How to Change Headlight Bulb on 2012 Dodge Ram 2500

Dodge Ram Pickups look astounding on the road, and you should be delighted to have one. As Chrysler made this series a stand-alone, any Dodge Ram released after 2009 are called only as Ram. If you have experience using a vehicle before, you know that their headlights may go out anytime.

Besides, some headlight bulbs may get dimmer slowly, making it harder to see ahead at night. It is pretty risky to have a faulty headlight, and it will also fail state inspection. So, you should consider changing the bulbs on these occasions.

Changing process of the headlight bulbs is similar from Ram 2009 to present models. Kindly read our article to find out how to do it.

When Do You Need to Replace Your Vehicle Headlights?

  • If the headlights are still dim after you have cleaned them thoroughly.
  • If they start flickering.
  • If the headlight of any side goes out. Driving with one headlight is not an ideal thing to do.
  • If you want to upgrade to a brighter or whiter headlight.

Changing the Headlight Bulb on 2012 Dodge Ram 2500

The Items We Need

First Step- Removing the Panel Cover and Grille

  • Open the hood of your 2012 Dodge Ram 2500.
  • Use the panel opening tools to take away the plastic cover to expose the radiator underneath.
  • Now you need to remove the grille. Locate the 10 mm bolts that are holding it to the vehicle. Open them using a 10mm socket and move the grille.
  • There are also some 10 mm bolts holding the headlights. Take them away as well without removing the headlights.

Second Step- Opening the Front Wheel Well Panel

  • Move near the front wheel of any side and open the panel in the front-wheel well. You can use the panel opening tools to do it. Otherwise, remove the 8 mm bolts near it and take the wheel well out.
  • Locate the retainer tab of the headlights. It will be white in color. Push it down, and the headlight will be released.

Third Step- Replacing the Headlight Bulbs

  • This part is easy. Simply pull the old headlight housing out of its crevice.
  • Replace the old headlight bulbs with new ones. Dodge Ram 2500 uses 9005 bulbs for high beams and H11 for low beams. Both beams can use halogen and LED. Meanwhile, only the high-beam supports HID ones.
  • Make sure to handle the new bulb right. Avoid touching the glass part. If you have done so, the bulb may need cleaning with a paper towel and rubbing alcohol.

Fourth Step- Reinstalling the Housing Unit

  • After installing a new bulb into the headlight, put it into the housing.
  • Lock it behind the retainer clips by popping back the tabs.
  • Check whether the bulbs are working as they should. If not, you may have to pry them out and reinstall them properly.
  • Put the panel cover of the front wheel wells back. If you have opened the 8 mm bolts, put them back now.
  • Move to the hood next.
  • Place the 10 mm headlight bolts in their places and tighten them. Do it on both headlights.
  • Reinstall the grille by fastening it with the 10 mm bolts.
  • Close the hood on your Ram 2500.

Finishing Note

It is without saying that replacing your old Dodge Ram 2500 headlight bulbs with a new one will improve your visibility and safety on a foggy, dark, or rainy road. But if you notice that the headlights are still dim even after installing them perfectly, your headlight lenses may have fogginess.

Try to clean your headlights as soon as possible. You can use various household items to restore headlight lenses. Add a layer of polish too.

You should go for only the best bulbs for the replacement of your Dodge Ram. We have suggested some, but you can do your own research. Handle the new bulbs carefully not to touch their glass parts.

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