How to Change Headlight Bulb On Mercedes C300

Headlights do age. Instead of spending a good amount of hard cash but you can change your headlights following a few steps.

A new headlight bulb is required to change the headlight bulb on your Mercedes-Benz C-Class (300) or other models according to year.

This article will be useful to Mercedes-Benz C300 drivers. It both relates to halogen-bulb a version also does apply to those with HID and some LED headlight bulbs.

When Should Your Headlight Bulb Be Replaced?

When one of your headlight bulbs has smoked out or turned yellowish, you should get a new set as quickly as possible. The average automobile headlight can last 200 to 800 hours. However, this depends on a variety of conditions. A few headlight bulbs are so efficient that they may endure for over 5000 hours.

Driving with a smoked-out headlight bulb is unlawful, and assuming that it is easier to get the sight of the road with your high beams since you can’t see too with just one functional headlight is also illegal.

The price of Halogen bulbs costs between $10 and $30, plus an additional $50 for setup. As per one market automobile parts supplier, replacing a single high-intensity discharge bulb costs $150 or more while replacing a whole headlight bulb system costs between $300 and $500.

Steps that Need to Be Followed

It is advised that both light bulbs be replaced at the very same moment. That way, the hue of the light from both lights matches, and you won’t have to change the other headlight bulbs after a certain amount of time.

Step 1

In the front of most Mercedes c300s, there are four headlight bulbs, two each for low dimmed and high lights, and also unique controls and plugs for each side.

From behind the case, the light bulb may be accessed. As a consequence, the complete headlight bulb assembly does not need to be removed.

Make sure your automobile is turned off and placed somewhere safe that you can start working.

Go to the rear of the headlights and open the bonnet; there should be bolts there. Four hanging cables will emerge from a rectangular prism adaptor.

Step 2

On the rear of the headlight, much as on most Mercedes c300s, you’ll find three massive connections, one for low power mode and the other for high beam. Verify the bulb that’s broken before removing it from the socket.

The essential element is that four wires are linked to a connection at the root of the headlight bulb, which we can see if we look closely.

This plug-in is held in place by a silicone hook, steel clips, or, in exceptional situations, an adapter.

Step 3

Loosen the cablings when it’s no longer required. To remove the rubber hook, pull firmly but gently while pushing down the slider with your finger; to remove the metal clip, just lift.

Just twist a screw cap counter-clockwise to draw the connector. Once the cable is out of the way, you will be able to remove the light bulb by loosening it and pulling it out while pressing against the base by twisting the light bulb plug anti-clockwise roughly forty-five degrees.

Step 4

Before removing the replacement light bulb from its case, take a cloth or a dry rag to prevent contacting the bulb’s glass. If your hand’s oils slowly build on the glass bulb, your headlight may go out as fast as you turn it on.

If you need to touch the hot light bulb’s glass, do it using a napkin or cloth. Place the plug end of the light bulb into the headlight’s rear side. Ensure you can see everything is in place.

You’ll see either the plug end is correctly aligned or the rubber cover covering the socket end is no longer being visible or not. Finally, replace your Mercedes c-300 headlight bulb and reconnect the cabling connections.

Final note

That is all there is to it. Simply switch on your headlight bulbs to check your recently fitted headlight bulbs on your Mercedes c-300. Whether there are any issues with the bulb, double-check the cabling to make sure it is securely attached.

Follow the given procedures to change the headlight bulb in your Mercedes c300 at home. There’s no need to visit any professional which may cost you a lot of cash. So, change headlight bulbs and drive safely with your family!

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