How to Replace Headlight Bulb on BMW 328i?

You have to admit the level of importance the headlights of your vehicle hold. As a BMW 328i owner, you must take great care of it. That includes repairing or replacing the stock headlight bulb with a new one once it gets faulty.

But if you are new to it, you probably have no idea how to do this. Either that or you have replaced headlight bulbs before but never one from a BMW 328i.

This article contains a step-by-step detailed guide on how to replace headlight bulbs on a BMW 328i.

You will be taken aback to see how the process doesn’t take much time or effort. It also doesn’t require that much money except for the cost of the new bulb.

Changing the Headlight Bulb on Your BMW 328i

You may find lots of videos and guides online that will tell you to open the bumper to get access to the headlight bulbs. However, you don’t need to do that at all.

The task is really feasible by accessing the headlight panel in front of your tires. Also, the process is similar for both the driver and the passenger side headlights. Without further ado, let’s get to the actual steps below.

Step 1 – Removing the Access Panel

  • Go to the side of the headlight and sit beside the tire. Move the tire inward. You may need to totally remove the tire if you have bigger hands and it gets hard to access the headlight panel. In that case, you will need a 17 mm nut driver to take the nuts out of the tire.
  • Jack up the side of the BMW 328i if necessary.
  • The headlight access panel will be right in front of the tire. This panel contains two retaining clips with rotatable slots. Take a coin and insert it into one of the slots to rotate the clip.
  • Rotate both the retaining clips like that, which will allow you to take the panel out with your hands. Some people may still find it hard to put their hands through the panel. In that case, you can also remove the cover beneath it by taking out the bolts.

Step 2 – Taking the Cover out

  • Inside the access panel, you will find a cover with a retaining clip on the top of it. Push it up. It may require a little force.
  • Pry the cover out of there. Hold it properly as it can fall inside, and it will be hard to fish out.
  • You will be able to see the headlight bulb now.

Step 3 – Removing the Old Headlight

  • Look at the back of the headlight bulb. There is a black power clip, which you got to remove.
  • At the top of the connector, there is a metal retaining clip. Push it inward, and depending on which side of the vehicle you are, push it right or leftward.
  • Disconnect everything from the back of the bulb.
  • Take the bulb out of the headlight housing.

Step 4 – Installing the New Headlight

  • Now you need to get the new headlight bulb and insert it into the headlight housing. Notice that while the base of the bulb is almost round at all sides, one side has a little notch. This part must be at the top when inserting the bulb.
  • After inserting the new bulb, put the safety clip on.
  • Plug and connect everything like how it was before in reverse order.
  • Test whether the headlight is working with high and low beams.
  • Put the cover back in and secure it with the clip at the top.
  • Put the access panel back and rotate the retaining clips to tighten it.
  • And voila! You have replaced the headlight bulb on your BMW 328i.

Ending Note

It can be pretty exciting to replace the headlight bulb on your BMW 328i. Whether installing a brighter bulb than the stock one or getting rid of a faulty bulb, purchase the perfect item. BMW 328i uses H7 bulbs for both high and low beams.

If you notice that your headlight is dimmer even after installing a new bulb, there are chances that it is foggy or cloudy. Consider restoring it using sandpapers or Turtle Wax Headlight Lens Restorers. You can also try replacing the headlight lenses.

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