How to Align Your Dipped Headlights at Home?

You can easily align your dipped headlights at home with minimal equipment! If your headlights are misaligned, it’s going to be risky to drive your vehicle at night. You’ll have poor visibility of the road, and other drivers won’t properly see you as well.

So if your headlights are misaligned, you better get to fixing them! But taking your car to an auto repair could empty your wallet. Luckily this article describes the process of aligning dipped headlights at home, with very minimal equipment and ease of effort.

What Are Dipped Headlights?

Low beam or dipped headlights are the headlights used while driving. They’re pointed downwards, hence their name.

These lights are legal everywhere and will not cause glare towards any driver.

What Are Dipped Headlights

How to Tell if Your Dipped Headlights Are Misaligned

Driving with misaligned headlights is illegal. Therefore, you should fix your headlights unless you want to get fined by an officer.

Here is a way to tell if your headlights are misaligned:

General Examination

Place your car about twenty-five feet away from a wall and turn on your headlights in a dark environment.

If the lights are somewhat level or the driver’s side light is slightly lower, then the lights are correctly aligned. But you shouldn’t count on this test to check for this fault. This is only the first line of the measure.

It isn’t one hundred percent accurate. Therefore, you’ll have to go through a bit of a hassle to determine if it’s misaligned and to realign your lights.

How to Fix Misaligned Headlights at Home

How to Fix Misaligned Headlights at Home

For this process, you’ll need some tools, but the procedure is not complex.

Tools Required

  • Masking tape
  • Sharpie
  • Measuring tape
  • Phillips screwdriver


  • Create a dark environment so that this test can be carried out accurately.
  • Measure the height from the ground to the headlight’s bulb after placing the car close to the wall.
  • Trace the headlight by putting masking tape over the wall vertically, where the light reflects. Draw a line over the tape using the Sharpie.
  • Draw a line four inches distance downwards on the driver’s side and two inches on the passenger’s side. Apply a piece of masking tape horizontally so that the upper side crosses the lines previously drawn.
  • We achieved two ‘T’ shapes tracing the headlight levels. Now back your car and create about 25 feet of distance.
  • Open your bonnet. Adjust the horizontal and vertical adjustments left or right using a Phillips screwdriver. Calibrate the lights until the alignment is right.
  • And you’re done. Your beams have been aligned. Go out for a test drive.


If light visibility is still poor, your headlights need maintenance. Take them to an auto repair shop or buy new headlights because alignment isn’t the issue.

Final Note

If your headlight visibility is poor, you can check if it’s misaligned by aligning using said method. Only using simple tools can allow you to calibrate the position of your headlights with ease.

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