How to Clean Your Headlights with Coca-Cola?

Anywhere you go on a foggy night; your vehicle headlights help you to get a better understanding of the road. For that, the eyes of your vehicles must be clean so that you see clearly in the midst of dark gloomy weather.

A dim light may cause a serious accident for you and your family members. After driving for a solid amount of days headlights begin to form a bit cloudy.

You must be thinking to replace the headlights of your vehicle to overcome the problem but it’ll cost you hard cash. But we are here to suggest to you the best solution. All you need is a bottle of Coca-Cola.

Yes, that is correct just a bottle of Coca-Cola, which costs around $2 is able to turn your headlights in the previous unstained and polished form that it used to be! Clean your headlights with Coca-Cola would be the cheapest alternative way those headlights can be trusted onto. Easy and fast for sure!

What Makes Coca-Cola Drink Such a Choice for Cleaning Headlights?

Coca-Cola is an acidic compound with a pH value of less than 7, which allows it to dissolve oxidation and erases the dust particles from the surface of headlights. The Citric acid in Coke allows it to wipe stains, while the Phosphorus acid in it allows it to break down rust. Usually, Coca-Cola has a lot of carbonation on it that helps to wash dirt in the first place.

Not just headlights Coca-Cola can be used to erase the stains from toilets, mirrors, railings, and any plastic materials. The rust or stains that you see on any glass surface can be a result of untidiness and not looking after the regularly used objects.

Therefore, when you find them with spots you try to gather solutions, and thus Coca-Cola is the best of all for more of a temporary quick fix.

Things that you need to clean the Headlights


Grab a bottle or two of Coke from a near department store. Both normal and diet coke would be a good choice but we will suggest you buy Diet Coca-Cola because it’s less sticky and will take less time to clean the headlights.

Towel or Sponge

A few clean towels would be fine. After you use Coca-Cola you need soft towels to clean the headlights.

Warm Water

A bucket of warm water will do the job. After applying coke, you’ll need to splash warm water on headlights before wiping it with a towel.

Using Coca-Cola to Clean Your Headlights: Step By Step

Step 1

First, wipe the headlights with clean towels or sponges to remove the fogginess on the glass surface or any spots above that. Soap bubbles with warm water can be used too to clean the surface. All you need to do is be gentle while wiping the headlights or else scratches may spot there.

Don’t be in a hurry; take your time if this is your first time. Don’t leave any scratches as you remove the previous fogginess of the headlights.

Step 2

After you are done with wiping the headlights open the bottle of Coca-Cola that you bought and start applying it on the surface of the headlights. Don’t apply the Coca-Cola on the other part of your car other than the glass surfaces.

If it’s hard to put the liquid directly you can also spray by putting the Coca-Cola in a spray bottle. It’s more comfortable and easier to aim just the headlights and not spraying on the car paint job as well as on the bonnet.

Step 3

After you’re done with applying Coca-Cola, leave it for 10-15 minutes. The acidic coke will do its job. It’ll sponge down the dirt and fogginess from your headlights. Then rinse the sticky coke using towels for the second time.

Now even after using Coca-Cola you don’t get your desired result try the previous steps again. The more you will use Coca-Cola the more you’ll get your headlights cleaner. Repeat as much as you want.

But know this Coca-Cola will not damage your headlights at all either you don’t spill over the Coca-Cola accidentally on the engine. Be aware of that!

Last Step

After you’re done with your steps you’re ready to drive again in any weather conditions. However, you have to know using Coca-Cola to remove the stains for a longer period of time from foggy-looking headlights can be boring because applying coke to rinse dirt is a one-time temporary replacement.

One way or another you need to restore your headlights. Before that, this usage of Coca-Cola to clean headlights could be the best choice and that we must say!


  • It’s affordable.
  • Can be used to erase stains from toilets, tiles, etc.
  • Can be bought from any near departmental store.
  • The best pros of all, Coca-Cola can be consumed that we know.
  • Not harmless for skin.
  • Saves a lot of cash.


  • If it’s applied on headlights for a large amount of time it may cause harm on the plastic surfaces.
  • It may be sticky.
  • Can harm the eyes if by accident it spills on the eyes.
  • As its Acidic compound, it can damage the lights.
  • Temporary Fix.

To fix your foggy headlights Coca-Cola might be a better and cheaper way but the question that should come along with it is, “for how long?” Sooner or later you need to restore the pair of your headlights. We would recommend you restore it rather than replace your headlights. Alternatively, you can buy restoration kits as well.

Always wipe the dirt from your headlights after parking in your garage or drive through, it will make your car more sustainable. Make sure you don’t have to drive at midnight or in dark foggy weather with dim headlights. In addition, keep in mind usage of sandpaper on headlights is unnecessary which will cost you numerous numbers of scratches.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest way to clean headlights?

Cleaning headlights with alcohol is a cheap and easy way to keep them clean and safe. You should take a rag and dip it in a solution of rubbing alcohol to remove the dirt and debris from the bulbs.

Will lemon juice Clean headlights?

Lemon juice can remove dirt and grime from headlights, but you’ll need to wash it off with soap or some other cleaner. Make sure that you don’t leave it on for more than 3 days, as this can potentially damage the headlight lens.

Is It Safe To Use Coca Cola or Coke On Headlights

Coca Cola and Coke are both safe to use on headlights. However, if you're using the wrong type of liquid, you can damage your headlights.

The most common problem with using cola on headlights is that you're using the wrong type of cola - which is why it's always recommended to use the correct version of cola (such as 7Up or Sprite). You can also damage your headlights if you're using the wrong brand of cola. 

Can I use another type of cola or carbonated beverage instead of Coca Cola?

Yes, you can use another type of cola or a carbonated beverage to clean your headlights, but you need to make sure that it’s not toxic. So, you can use regular cola or a soft drink with citric acid, but you can’t use Diet Coke or Sprite.

Will coca-cola clean the car's tail lights or fog lights?

Yes, coca-cola can clean your car’s tail lights, and fog lights too, but you need to follow a few instructions. Firstly, spray the coca-cola solution directly onto the lights, and let it sit for 5 minutes before wiping it off.

This will ensure that the lights stay clean for the longest time. You should also keep them away from direct sunlight to prevent any damage.

Can I use coca cola or coke to clean my car’s windows?

Coca cola or coke is a good cleaning agent for windows, but it doesn’t always work well. It’s ideal for cleaning the inside of a car window, but it won’t work well for cleaning the outside of a car window. It doesn’t matter if it’s a glass or plastic window, as both are made from the same material.

Final Note

So these are all that we know that can help you to clean your headlights with Coca-Cola. Not just Coke headlights can be clean by using bug spray, white vinegar, homemade washing spray, toothpaste, baking soda, WD-40, Goo Gone, LIQUID WRENCH, Goof off, Lysol, Windex, Mr. Clean.

But Coca-Cola is cheaper than other mentioned cleaners that we find on departmental store also it’s easy to grab and store for a longer period of time.

Having it in mind that using coke for more than 10-15 minutes can turn your vehicle headlights more vivid, more yellowish; you got to keep your mind clock on time that it won’t cross the normal time limit.

Moreover, take tips from the local garage that other than using Coca-Cola what other ways are there to clean headlights.

Say no to driving along with a hazy pair of headlights! Drive safely and make sure you and your family members are fine. Clean Headlights Clear Vision!

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