How to Know Which Headlight Bulb Fits Your Vehicle?

Whether I am changing a high/low beam or the signal bulb, I always have to stay extra careful to get the replacement of the correct size. When providing maintenance to a vehicle, many parts often require a change, and taking the matching size and type is crucial.

The first and foremost method for finding the correct headlight bulb size for most people, including me, is to check the vehicle manual. But there are many other methods that may prove to be more convenient, depending on your situation. So, I am here with an array of solutions for the issue that has arisen.

Checking the Stock Bulbs and Headlights

The factory bulbs on your vehicle often have their sizes written on them. If you find them, you don’t need to look elsewhere. Simply get the bulbs of that particular size as a replacement. Note that some of these writings may appear complex to you if you don’t have enough idea about headlight bulbs.

You may see the letter ‘H’ following a number. For example- H7. Alternatively, it can be a four-digit number starting with 9, like 9003. These letters and numbers represent different sizes.

Going Through the Vehicle Manual

If you have the vehicle manual near your hand, grab it. Then check the table of contents inside and find the headlight section. The manufacturers will generally provide detailed information about every headlight and taillight bulb, including their size, type, and wattage.

It also shows you which one is your high and low beams and which one is the turn signal bulb. Once you find the proper bulb size for the burnt-out bulb, you can order it online.

Searching Online

I often search online if my headlight bulb is burnt out and I am in my home without the vehicle manual near me. It is convenient since I can immediately order the bulb online right after finding its size.

  • You can either visit the official website of the vehicle company or the bulb makers.
  • Use the search filter to provide the makes and models, year, bulb location, trim, and body type to find the correct bulb size for your vehicle.

The last two details may not be necessary for all vehicles, though. Alternatively, you can ask on any online forum regarding the issue. While they may not be the most reliable option, it is likely to be right if you see the same answer from many people.

Asking a Mechanic

Your auto mechanic should know the ins and outs of your vehicle part types and sizes. So, if you have their contact info, you can call them and ask about the bulb size you need. They will ask you the necessary questions to give you the answer you need.

Final Note

With that being said, I still think looking at the vehicle manual is the most reliable way to know about the bulb size you need. Go for other options only if you don’t have the manual near you.

You can also ask me in the comment section by providing full details of your vehicle, and I can tell you the size of the headlight bulbs it uses.

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