How to Replace a Burned Signal Bulb?

I wouldn’t drive at night that frequently if there wasn’t something, namely the turn signal bulb in my vehicle’s headlight system. It keeps both me and the oncoming traffics safe on the road. Hence, if the old bulb burns out, I do not hesitate or delay replacing one.

Thankfully, the easiness of the task allows me to change my signal bulb within 10-15 minutes. You, too, won’t face much difficulty regardless of the makes and models of your vehicle. Pray continue with my article to have a proper elaboration of the process.

Brief Explanation of the Replacing Task

Need a quick precap of the process to save some time? I believe this is what you are looking for-

  • Get the bulb with the correct size and other necessary tools.
  • Get the hood or trunk open (depending on the position of the burned signal bulb).
  • Take the old bulb out after removing bolts or screws from the parts that blocks the access.
  • Install the new bulb in its place.
  • Test and close the hood.

What We Need

Before everything, make sure you own a replacement signal bulb to replace the burned one. Here, the bulb size must be accurate, or else it won’t fit properly. If you are unsure about the size of your turn signal bulbs, I suggest checking the vehicle’s manual. Looking up online can be your second option here. It is also plausible to call an expert for the info.

Once you have the new signal bulb ready, get a set of socket wrenches. You may need to remove some screws or bolts during the process. I cannot specify the size of the sockets since different models use various-sized bolts. A complete set with different-sized socket wrenches will be ideal here.

Replacing a Burned Signal Bulb – Step-By-Step Guide

Initial Step- Accessing the Burned-out Signal Bulb

Vehicles generally have four signal bulbs. Open the hoods if the burned bulb(s) is to the front. If they are rear ones, open the trunk. Next, move to the side of the burned bulb with your socket set. Now is the time to remove some bolts or screws from the headlights or taillights since the signal bulbs will be inside them.

Second Step- Removing the Burned-out Signal Bulb

Depending on the model of your vehicle, remove the appropriate screws and bolts to access the old signal bulbs. Memorize the order in which you opened them, as they must be screwed and closed in the reverse order later. For most vehicles, a ¾ counter-clockwise rotation may be necessary to remove the old bulb. But you should still check your vehicle manual. Upon taking the bulb out, detach the bulb from the base. Then, take the new one to install it.

Third Step- Installing the New Signal Bulb

Time to insert the new signal bulb in the old one’s place. First, put the new bulb in the base. Then insert it into the crevice. Make sure to put it appropriately depending on the size of the bulb. For instance, these bulb bases contain one or more prongs that must be placed in a specific position when installing them. After inserting it correctly, rotate the bulb clockwise (usually by 3/4th) to secure it. Now, connect the plugs back but do not put the screws yet.

Final Step- Testing and Packing Things Up

Before securing the headlight, make sure to test the new bulb by turning it on and off. If it doesn’t work properly, I suggest removing and installing it again. If the problem persists, there can be any issue in the headlight system needing repair. Consider contacting a professional for it. If the bulb works perfectly, you are almost done. Your remaining task is to secure the headlight in the correct order, considering how you opened it. Don’t forget to put any retainer’s tab back to secure the bulb properly. Finally, you can close the bonnet or the trunk.

You can check out this video from a helpful YouTube channel I keep track of. It shows the process for a Toyota Tundra 11-16.

Replacing Rear View Mirror Turn Signal Bulbs

Many modern vehicles feature unique side mirror turn signal bulbs. They don’t usually go out because of using LED bulbs instead of halogen. Not to mention, they are also not required by the law, and neither their absence threatens your safety.

But if you wish to replace a burned-out one, you can simply remove the proper screws, take the previous LED bulb out, and insert a new one. Although, for some vehicles, it will be necessary to change the whole signal attachment.

Final Note

And that is how you replace a burned signal bulb with a new one. Pretty straightforward, isn’t it? But this simple project may significantly increase the safety of you and others on the street.

Are you having any problems with the installation? You can talk about it to me down below. I request you to put a detailed explanation of the problem so I can help you properly. If you are unsure about the size of the turn signal bulb your vehicle uses, you can also ask me.

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