How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Headlight Assembly?

How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Headlight Assembly

It may cost you $250 to $1000 if you replace a headlight assembly from a repair store. However, the cost can be very low if you replace the headlights yourself!

You don’t want to drive with a broken or faulty headlight ever! Not only it is illegal but also very dangerous, especially during nighttime and bad weather conditions.

Instead of paying a big amount of fine with a broken headlight, you should consider the cost of headlight replacement depends on what kind of headlight you are getting (halogen, HID, or LED), your vehicle’s model, etc.

However, by looking at the prices of the standard items in the market, we can figure out an estimation. Before we look at a detailed guide on the pricing, let’s first decide whether you should replace your headlights at home or take help from a professional:

DIY vs. Shop

If you are replacing headlight assembly at home, you are saving money that you would otherwise spend in a shop. You just need a few tools like screwdrivers and you are set. Being a professional isn’t a requirement as there are many helpful guides that provide information on how to do the process yourself.

On the other hand, the labor cost for replacing your car’s headlight is $100 per hour. You usually have to spend at least $75 for the labor. Moreover, replacing your headlights in a shop means they will charge more for the equipment such as new headlights or bulbs.

Cost to Replace Headlight


Replacement of Headlight Assembly


Cost Analysis

Are you trying to replace your headlights or just the bulbs or the cover? Maybe only the lens? No matter what, here is everything you need to know related to the cost:

Cost to Replace Headlight

New headlights can cost anywhere from $40 to $300 depending on whether you are getting a cheap or a premium option.

A lot of people go to halogen headlamps that can cost generally around the $60 mark. On the other hand, LED headlights usually cost more. If you are trying to get quality LED options, spending around $120 is a safe option. But you can get cheap ones too for around $60 a pair. Some LEDs with a lot of unique features and a premium build can cost up to $300.

Cost to Replace Headlight Bulb

Headlight bulbs can cost anywhere from $10 to $150 depending on the wattage, quality, and type.

Just replacing the bulbs is cheaper than the headlight itself. We recommend LEDs over halogen and they cost around $40 a pair. You can spend more to get more high-quality options. Halogen bulbs are, on the other hand, pretty cheap and can cost around $20 for a good pair.

HID bulbs are pretty expensive and can cost from $50 to $100 for a reliable option.

Cost to Repair Cracked Headlight Lens

Headlight cover prices range around $70 and can be more or less depending on your vehicle model.

The cost to replace headlight covers can sometimes be more than replacing headlights. Having cracked lenses is dangerous and you will get fined. A lot of lenses cost well over $150 and we recommend at least being around the $100 mark for best results.

Replacement of Headlight Assembly: Summery  

Here is a table showing the average cost of headlight assembly replacement:

Headlight (Pair)


Bulb (Pair)


Labor Cost

$100 per hour



How to Save Money When Replacing a Headlight Assembly

Want to replace your car’s headlights but do not want to spend too much money? Here are a few tricks to save cash while also getting new and better lights:

  • Buy the equipment or headlights yourself instead of from the shop that is doing the repair. Shops usually cost around 30% more for the parts.
  • If you can test out the lights, getting aftermarket headlamps is not that bad. It can save half of your money.
  • Getting headlights online can save you a lot more money than getting them from a local shop. However, make sure the seller is trusted!
  • You can choose to repair the headlights instead of replacing them. Sometimes you just need to fix the cover or the bulbs.
  • Replacing the headlight by yourself saves a lot. Sometimes people spend hundreds when they take help from professionals. Get a headlight restoration kit available at cheap prices. It can help you in the years to come!

How to Replace Headlights by Yourself

Is My Auto Insurance Going To Pay My Expenses?

It is critical to have comprehensive collision coverage. Insurance firms provide a wide range of insurance products. Car insurance also comes with a variety of alternatives. As a result, answering this question is a bit difficult.

One thing is sure: if your headlamps are harmed in an accident or collision, your insurance provider will pay the replacement expenses. Collision insurance is offered by the majority of insurance firms. If there is an accident, you will be covered.

How to Replace Headlights by Yourself

Follow these steps to replace the headlight by yourself:

  • Get a clear concept of what your headlight assembly is all about. Look at the items that are linked to it.
  • Get a kit for restoring headlights.
  • If there are any sensors or cameras, gently detach them.
  • Start by removing the headlamp cover in its entirety from the arrangement. The complexity degree of this job will be determined by the type of headlamp you’re changing.
  • Connect the new assembly.
  • Connect the cables, sensors, and cameras that were previously detached.
  • Examine to see whether everything is in working order.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to repair a hazy headlight cover?

Polishing headlights with toothpaste and baking soda can be beneficial. Both chemicals are abrasive enough to remove the fog from the headlamps without harming or damaging them. Rain-X and other polishing agents may also be beneficial in repairing UV exposure.

What is the average lifespan of a headlight bulb?

If one of your headlamp bulbs has burned out, you should get a new set as soon as possible. The average automobile bulb could last 500 to 1,000 hours, however, this depends on a variety of conditions. Some headlamp bulbs are so reliable that they may endure for over 30,000 hours.

What does it cost to change a cabin air filter?

A cabin air filter costs between $15 and $25 in general. Usually, cabin air filters can be changed without equipment in about 15 minutes, however, others take longer and may include loosening screws that hold the glove compartment or internal trim panels in place.

Final Note

Even if just one bulb is broken, we recommend replacing both. That other bulb, which appears to be in good working order, might be defective and could deteriorate if not replaced with the defective bulb. It’s also to prevent an uneven headlight show. So, keep track of when your headlamp bulbs need to be changed so they don’t entirely burn out and leave you stuck on the highway.

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