How to Clean Headlights with Brake Fluid?

Headlights become yellowish over time. And most drivers, including you, might find it troublesome in the middle of the night.

There are multiple reasons that your headlights are turning foggy. One of the most common one is UV exposure.

The protected plastic layer that headlights have on their surface wears away due to the UV rays. Thus, the yellowish hue pops up on the headlights.

So in this case, the quickest remedy is to clean the headlights with brake-fluid, the most effective and easiest hack. Here’s everything you need to know about cleaning headlights with brake-fluid.

Why do Your Headlights Get Foggy?


UV rays from the sun oxidize the headlights which peel off the protected coating from its surface. So, the headlights look foggy and yellowish.

Water Vapor

When it’s raining, sometimes the raindrops accidentally enter the compartment of the headlights. Or sometimes, while washing the car, water may enter too. The remaining water inside vaporizes due to heat. And it forms the cloudy tint inside the lens.


While driving the car, many dirt particles come across the headlights, which somehow enter the compact headlights. And they form dust circles inside the glass. Moreover, when the white sand sticks with the headlights it scratches the surface which causes the lights to go in separate ways rather than in a focused point.

Use of Unnecessary Products

Lots of extra acidic liquids are available in the department store which may cause harm to the headlights. Also, it gets foggy while wiping headlights if enough amount of pressure is given.

Things that You Need to Clean the Headlights


Grab a small container of brake-fluid from your near departmental store or you can get it from your local garage too.

Towel or Sponge

A few clean towels would be fine. After you use brake-fluid you need fresh towels to clean the headlights. Otherwise, you may turn your headlights foggier.

Warm Water

A bucket of warm water will do the job. After applying brake-fluid, you’ll need to splash warm water on headlights before wiping it with a clean towel.

How to Clean Headlights with Brake Fluid

Here are the ways that you can try to clean your headlights using brake-fluid without causing any damage.

  • First thing first, wash the headlights of your vehicles with warm water. You can use washing powder at first just to clean the dirt sticking on the surface. Clean the surroundings of the headlights carefully so that you don’t leave any scratches there.
  • Now after cleaning headlights with warm water, start wiping them. Make them dry.
  • To protect your car paint first you need to apply mask tape on the surroundings of the headlights. Otherwise, the brake-fluid will damage the car paint and stain would appear on the bonnet or other parts.
  • You can also use old newspapers to cover the car paint instead of car-grade masking tape. Stick the newspapers with scotch tape carefully or you’ll leave marks on the car.
  • Start spraying on the headlights again. This time you’ll use it for using wet sandpaper. While applying pressure on wet sandpaper, you’ll find the small dirt particles coming off from the headlights. Then wash it off again with warm water. It’s the perfect way to sand off the layer!
  • Then apply the brake-fluid to the surface of the headlights in a gentler circular motion. Apply on both the headlights one at a time on its very small corners if possible. Don’t put too much pressure.
  • If you still don’t get the desired crystal clearness of the headlights, try repeating the process that we mentioned.
  • Wash away the brake-fluid from the headlights with more warm water. That’s it you’ll get your desired expectation.

Benefits of Cleaning a Foggy Headlight

A foggy headlight will dim your eyesight in the middle of the night. To keep yourself and your family safe, clean headlights are a must. Here’s a list of benefits of cleaning a foggy headlight.

Clean headlights speak a lot about its owner. It adds a supplementary tidiness quality to your profile as well as in your personality.

A crystal clear headlight gives a good vision at night while driving. What more do you want if it’s not your safety first!

It maximizes the performance of your car while driving both at night and day. By vanishing the scratches from headlights it enhances the performance of your driving.

It saves a lot of hard cash. Instead of replacing headlights with a new pair, you can clean those using brake-fluid.

How to Prevent Headlights from Turning Foggy and Yellow

Keep your headlights clean and make sure you wipe them with clean clothes after parking your car in the garage. You won’t notice the little dirt particles that stick on your headlights so clean it frequently.

You can use a UV ray protective layer on the headlights. It’ll protect those for a while. When using brake-fluid, if the previous layer of plastic is attached, you need to peel off that first. So, after cleaning headlights with brake-fluid, the UV protector does not get damaged.

Park your car under shade so that if water enters the headlight compartment it won’t vaporize and make the headlights look foggy.

Final Note

Replacing headlights will cost you a lot. So, cleaning headlights using brake-fluid is a cheap alternative. If properly done, we hope you’ll get your expected results. And also that should be long lasting.

We would suggest you restore it rather than replace your headlights. Alternatively, you can buy restoration kits as well. Moreover, not just brake-fluid, headlights can also be cleaned by using bug spray, white vinegar, homemade washing spray, toothpaste, baking soda.

If your headlights turn foggy and yellowish again, repeat the processes that we mentioned. But make sure you’re taking safety measures beforehand. A clean pair of headlights will give you a clear vision when you’re in the driving seat.

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