How to Change Headlight Bulb on Honda Accord

It is quite common for vehicle headlights to get faulty after prolonged use. The best solution on this occasion is to replace it with a new headlight. Honda Accord is a delightful-looking car. As an owner, you must provide maintenance to all the parts when they need it.

Replacing the headlight bulb on a Honda Accord works in several parts. You have to go through the sidemarker, front turn signal, low and high beam bulbs for passenger and driver sides.

We will elucidate how to change the headlight bulbs on Honda Accord here with steps. We advise you to read the whole article once before trying the project.

Necessary Items

You will need the following items for this project-

Changing the Headlight Bulbs on the Passenger’s Side

Low-Beam and Sidemarker Light Bulb

  • Get your tire inward by starting the engine and turning the steering wheel to the left.
  • Pop-out the 3-plastic pop-rivets from the fender well in front of the tire using the flathead screwdriver. Then pull the cover of the fender well out.
  • You will notice a power connector with a plastic tab at its bottom. Press the tab as you detach the connector. It may need a bit of wiggling.
  • Rotate the socket counter-clockwise by a quarter and pry it out.
  • Install the new 9006 bulb in its place and rotate clockwise by ¼. Connect the power contact.
  • Notice the sidemarker light at the upper-right corner of the low-beam light. Remove its socket by rotating the same way using the needle nose pliers.
  • Replace the old 168 bulb with a new one.

High-Beam and Front Turn Signal Bulb

  • Push the engine coolant reserve tank upward from its stay position. Move it from the way.
  • The front turn signal bulb has a gray plastic base.
  • Rotate it ¼ counterclockwise and pry it away.
  • Also, push the bulb and rotate it the same way before pulling it out. Replace with new 7528 bulb.
  • Locate the high beam headlight bulb. It is near the front turn signal but further outwards. Notice the power connector with the tab on its bottom.
  • Push the tab to disconnect the power connector.
  • Remove the high-beam bulb with the same rotation as above.
  • Install the new 9005 bulb in its place.

Test all the new bulbs. Then put the fender well cover and pop-rivet in their places.

Changing the Headlight Bulbs on Driver’s Side

Low-Beam and Sidemarker Light Bulb

  • Start the engine and turn the steering wheel to the right to move the tire inward.
  • Pop the 3-pop-rivets out as before. One of them stays near the center of the vehicle.
  • Remove the fender well cover.
  • Detach the power connector like before. Then remove the bulb base by turning a quarter counter-clockwise.
  • Change it with the new 9006 bulb.
  • The driver-side sidemarker light is on the upper-left corner of the low-beam bulb. Change it the same way as before with a new 168 bulb.

High-Beam and Front Turn Signal Bulb

  • Locate the front turn signal in front of the driver-side edge of your vehicle’s battery. Since the part is dark, you may need a flashlight to find it.
  • Hold the front turn signal bulb’s base and twist it ¼ counterclockwise to pull it out. Twist the bulb too the same way to pull it out. Then replace with the new 7528 bulbs.
  • Find the power connector of the driver-side high beam bulb on the right of the front turn signal. You won’t be seeing it when removing it, so remember its position.
  • Press the retaining tab at the bottom of the power connector. Wiggle the connector to disconnect it.
  • Rotate the high-beam bulb’s base a quarter counterclockwise to remove the bulb.
  • Install the new 9005 bulbs.

Check all the bulbs before setting the fender well to its place.


  • Don’t touch the bulbs with bare hands when installing. If you do, clean it with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel.
  • Don’t forget to connect the power connector before checking the lights.
  • All headlight bulbs on Honda Accord follow the same pattern- ¼ counterclockwise rotation for uninstalling and ¼ clockwise for installing.

Final Note

As you can see, the entire process is not that lengthy. Aside from changing the light, you may also remove the headlight lenses often to clean them.

There are several signs that your old headlights need replacing. If the headlights are still dim after you cleaned their lenses inside-out, the bulb may have gotten faulty. It may also flicker. So, look out for these signs.

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