How to Replace Headlight Bulb on Mitsubishi Adventure

Among various models from Mitsubishi Motors, the Mitsubishi Adventure is a top-quality vehicle based on its performance and look. Know that the model is known as Mitsubishi Freeca in most places and Adventure in Philippines.

If you own one, you have noticed that it has almost rectangular large headlights. Like any other model, the bulbs of your headlights can go faulty after continuous usage.

In that scenario, you must ensure a change of your headlight bulbs to guarantee your safety on the road. If you want to replace them, you are in the right place. Kindly follow along with the step-by-step guide on how to replace headlight bulbs on Mitsubishi Adventure below.

Items You Should Need

Preparing the Vehicle

First, you must ensure that all the bulbs inside the headlight housing are off. If not, then turn them off and let them cool down. Make sure that the vehicle engine is totally off and keep the car key away from the ignition.

  • Get inside the vehicle and pull the hood knob outward. It is a small knob on the driver’s side in front of where your feet will be.
  • Lift the hood up and secure it in the right position using the hood strut. There are designated holes on the hood where the strut’s end will go into.

Steps to Follow

Step 1- Removing the Grille

  • Like many other vehicles, you need to remove the grille first to access the screws that hold the headlights. Notice that the grille is attached to the car with two screws. Remove them using a socket.
  • Slide a flathead screwdriver from the side of the grille under the headlight and tug it. You may need to tug the grille from other spots too to loosen it.
  • Finally, pull the grille out with both hands.

Step 2- Removing the Headlight Housing Unit

The headlight housing units of a Mitsubishi Adventure are secured in place with two screws. One is at the top, and the other is at the bottom, right underneath the grille parts.

  • Take a socket wrench to remove the screws. The bottom one is a bit inside, and you will need an extended socket to access it.
  • Even though the headlight housing is unscrewed now, don’t pull it outward. Instead, wiggle it a bit. You can locate a part of it (towards the side of the grille) is attached to the vehicle. You can easily remove it with a bit of wiggling.

Step 3- Replacing the Bulbs

You can find the base of the headlight bulb on the middle of the headlight and the fog light at the far side near the grille’s position.

  • Remove the power connectors from both the fog light and headlight bulb by wiggling. The headlight has two connectors. There is a rubber cover in front of the bulb’s base. Remove it with your hand.
  • Remove the retainer clip that is holding the bases. You may need to loosen the Philip head screw beforehand.
  • Now pry both the bulbs out of their power connector by holding the adapter and pulling it out. Remove the old bulbs from the adapter.
  • Take the new H4 bulb for the headlight and insert it into the adapter. Put it into the housing. While the whole bulb base is circular, one side is not. That side will face the Phillip head screw when inserting the adapter back into the housing.
  • Also, install the new H1 fog light bulb the same way.
  • Put the retainer clip back on and tighten the Phillip head screws for both bulbs.
  • Replace the rubber cover.
  • Put both the connectors for the headlight and the single one for the fog light.
  • Before you put everything back, you must test whether the bulbs are working or not.

Step 4- Reinstalling the Housing Unit

This part is pretty straightforward. You got to put everything back like how they were.

  • Align the headlight housing properly and secure it with screws. Also, put the grille back on and connect its screws.
  • Close your vehicle hood.

Final Note

It is true that replacing the headlights of a Mitsubishi Adventure seems hard on paper, but it is not as difficult as it sounds. You just have to be careful to connect everything and avoid putting too much force on anything. Try not to touch the glass parts of the new headlights. You can also clean your headlights on the go.

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