How to Remove Headlight Switch Knob?

Your vehicle headlights become one of the most important parts when you are driving at nighttime. No matter the occasion, a working headlight is always mandatory.

Even if you only commute in the daytime, you should still make sure that your headlight is not malfunctioning. Part of that checking process is to test the headlight switches.

A lot of traffic accidents occur at night due to a faulty headlight switch. So, you must always make sure yours is ok. But removing the headlight switch knob may seem like a complex and confusing task if you have never done it.

We will explain how to remove the headlight switch knob here and share any additional info that you may need.

Where Are the Headlight Switch Knobs Located?

Usually, the headlight switches are present on the lever that you can find on the steering column. But not all vehicle models have the same designs.

In many cases, the headlight switch is a combination of multiple knobs or buttons. You can find these knobs or buttons on the vehicle dash.

Each button controls different lights of the vehicle, including the low and high beam headlights, daytime running light, and even the interior lights.

After prolonged use, these knobs can get faulty and needs to be removed to provide maintenance.

The Most Common Method

Most vehicle models out there have headlight switch knobs designed to come out the same way. Any General Motor from the 60s and 70s follow this method too. And it is surprisingly easy to perform. You don’t need to get any additional instruments for this. Here is what you need to do-

  • You will need to pull both the knob and shaft at once as they are fixed together. Reach under the dash with your hand.
  • Find the headlight switch behind the dash. You can find a spring-loaded button on it. The button will be on the opposite side of the harness connection.
  • Pull the headlight switch to the full-on.
  • Press on the spring-loaded button and pull the knob further outward at the same time. Don’t use too much force. The knob and the shaft with a triangular rod should come out without any issue.
  • Finally, you need to remove the screws from the retainer nut. These screws keep the headlight switch fastened on the dashboard. Use a screwdriver that matches the screws.

If you want to install the knob back to the dash, do not press the spring-loaded button in the rear of the dashboard. You can simply insert the knob and triangular rod back in. However, it may not go smoothly, and you may need to do some wiggling to get it inside.

How to Remove Headlight Knob on Ford Mustang from 1994-2004

Pulling out the headlight knob of a Ford Mustang 94-2004 can be a bit different from the process we mentioned above. In this case, instead of reaching behind the dash to find a spring-loaded button, you need to find a spring pin on one side of the knob. Here is the process-

  • Get a 90° pick. Alternatively, you can use any metal piece with the same shape. It must be thin enough.
  • There is a small slot on one side of the knob. You need to find it and place the pick through.
  • Pull the pick downward, which will push the spring-loaded pin.
  • With the pick pressed, pull the knob outward. The knob will be out of the shaft and in your hand.

When reinstalling the knob, you must place it on the triangular rod in the proper way. The screw part of the knob should lockdown on any of the flat sides of the rod.

How to Remove Headlight Knob on F150

Removing the headlight knob of your F150 92-96 is as easy as the other ones above. The process is just a tiny bit different. Have a look-

  • Pull the headlight knob out to the full-on position.
  • Rotate the knob till you notice a small slot on it at the end.
  • Get a flathead screwdriver and insert its head into the slot.
  • Press the screwdriver gently as you pull the knob out totally.

When reinstalling it, you will notice a small tab inside the knob. Push it gently a bit. There is a depression on the little bar coming out of the knob port. The tab inside the knob should lockdown on this depression as you push the knob back in gently.

How to Remove Headlight Switch on Ford F250

Here are the steps to remove the headlight switch on a 2013 Ford F250 –

  • Remove the knee panel of your F250. You can do it with your fingers placed behind the panel from underneath.
  • You will notice a 7-mm screw on the left side of the bezel, which is on the left of the instrument panel. Remove it with a 7-mm socket screwdriver.
  • Pop the instrument panel a bit without completely removing it.
  • Remove the trim with the headlight bezel from underneath the dashboard panel.
  • You will notice an electrical connector with three prongs. Detach it by pressing it down.
  • Afterward, you can simply remove the switch with your hand.

Final Note

As you can see, removing the headlight knob from your vehicle is an easy task. Make sure to reinstall it correctly. Otherwise, it may cause malfunctions, or any part can break during the installation process.

Aside from checking and replacing the headlight knobs, there are other activities that you must do to keep your headlight in top shape. You should clean them occasionally or as soon as it gets foggy or cloudy. The task is doable with simple household items such as toothpaste, baking soda, vinegar, or Coca-Cola!

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