How to Change Headlight Bulb Hyundai Elantra

After a certain amount of time headlights of your vehicle starts to get scratched or it turns yellowish. As it is the vital part of a car replacing headlights would be the perfect decision you can make.

A strong pair of halogen headlights are fitted on the Hyundai Elantra. On either flank, two light bulbs, one high light, and one dim light make up the whole front light system.

When you find these light bulbs have been smoked out, you should change them right away. It’s a quick activity that will save you hard cash and also will stop you from going to the car professionals.

When Should You Change Your Headlight Bulbs On Hyundai Elantra?

The light bulb has smoked out

If the bulb fails, all of the different types of headlight bulbs are need to be replaced. It’s the most typical situation to know that you need to change your headlights.

The light bulb has gone out

As the bulb circuit expires from usage, several light varieties, notably xenon (halogen) light bulbs generate significantly less light than LED. Since LED and HID lights don’t fade with time, they are only repaired when the source of light fails.

The wiring for the light bulbs has failed

It’s worth noting that in certain circumstances, the bulbs aren’t the root of the issue that requires re-installation. Instead, the actual problem might be the cabling of the light bulb, circuit connectors, light bulb adapters, and components of the system.

Follow these Steps To Change the Headlight

Once you find out the problems you should follow the steps that we’ll be mentioning below. Your Hyundai Elantra needs a good hand so make sure you’re doing as it says.

Step 1

Identify which of the headlight light bulbs has smoked out. Either side of the Hyundai Elantra has one halogen light bulb and one lower energy light bulb. The low dimmed light bulb is the one that faces the outdoors.

Step 2

Open the bonnet. Because there isn’t enough space to start working on the front side of the driver seat so you’ll have to detach the headlight bulb kit.

When you can reach the bulbs on the passenger compartment then you don’t need to pull the kit from the automobile.

Take the two push pins that keep the polycarbonate separator in the exhaust pipe together. Pull the divider from the automobile by removing the 10-millimeter screw at the top.

Separate bolts that stay on the head and one bolt at the base of the headlight socket. Disconnect the compact opener from the chassis. Locate the cabling socket, undo the pin, and disconnect the headlight.

Step 3

Loosen the light lens casing from the replacement bulb. Keep in mind that the low light is aimed at the outdoors. Pull the lid off by turning it counterclockwise.

Step 4

Replace the light bulb with the new one. It will only move in one step due to the little button on the bottom of the bulb. To secure it in place, spin it 1/4 turn left to right when it’s pushed inside.

Step 5

Reinstall the light bulb components in its chassis and replace the bulb cover. The electrical wiring link should be reconnected. Connecting the wiring before inserting the headlight into the frame may be easier.

Step 6

Three of the headlight screws must be replaced. Place the push pins and screw in that is left in place of the separator.

Final Note

As you can see it’s easy to change the headlight bulb of your Hyundai Elantra at your home. There’s no need to visit the professionals to assist you to change your light bulbs. Changing headlights by yourself will save you from spending a good amount of money.

In roughly 45 minutes, a Hyundai Elantra headlight bulb may be replaced. Although the technique varies somewhat by model year, all Elantra is made between 1992 and 2000, as well as all Elantra built from 2001 to 2022, require the same replacement.

Hyundai Elantra is amongst the most dependable vehicles on the market, thus being able to repair them by you is much better. Replacing a headlight bulb on a Hyundai Elantra is a simple process.

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