:

Alfa Romeo MiTo Headlight Conversion

Alfa Romeo MiTo Headlight Bulb Conversion

Note that if you own an Alfa Romeo Giulietta, the processes of replacing the headlight and bulbs are similar to MiTo. But there are three screws in front of the wheel to secure the bumper in this case.

Replacing the Headlight on Alfa Romeo 159

While the headlight replacement process on an Alfa Romeo 159 is almost similar to the MiTo, there are still differences. So, I shall elaborate on the procedure below.

  • At first, pull the latch at the right side of your accelerator pedal and turn off the ignition.
  • Look through the grille; you can see a lever on the left side. Push it up, and you can open the bonnet.
  • Next, it is time to remove the front bumper as before. As usual, there will be four screws at the top and three in front of the wheel. But the number of screws beneath the bumper is six this time. All of them are Phillips-head.
  • Pull the bumper out a little but don’t pull it too much as it is still connected to the fog lights. You can put it down.
  • Now, remove the two screws from the top of the headlight and one from the bottom. Next, detach the connector by pulling the clip back.
  • Wiggle the headlight out.
  • Install the new headlight in the reverse method. Make sure to test it before putting in the bolts.

Replacing the Headlight Bulbs on Alpha Romeo 159

It is quite easy to replace the headlight bulbs on an Alpha Romeo 159. Once you open the bonnet, you can directly access the dust cover. Remove it.

  • Afterward, disconnect the plug and move the metal retainer clip out of the way.
  • Take the bulb out.
  • Insert the new bulb. Keep the prong of the bulb’s base at the top when inserting it. Test the bulb.
  • Secure the bulb with the clip and connect the plug. Replace the dust cover.
  • Close the bonnet.

For more clarity, you can check out these videos

Headlight conversion on Alpha Romeo 159

Headlight bulb conversion on Alpha Romeo 159


Thanks for reading till now. I hope my article may help you in your headlight or bulb conversion project on your Alfa Romeo. Feel free to comment down below regarding any questions or suggestions you have. I shall try my best to answer.

When working with vehicle parts, I always suggest to my dear readers to exercise caution and wear protective glasses. Especially you must never touch a bulb’s glass part with a bare hand. It is also ideal to have a friend to help you when working to hold stuff for you as you remove the screws or bolts. If you aren’t confident enough, consider calling an expert. Have a wonderful day!

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