How to Change Headlight Bulb On Mitsubishi Magna?

Headlight bulbs, like most things, do not last forever. They deteriorate, corrode, fail, or just approach the end of their useful life over time. When this occurs, the bulb must be changed with a replacement.

Fortunately, replacing your car’s headlight bulbs is a simple task. It’s also much less expensive than hiring a mechanic to perform it for you. Like many other cars nowadays on the market, your Mitsubishi Magna also allows for the change of only the bulbs rather than the entire headlight, as this is much more cost-effective.

If either one of the bulbs burns out, you may be penalized by the police, or worse, you may be involved in accidents; you never know when you’ll be in a low-visibility situation, so have the headlight bulb of your Mitsubishi Magna changed as soon as you detect an issue.

And we are here to help you with a simple step-by-step tutorial to follow on how you can change the headlight bulbs of your Mitsubishi Magna at home by yourself.

Why you should change the headlight bulb on your Mitsubishi Magna

The first step to change your headlight bulb, you’ll need to find and identify the problem before changing the bulb because it’ll save both your time and effort.

When only the headlight bulb is defective, it is not required to replace the entire headlamp system. As there are low beam and high beam bulbs in the headlight assembly, you’ll have to verify which bulb is faulty, and then replace the appropriate required bulb.

If it’s just the headlight and only on one side, without any other (turning signal marker) lights failing, simply replace that bulb.

Locating the Bulb Holder

Most Mitsubishi Magnas contain four headlight bulbs in the front, two each for low beams and high beams, as well as individual switches and sockets for every side.

The bulb may be reached from behind the housing. As a result, there is no need to remove the entire headlight system.

Check that your car is completely powered off and parked in a safe position where you can work. You open the car’s hood, or bonnet, and go to the back of the headlights; there should be screws there. It’ll also have three dangling wires out from a trapezoid-shaped plug.

Removing the Old Bulb

Just like most Mitsubishi Magnas, on the back of the headlamp, you’ll notice there are two huge connectors, one for low beam and one for high beam. Confirm the precise bulb that’s defective, as we need to remove it from the holder.

Here comes the important part, if we observe closely, we’ll see that three wires are connected to a connector at the base of the headlight. A plastic catch, a metal clip, or, in rare situations, a screw cap holds this plug-in place.

  • Remove the harness as it’s needed accordingly. The plastic catch needs to be removed by pulling firmly yet softly while pressing down the lever with your thumb, for the metal clip you just need to simply pull up and away. In other cases, simply remove the plug from a screw cap by twisting it counter-clockwise.
  • Now that the wire is out of the way you should be able to take the bulb out by rotating the bulb socket anti-clockwise approximately 45 degrees to loosen it and pull it out while pushing onto the base (the part that the plug was in).

Installing the New Light Bulb

Grab a napkin or a clean rag before taking the new replacement bulb out from its container because we need to avoid touching the glass of the bulb. If your skin oils accumulate on the glass bulb, they can go out as soon as you turn on your headlight. So, if you really must touch the bulb’s glass, use a tissue or towel to do so.

Insert the bulb’s socket end into the backside of the headlight. Make sure you can see that it’s all completely in. You’ll be able to tell since it’ll be properly aligned and you can no longer see the rubber gasket covering the plug end. Finally, reconnect the wiring and reinstall the headlight.

Final Note

That’s it. You now just need to test your newly installed headlight bulbs on your Mitsubishi Magna by turning on your headlights. If you find any problems with the light, double-check the wiring to ensure that they are firmly connected.

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