How to Adjust Jeep LED Headlights?

Using adjustment screws, you can easily adjust your Jeep’s LED headlights! Incorrectly positioned and adjusted headlights may blind approaching drivers, leading to accidents.

In this article, we will take you through the basic procedures necessary to ensure that the LED headlights are correctly set for driving.

Rules Regarding Using Headlights on Road

In the United States, the Department for Transport oversees the laws that restrict brightness and offers useful guidelines for legal light patterns. Lights that meet DOT rules have a pointed, clear cutoff, no matter what kind of light they use.

This allows for accurate pointing and avoids approaching vehicles from being blinded. However, some cheap lights may not fulfill these specific requirements.

How to Adjust LED Headlights on Jeep Wrangler?

Mark the Jeep’s Center

Find a suitable location, and move the Jeep as near to the wall as possible. Then mark its center with a marker. Towing connectors and bumpers width may serve as guides. Then, use the ruler to identify the center position on the wall and tape it.

The Center of the Headlights Should Be Marked

Now, mark every headlight’s middle position. Use the tape and take a measurement to calculate the center position. Ensure that the positions are centered by using the masking tape on the wall. Once you are satisfied with the positions, mark the center points of the right and left headlights using masking tape.

Drive the Jeep back about 20 feet From the Wall

Once the center points of the Jeep and its lights have been marked, pull the Jeep away from the wall by 20 feet. Calculate 20 feet from the headlights, not the bumper. When reversing the Jeep, maintain it as straight as possible to make sure that the lights are still correctly aligned with the previous marks.

Check the Height of the Headlights

The correct light height is around 35 inches. This height will guarantee that the headlights are focused appropriately and won’t be blinding oncoming vehicles. Use the masking tape to draw a horizontal line over the 35-inch mark. Stretch the midpoints of the headlights and car using markers.

Adjust the Headlights

The lights on a Jeep Wrangler can be only adjusted vertically. There really is no adjustment for the side-to-side horizontal projection. The vertical adjustment screw is below the light slot on the jeep’s grill’s exterior. So, this is how you adjust the jeep LED headlights.

How To Adjust LED Headlights on Jeep Wrangler JL?

Adjusting the screw using a T14 Torx-screwdriver lowers or increases the light beam. When adjusting the angle of the beam generated by the headlights, you must focus the point of the light at or below the 35-inch horizontal line.

Adjust the Headlights for Jeep JL

Cover a headlight and change its height with a screw. Once you’re done cover the light and go to the next headlight. After both sides have been adjusted, you may flash both headlights and ensure that they are aligned with one another. Also, the majority of the light is touching the 35-inch line.

The Jeep Liberty’s headlights shouldn’t cross the oncoming vehicle’s bonnet line when correctly adjusted. This will prevent you from blinding the vehicles ahead of you or approaching vehicles.

Installing a raise kit or bigger tires may need adjusting the headlights once again for another time. Following the above-mentioned instructions, you can adjust the headlight for Jeep JL.

How To Adjust LED Headlights on Jeep Wrangler JK?

Adjusting jeep wrangler JK LED headlights is just the same as adjusting other Jeep headlights. It’s easy and requires some particular skills or equipment. Just follow the following instructions. LED headlights are sensitive, so handle them carefully.

Adjusting the headlights may seem difficult at first, but with our given instructions, it can be done quickly and easily. We’ll explain how to align Jeep Wrangler JK LED headlights.

More about Adjustment and Light Bars

When adjusting lighting you need to know what you really want. Also, what kind of beam pattern is appropriate for driving on the highway. Adding a large light bar on a Jeep JK when you require a long-distance brightness, a narrow focus pattern will be a mistake.

This light bar may minimize the brightness of headlights, particularly in hazy or cloudy weather. Not using a light bar would be a good choice. But adjust the headlight properly.

Adjusted LED headlights boost visibility and encourage safer driving. Also, it minimizes eye pain and saves money since they last longer and require less electricity. So, this is all you had to know about the adjustments of LED headlights on Jeep Wrangler JK.

Final Note

Correctly aimed headlights in the jeep are safe. This headlight adjusting technique is simple. Since all jeeps are different, consult the garage specialist before adjusting the headlights. Some jeeps demand different measurements for adjusting headlights. So, following all the instructions that we explained here you can adjust the jeep headlights on your own.

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