How to Change Headlight Bulb On Honda Civic

Honda’s Civic has become a long-running compact regular feature in its lineup. The Civic was first launched in 1998 and has gone through several facelifts over the years.

While older Civics had sealed beam headlights, modern versions use composite halogen capsulated headlight bulbs. The technique for replacing the headlights differs based on the year and model series of your Civic.

Why Change The Headlight Bulb?

If your headlights bulbs are smoked out or simply overly bright, research has shown that they are frequently linked to accidents. Your headlight bulbs might be a matter of life and death when driving at night.

Some individuals would rather take their automobile to a shop and get it fixed by a professional, while others prefer to do it themselves. Headlight bulb replacements are one of the more basic auto repairs, so it’s worth considering.

We’ve produced a brief tutorial for you if you own a Honda civic and would like to know how to make this change!

A Few Words on Different Light Bulbs

When it comes to replacing your headlight bulbs, you have many options:

  • Halogen
  • HID
  • LED

The most prevalent light bulbs are halogen. They are low-cost filament light bulbs that seem to be simple to use.

High-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs light up with gas rather than filament. They are more efficient, brighter, and last longer.

LED lights are a relatively new addition to the automobile industry. They’re more effective and last longer, and they don’t need a restoration kit in most cases.

Steps To Change the Headlight Bulb in Honda Civic

  • Open the hood of the Civic. Make sure to do it where there is enough light to see everything.
  • To replace the driver-side headlight bulb, remove the power steering reservoir tank by pushing it out. You may need to remove the battery or release the battery retention bracket on the passenger side to get the battery out of the way.
  • The bulb’s electrical connector must be removed. Squeezing the connector on both sides to unlock the tab accomplishes this. The connection may be easily removed. Pull the tab to release the rubber weather seal.
  • Remove the hold-down wire from the slot it’s in. It should be pushed out of the way until the bulb can be replaced. Change out the old bulb with a new one. Make sure the tabs are in the correct slots. Clip the end of the hold-down wire into the slot and return it to its original location.
  • Cover the rear of the headlight assembly with the rubber weather seal. Make sure the top side is facing the proper way up. Connect the electrical connector to the new bulb’s tabs. Make sure the bulb is securely fastened.
  • Change out the old bulb with a new one. Connect the electrical connector to the new bulb’s tabs. Turn on the headlights to check the bulb. If required, reinstall the power steering reservoir or the battery and battery holding bracket.
  • If you’re changing a bulb on the driver’s side and the battery is in your way, loosen the battery bolt with a 10mm socket and ratchet. Move the battery back far enough to reach the headlight assembly after the bolt is released.
  • You’ll need to lift the power steering reservoir tank out of its holders to replace a bulb on the driver’s side. If you’re changing the low light headlight bulb just on the driver’s side, you’ll also have to remove the upper section of the windscreen washer reservoir tank, which you can do by first removing the retaining clip with a flat-tipped screwdriver, then pushing the upper part straight up.
  • Turn on the headlights to check the bulb. You’ll need to lift the power steering reservoir tank out of its holders to replace a bulb on the driver’s side. Locate the cables that connect to the headlight assembly’s rear.
  • Move the ring 1/4 turn counterclockwise by pressing on the plastic tab where the wires attach. If you’re having difficulties pressing the plastic tab down, use the flathead screwdriver. Unplug the headlight bulb and set it aside. To release the bulb, place the retaining wire that holds it in place down. The bulb is held in place by a thin holding wire; do not apply too much pressure to the wire or it may break.
  • Replace the bulb and raise the retaining clip. Replace the bulb in the headlight and secure it by turning the tab 1/4 turn clockwise.
  • Replace the power steering fluid reservoir and upper section of the windscreen wiper fluid reservoir if necessary, or slide the battery back into position and tighten the bolt to attach it to the car.

Final Note

A Honda Civic headlight bulb can be replaced in about 30 minutes. Although the procedure differs somewhat across model years, replacement is generally the same for all Civics built between 1990 and 2000, and for all Civics built between 2001 and 2010.

Honda civics are some of the most reliable automobiles on the market, therefore it’s even better if you can fix them yourself. So, replacing the headlight bulb on a civic is rather a simple task.

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