How to Clean Yellow Headlights at Home?

Keep an eye on your headlights’ output. Are your car headlights cloudy, yellowed, or just plain old? Not just for late-night driving, but also for rainy days and foggy afternoons, headlights are vital. Your headlights, on the other hand, will eventually yellow or fog up.

Though there are a variety of market pastes, solvents, and “special polishes” meant to clean up dull beams, you may also restore your headlights to showroom condition using home goods if you want to save some hard cash.

Need a simple home solution for cleaning automobile headlights and restoring the clarity of cloudy, fading, or yellowed lenses? Here’s how you will do it!

Why Do Headlights Get Yellow or Foggy?

For a variety of causes, car headlights might get foggy over time. To begin with, their covering is built of plastic, such as polycarbonate. The debris from driving through dirt, gravel, stones, and mud may scrape up your headlights and cause microscopic breaks and cracks if this stuff is not well sealed.

These new gaps allow filth to enter and accumulate over time, resulting in a yellow headlight look that degrades the quality of your sealant and reduces the ability of your headlights to shine.

The combined corrosive force of outside factors such as solar UV radiation, asphalt petrochemicals, or acid rain may also degrade the sealing of your headlights. There are plenty of reasons why your headlights have taken on a yellow rusted hue.

Things You Can Clean Headlights With at Home

  • Dish soap
  • Homemade headlights cleaner
  • Vinegar
  • Bug spray
  • Toothpaste
  • Denatured alcohol
  • Brake fluid
  • Baking soda
  • Homemade washing spray
  • WD-40 spray

Clean Headlights with Toothpaste

If you consider yellow headlights to be similar to yellowish teeth, it’s no surprise that toothpaste is a useful home solution for cleansing headlights.

Even if you’ve never compared your automobile’s headlights to the teeth in your mouth, that bottle of Colgate or Pepsodent may come in handy when you find your headlights have dimmed from strong shining light to a mild foggy glow.

Things that you need:

  • Any toothpaste
  • Clean sponge or cloth
  • Warm water
  • Spray

You already know how to clean your headlights with toothpaste if you’ve ever cleaned your teeth – and we guarantee you have. Simply squeeze a tiny portion of toothpaste directly onto your headlights.

With your cloth, start from the center and work your way out to the corners of the yellow headlights. Continue wiping away the toothpaste until it is gone.

Clean Headlights with Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the greatest ways to clear yellow headlights. That’s right, the one you have in your kitchen. It will not only clear foggy headlights, but it would also assist in the removal of paint from fog lights.

Keep it away from your paintwork if you don’t want the baking soda combination to wipe it off as well.

Things that you need

  • A bucket full of warm water
  • Baking soda
  • Sponge or any clean cloth

In a bowl, add roughly five teaspoons baking soda with enough warm water to make a paste. Apply the paste to the headlights with a corner of your sponge after you’ve given them a basic cleaning.

Make more little, circular motions with the clean cloth to polish your headlights. Baking soda functions as a polishing agent, absorbing oxides and brightening your yellowed plastic headlights.

Because the baking soda handles most of the job, you don’t need to use too much pressure while polishing. Repeat this step as necessary until you get the desired results.

Avoid rubbing any of the baking soda solvents on your car paint near the headlights, as the abrasiveness of the baking soda might tarnish your finish.

Rinse your headlights once they are brighter, and then give them a final cleaning with dish soap and warm water. Finally, dry your headlights.

Clean Headlights with Vinegar

Is your nightly vision at an all-time low due to foggy lenses? Fortunately, this is a do-it-yourself project. With a little white vinegar or apple vinegar and warm water, you can have sparkling headlights in about an hour.

Things that you need

  • A bucket full of warm water
  • Vinegar
  • Clean sponge or cloth
  • A bottle of spray

Remove the headlight lens or cover from the front of the car and thoroughly submerge it in a white vinegar bath to clean your headlights with vinegar.

Leave it there for approximately an hour, and the acidity of the vinegar will start to dislodge any caked-on grime. After wetting the headlight cover, remove the dust with a rough sponge and reinstall the cover.

Vinegar is a terrific method to clean yellow headlights, but it also works wonders for restoring the shine of your headlight lenses. If your headlights are scratched, you may use a vinegar bath to restore them to showroom condition, but you’ll need to follow a slightly different technique from the one described above.

After submerging the cover in the vinegar bath for the specified amount of time, carefully wash it and dry it with a soft towel.

Then spray the cover with basic cooking spray. The cooking spray is excellent since it both cleans and polishes your cover.

Finally, use a soft cloth to polish it to a shine, making sure it’s gentle to avoid scratching the headlight lens.

Clean Headlights with Dish Soap

Looking for a way to clear those hazy headlights? Why don’t you give dish soap a shot? This common household item turns out to be an excellent home solution for cleaning cloudy headlights.

Things that you need

  • A bucket full of warm water
  • Dish soap and a fresh sponge

Before you start using any home solvents or cures, make sure your headlights are clean. Using a sponge and soapy water is one of the simplest methods to clean your headlights.

Cleaning your headlights is simpler if you rinse them first and let them soak for a few minutes before scraping the debris and bugs away.

The best movements are small, circular motions. After that, give it a good rinse to get rid of the remaining. And there you have it! This might be one of the simplest, do-it-yourself methods for cleaning headlights.

Clean Headlights with Bug Spray

Bug spray is fantastic for keeping pests at a far distance, but what about cleaning those yellow headlights? It isn’t merely hearsay.

Dirt, filth, and UV damage have been stacking up on those headlights, and bug spray may help you wave farewell to yellow headlights.

Things that you need

  • Bug Spray
  • Clean cloth or a sponge
  • Warm water

If you’re looking for a solution to clean yellow headlights, bug spray might be the answer. Use a tiny amount on a soft cloth and brush it into your yellow headlights in gentle, circular strokes.

The chemicals in the bug spray help remove some of the UV- and dirt-damaged plastic from the surface of the headlights, giving them a brighter, smoother look.

Clean Your Headlights with Denatured Alcohol

Have you forgotten what color your headlights were when you first bought them? Denatured alcohol is ready to leap the bathroom sink to headlights cleaner, removing yellow headlights and yellow plastic coverings.

Things that you need

  • Denatured alcohol (Anyone will work)
  • Clean cloth or soft sponge

Use soapy water to thoroughly clean your headlights, and then dry. Denatured alcohol, which can be found at most paint and hardware stores, is dipped in a corner of your clean cloth.

Apply the solution on your lens and rub it in. Continue until the yellow hue in your headlights fades. Water and wipe your headlights completely.

Apply a layer of car wax to help preserve the lenses. Again apply the wax in a circular pattern with a clean, soft towel, and then polish it out within a few minutes.

Here, given preceding home methods are effective in removing fading or yellow headlights.  If your vehicle’s headlights have become permanently yellow and you’re suffering diminished light output, you can restore your headlights to their original condition using a restoration kit.

Final Note

Replacing the headlights will cost a good amount of money. Saving it for future car plans you can clean headlights with your daily household items, which we have shown above with necessary steps. Make sure you’re taking precautions ahead of time.

When you’re behind the wheel, a clean set of headlights will provide you with a clear view and won’t let you drive through another vehicle. So, drive safe at every time of the day!

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