How to Install Car Headlight Eyelids?

The first time I tried installing eyelids on my Corolla, it only took me 10 minutes! It gave my car an aggressive and sleek look.

So, no matter your experience, you can easily get stylish eyelids for your headlights.

Here, I will describe the best method to install car headlight eyelids. No matter the model of your vehicle, you’ll be able to follow the steps given easily. So, let’s get started:

Short overview of the process

In a hurry? Here’s a brief description of the process:

  • Get an outline of where you will attach the eyelid and remove the headlight’s protective film from that area.
  • Put 3M double-sided tape behind the eyelid.
  • Install by attaching the eyelid piece onto the headlight correctly.

Required items for installation

If the eyelids you purchased do not already have any tape or adhesive behind them, you have to get it yourself.

The best option would be a 3M double-sided tape. Specifically, the red one that’s strong and waterproof. It will last as long as your car, providing a secure installation.

Step 1: Prepare the surface of the headlights

This first step includes two parts:

  • Removing the headlights’ protective film from the spot where you will attach the eyelid
  • Cleaning the headlights

Removing the protective film isn’t mandatory if you cannot do it. However, having a good base for adhesion makes the installation last a lifetime.

You can easily outline the area of installation using a temporary marker. Then remove the film from that spot.

After that, make sure to clean your headlights properly. An alcohol rub can be enough, but a deep clean can provide even better results. Make sure to let the headlights get dry before starting the installation.

Lastly, you should let the car heat up only slightly if it’s winter. Getting the headlight’s surface above room temperature gives a better adhesion.

Step 2: Prepare the eyelids

Some eyelids on the market come with 3M tape or some adhesive. If it’s not included, you will have to prepare the eyelids for installation.

First, add the tapes behind the eyelids at good spots. Then, ensure the eyelids are clean and fit your car’s headlight.

Step 3: Install

You need to be a bit careful during the attachment process. For example, I didn’t put the headlight in the right spot on my first installation. Luckily, I didn’t attach the eyelids all the way through. So, I was able to lift the eyelids up with a snap and place it correctly again.

So, make sure to follow these cautions:

  • Put the eyelid in the right place.
  • Check if the lines of the hood match with the eyelid.
  • Attach the eyelids to the proper headlight. You will find right (R) and left (L) markings.
  • Do not push the eyelids and attach the tapes without the appropriate placement!

When you successfully place the eyelids, gently push them. After it gets attached to the headlight, you can push harder to get a proper fit.

Lastly, remove the protective film from the eyelids if you want to.

Here’s a video from one of the channels I follow on eyelids installation. You can get a visual understanding of the process there.

How to remove eyelids from headlights

If you mess up the installation or want to remove the eyelids for some other reason, you can also do it easily!

A lot of DIY experts like to remove the eyelids using cards. Business cards that are strong and flexible can do that trick.

All you have to do is push the card beneath the eyelid and keep doing it until it comes off.

If the adhesive is too strong, you may need to heat up the headlights. Keep the headlights on for some time until the heat weakens the tape. You can also use a hair dryer.


Ensure the legality of headlight eyelids in your state before installing them. Hopefully, by following my instructions, you will be able to make your headlights look as aggressive as shown in movies.

So, let me know how the installation process went. Do you like the new look? Or are there other methods you want to share with us? Let us know down below.

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