How to Replace Headlight on Land Rover?

Since I occasionally use my Land Rover for off-roading, its headlights must remain at their peak shape at all times. But things can go south, and the headlights may go faulty. Recently I faced this situation and had to replace mine. And it went more smoothly than I expected.

But it wasn’t the same when I tried to replace my Land Rover headlights as an upgrade for the first time. Thinking about others who may also run into the same difficulty, I am sharing the easiest way to replace headlights on a Land Rover here.

What We Will Be Doing

If you have enough experience and don’t need lengthy details, you can just look at the following steps to get a quick understanding of the process.

  • Opening the hood and securing it.
  • Detaching the grille.
  • Pulling the tabs up and pulling out the headlight a bit.
  • Detaching the multiplug and removing the headlight.
  • Putting the new headlight in, connecting the plug, and testing.
  • Securing the tabs and closing the hood.
Replacing Headlight on a Land Rover

Replacing Headlight on a Land Rover Discovery

Fortunately, all you will need here is a hook tool. The item from VASTOOLS can do the trick; use the 10” one. Without further ado, let’s get into the steps-

  • Open the bonnet: Start by opening your Land Rover bonnet. Secure it properly.
  • Detach the Grille: Afterward, you can pull the grille outward from its top. Use both hands to do it. Put the grille somewhere safe so that it doesn’t fall.
  • Removing the Tabs: There are two tabs that secure the headlights. Use the hook to pull the latch up to align with the hole and allow you to pull the headlight outward.
  • Disconnect the Multiplug: Locate the plug connected to the headlight. Detach it by pressing the button on it. Now you are free to remove the headlight.
  • Install the New Headlight: Place the new headlight properly in the place of the old one and connect the plug to it. Then test it.
  • Securing the New Headlight: Push the tabs down to secure the headlight. When the tabs are perfectly secured, you will hear a click sound.
  • Closing Everything Up: Put back the grille to its place and push it. Finally, close the bonnet and enjoy your new headlights!

So, that is how you replace your headlights on a Land Rover. But some models may have a slightly different setting. You can comment down below regarding any issue.

Replacing the Bulbs on a Land Rover Discovery 4

While changing the bulbs on a Land Rover is not complex, you may still need to detach the headlight here. Alternatively, you can ask a friend to hold the headlight with the plug still attached to it as you replace the bulb. Anyway, once you have detached the headlight from the tabs, and have it in a safe and secured position, follow as below-

  • Notice that there are two round covers at the back of the headlights. The headlight high/low beam bulb is inside the larger cover (Usually in the middle). So, remove it.
  • Disconnect the plug from the bulb’s base.
  • You will find a retainer clip attached to the prongs of the bulb. Detach it.
  • Get the faulty bulb out of the housing by twisting a bit.
  • Take the new bulb. Make sure that it has the exact size as the old one. Insert it into the old one’s place.
  • Reattach the metal retainer’s clip and reconnect the plug.
  • Test the bulb and secure the headlight back properly.

And there you go, the way you can replace the bulb on your Land Rover headlight. The following video shows a visual representation of both the processes above, in case you need it-

Replacing the Headlight and Bulb on a Land Rover Range Rover

If you own a Range Rover and need to change its headlight, the processes are almost the same, but there are slight differences.

  • When disconnecting the headlight, you need to pull up two covers at the top, revealing two screws. Remove them. There is also one at the side near the bottom. Take it out too. After detaching the plug, you can remove the headlight.
  • You may find an HID bulb when replacing the headlight bulb on a Range Rover. So, there may not be a retainer clip. Simply disconnect the plug and twist the bulb to remove it. Connect the new one the reverse way.

 Check out this video for a better understanding:

Replacing the Headlight Bulb on a Land Rover Freelander 2

If you are struggling to change the headlight and bulbs on a Land Rover Freelander 2, you can try the steps I mentioned below.

  • Open the hood.
  • Remove the two bolts holding the headlight. You can remove them by hand.
  • Release the docking at the back of the headlight upward.
  • Remove the headlight by wiggling a bit. Disconnect the plug by pushing the button on the side.
  • Install the new headlight following the reverse order.

As for the bulb conversion

  • Check the back of the headlight and notice the locking mechanism that looks like a latch. Remove it gently.
  • There is a cover beneath it. Gently remove it as well. You may need to press the tabs on the side for some models.
  • Inside the headlight, there are two bulbs you can notice. The one near the edge is the main beam. You can remove it by pushing the tab on the side and pulling the bulb out. The other bulb can come out after twisting a bit.
  • Pop out the bulb from the plug and insert a new bulb in its place.
  • Connect the headlight with the multiplug from the vehicle and test the bulbs.

Below there are a couple of videos as a means of convenience.

For headlight conversion

For bulb conversion

Final Note

Note that there are many other Land Rover models, and some may use slightly different methods on some parts. In those scenarios, you can try looking around the headlight and/or bulbs for the solution or ask me for aid. I am all ears. Do share how your headlight/bulb replacement went as well.

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