How to Change a Jetta Headlight Specially on 2011 Model

At night, many automobiles are spotted with only one active headlight. This is both unsafe and risky, as having burnt-out headlights is punishable by law. This article will guide you on how to change the headlight bulb in your 2010-2014 Volkswagen Jetta, which will help you avoid these easily avoidable incidents.

One of the simplest Volkswagen Jetta fixes is to replace the headlights. Here the ways are described as easy as possible so that you may find it easy to change the headlight of your Jetta.

Make sure your car is turned off before starting the instruction. The engine hood may still be hot if you started the vehicle earlier. Before starting this repair, allow the engine to cool to room temperature.

Tools that We Need

  • Replacement bulb; Jetta uses H7 bulbs as normal beams.
  • Bulb lubricant
  • Ratchet (Only if you have a two-piece battery cover)

Steps to Follow

Fortunately, changing a headlight is usually simple. Most halogen high-intensity-discharge (HID) or light-emitting-diode (LED) bulbs are easy to replace today.

Thin wire hooks or revolving bayonet-style retainers keep them in place. They can be pushed out from under the headlight housing, disconnected from the wiring, and replaced with a functional bulb in a matter of seconds.

A Few Words about Diverse Light Bulbs

You have several alternatives when it comes to upgrading your headlight bulbs:

  • Halogen
  • HID
  • LED

Halogen light bulbs are the most common. They appear to be low-cost filament light bulbs that are easy to operate.

Instead of a filament, high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs use gas to light up. They are more effective, brighter, and have a longer lifespan.

In the automotive industry, LED lights are a relatively new addition. They’re more effective and last longer, and they don’t usually require a repair kit.

To replace a headlight, however, you must first determine the sort of bulb you require. Then you may follow the steps that are given below.

Step 1

Close the bonnet of your car and turn off the ignition completely. The opening lever is located on the left side of the pedal. When you pull it the first time, you’ll hear a distinct clunk, signaling the start of the two-step hood opening operation.

Step 2

To completely open the hood, go to the front of the vehicle and press up on the lever below the hood. For the time of the repair, use the bonnet prop rod to keep the hood open.

Step 3

Remove the plastic dirt cover from under the burned headlight with care. If the lid is stuck, a screwdriver might help you remove it.

Step 4

Twist the light wiring from the socket in a counterclockwise rotation after the cover is removed. Separate the bulb from the connection by pulling it apart.

Step 5

Replace the bulb in the headlight in the same direction as the old one and tighten it by turning it clockwise.

Step 6

Replace the dirt cover and shut the vehicle’s hood. To try out the new functional headlamp, turn on the ignition and turn on the lights.

Bulbs for the Volkswagen Jetta 6 are Labeled as Follows:

  • H7 low-beam bulb
  • H7 high-beam bulb
  • PY21W turning bulb
  • P21W DRL bulb
  • W5W or 2825 (dimensions of the bulb)
  • W5W or 2825 parking bulb

What Is The Procedure for Replacing a Low-Beam Headlight?

  • Look for the blown-out bulb.
  • Purchase a new light bulb.
  • Prepare your tools.
  • Disconnect the battery’s negative terminal
  • Remove all of the trimmings.
  • Look for the holder for the headlights.
  • The wires from the headlight should be disconnected.
  • The headlight bulb should be removed from the bulb assembly.

How to Replace 2011 Jetta Headlight Bulb

Many cars are seen at night with only one working headlight or sometimes it can get yellowish after a certain amount of time. This is extremely dangerous because having smoked-out headlight bulbs is illegal while driving.

This article will show you how to replace the headlight bulb in your 2011 Volkswagen Jetta, preventing these potentially preventable accidents. Replacing the headlights is one of the easiest Volkswagen Jetta repairs.

Before continuing the instructions, make sure your Jetta is powered off. If you started the engine earlier, the front engine bonnet may still be hot. Let the vehicle to reach normal temperature before beginning this replacement.

Here, the procedures are detailed as clearly as possible so that you can always replace the headlight bulb of your Jetta with ease at home.

We’ll Need these Tools

  • H7 bulbs.
  • Lubricant for bulbs
  • Ratchet (Only if your battery covers is made up of two pieces)

Steps that Need to Be Followed

Thankfully, replacing a headlight bulb is typically straightforward. The majority of HID (Xenon high-intensity discharge) or LED (light-emitting-diode) light bulbs are now simple to replace.

In a couple of minutes, they may be slid out from beneath the headlight housing, removed from the cabling and replaced with a working light. They’re held in place by thin wire clips or rotating single – edged retainers.

Steps 1

Sit near the tires to the outside of the headlight bulb. Flip the tire and move it inward. If you have stiff hands and it becomes difficult to reach the headlight bulb panel, you may need to completely remove the tire. In that situation, a screwdriver will be required to remove the nuts from the tire.

If required, jack up the Volkswagen Jetta. The access panel for the headlights will be directly next to the tires. Three retaining hooks with adjustable slots are included in this panel. To spin the clip, take a coin and place it in one of the slots.

Move all holding hooks in this way, letting you to detach the plate with your hands. It may be tough for some individuals to get their fingers through the plate. You may also close the lid below it by unscrewing the screws in such case.

Step 2

You’ll notice a covering with a retaining hook on top of the electrical wiring panel inside. It should be lifted up.

Now you need to remove the Cover. It could be necessary to use some pressure. Attempt to pull the lid off the top. Grip it securely since it may slip inside and be hard to extract. The headlight bulb should now be visible.

Step 3

Now we’ll be replacing out the old Headlight bulb. Take a look behind the headlight bulb panel. There’s a power connector that has to be removed. A metallic retaining hook is found at the top of the connection.

Press it in, slightly to the left, based on which side of a car you’re on. Unplug all cables from the bulb’s back. Replace the headlight bulb from the panel kit.

Step 4

Now we’ll be putting in a new headlight bulb. First you must purchase the replacement headlight bulb and place it in the Jetta headlight bulb panel. Whereas the base part of the light bulb is almost circular on both sides, one end has a small dip.

When replacing the light bulb, this part has to be at the top. Set the security clip on once you’ve inserted the replacement light bulb. Reverse the procedure of plugging and connecting everything.

Check to see if the headlight bulb operates in both high and low levels. Replace the cover and attach it at the top with the pin. Replace the light bulb access panel and tighten the holding hooks by spinning them.

Step 5

After removing the cover, pull the light wire from the adapter in a counterclockwise direction. By pulling the bulb away from the connector, it may be separated. Replace the headlight bulb in the same way it was removed and adjust it by rotating it clockwise.

Close the vehicle’s bonnet and replace the dirt cover. Turn on the engine of your Jetta and the lights to test out the new functioning headlight bulb. Your 2011 Volkswagen Jetta’s headlight bulb has been changed.

Why Should You Change Your Headlight Bulbs If They’re Getting Old?

Many drivers remember to replace their headlight bulbs as part of their regular servicing. Damaged headlight bulbs, on the other hand, can significantly reduce visibility at dark, when drivers’ eyesight is naturally lowered by up to 50%.

After 2 – 3 years of beginning use, as per Jetta Automotive professional, a prominent manufacturer of headlight bulb parts, headlight bulbs start to produce much less light. It results in weaker light outputs that impair the protection of drivers and passengers.

Around 2 to 3 years, upgraded headlight bulbs able to project 240-foot rays before a vehicle may only be able to project 160 feet.

Bulbs that We Can Use for 2011 Jetta

  • H7 low-beam light bulb
  • H7 high-beam light bulb
  • PY21W turning light bulb
  • P21W DRL bulb
  • W5W or 2825 light bulbs
  • W5W or 2825 parking light bulb

Final note

It is a common misconception that changing the headlight bulbs on a Volkswagen Jetta is difficult. Not every automobile maintenance task requires the assistance of a specialist.

You may take care of headlights at home if you want to save money and have the time to learn. Changing headlight bulbs is a task that is easily accomplished.

It’s a common myth that replacing headlight bulbs in a 2011 Volkswagen Jetta is complicated. It’s not like every automotive maintenance work need the use of a professional.

If you want to save cash and to have the time to learn, you can start taking care of Jetta headlight bulbs at home. Replacing the light bulbs in your headlights is a simple operation that can be at home.

So, don’t you worry follow our described steps so that you can replace your headlights of your 2011 Jetta. Drive with a clear and clean headlights!

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