How to Change Headlight Bulb on Ford Focus 2010

The look of a Ford Focus 2010 can easily please the mind of any automobile enthusiast. And a lot of people agree that the headlights are a key part of that beauty. But nothing stays as new forever. Especially the stock headlight bulbs can get faulty after being used for a long time.

But you don’t need to worry about that. In today’s article, we will cover how to change headlight bulbs on a Ford Focus 2010. Know that the process is almost similar for the vehicle model released from 2001 to 2014.

Even if there is any slight difference, they are not worth mentioning. Anyway, ready your tools, and let’s get to it.

Replacing the Headlight on Ford Focus 2010

Necessary Tools-

Preparing Your Vehicle

Start by checking whether the vehicle and headlights are totally off. If the headlights are on, turn its control all the way to its ‘off’ position. Let them cool off. Then ensure that the car key is not on the ignition.

First Step- Opening the Vehicle’s Hood

  • Go inside your vehicle and notice the hood release handle. It is beneath the steering wheel on the left of the instrument panel. Use the handle to open the hood of your Ford Focus 2010.
  • Move to the vehicle’s front. Detach the auxiliary latches that are underneath the hood. Then pull up the hood to the right position.
  • Notice that there are some specific holes to lock the hood in place. Make sure that the yellow edge of the hood strut goes into these holes.

Second Step- Removing the Grills

  • You must remove the grille to access all the screws holding the headlight. Notice there are four pop-rivet clips on top of the grille. Take a flathead screwdriver and pry them out in turns. Pop their base out as well. Hold them properly when detaching because they can fall inside any holes.
  • Pull the grille out.

Third Step- Getting the Housing Unit Out

  • Remove the three 10 mm screws that are holding the headlight. Two of them are on the top behind the housing, and one is under the grille, which you just exposed.
  • You must pull up the three small parts beneath the screws a little since they are also part of the housing. Don’t break them by applying too much force. After completing this part, you will notice that the housing feels loose.
  • To get the headlight housing out, you may need to wiggle it without putting too much force. It is because there is a clip beneath the housing that you can only detach by wiggling the headlight. Use both of your hands on this part.
  • Place the headlight carefully. It is still connected to the vehicle, so don’t let it fall.

Fourth Step- Changing the Bulbs

The turn signal bulb’s electrical connector is probably what you will notice first, which is a bit towards the direction of the grille. It has a brownish color. The headlight bulb’s power connector (black) is at the back of the housing.

  • Get the turn signal bulbs out by rotating its base anti-clockwise. Remove the bulb by pressing on the retainer clip on the power connector. Do the exact same thing with the headlight bulb.
  • Take the new 3457A bulb for the turn signal and the H13 bulb for the headlight and install them on the respective power connectors. Insert the bulb inside their designated places and turn the base clockwise to secure them.
  • Test the bulbs and if they are not working as intended, re-seat them.

Final Step- Reinstalling the Headlight

  • Carefully put the headlight in place and align its parts with the screw holes.
  • Put the screws back.
  • Slide the grille back to the correct spot and align with the holes for the pop-rivet clips.
  • Put the pop-rivet clips back.
  • Close the hood.

Final Note

While the process may sound complex here, doing it in real life is actually pretty simple. We suggest you go for the best headlight bulbs for your Ford Focus 2010. Also, don’t forget to test all the bulbs properly before putting everything back.

You may need to do this project even if one side bulb is dimmer while the other is okay. Hopefully, you will enjoy the performance of your new headlight bulbs.

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