How Much Does It Cost to Install HID Lights?

A gas-discharge bulb is referred to as a high-intensity discharge light. These are the most ancient kind of light sources. HID lights work by passing an electrical charge or “arc” between 2 tungsten conductive materials (electrodes) or through a thermionic emission (commonly referred to as “plasma”) stored inside the lightbulb to generate illumination.

HID xenon lightbulbs outperform other halogen or LED lightbulbs in terms of brightness and efficiency. As you drive, changing lights and re-installing new HID lights may rapidly add up to be a costly procedure. Here we’re giving a described information regarding the installation of HID lights.

Cost to Install HID Light

Lifetime cost:

HID is not only inexpensive to buy, but it is also cheap to maintain. To achieve the equal lifetime of a single LED light, even HID bulbs will most likely need to be bought multiple times and the accompanying labor expenses will have to be paid. If the appropriate selections are made, these expenses can be reduced.

Maintenance cost:

In addition to the labor expense of monitoring and replacing aging or expired parts, HID lights may need re-lamping and battery replacement.

Upfront cost:

The price of an HID bulb is determined by the kind of HID light. HPS lightbulbs are inexpensive ($6-$12 for a 100W bulb), but a 100W mercury vapor lamp cost about $20. Depending on the requirements, a 100W Metal Halide lightbulb costs around $15 to $40 per lightbulb.

Can You Install HID Lights Any Car?

On a halogen automobile, HID lightbulbs can be used, but you’ll have to install an HID Conversion Kit. Xenon HIDs will not work into halogen-bulb-compatible areas.

There are some options for doing so. You can consult your car’s owner’s manual for the most up-to-date installation instructions. If your car has xenon HIDs, seek a fitment that starts with the letter ‘D,’ such as ‘D2S.’

If you don’t have your car’s manual with you, you may seek assistance from a local car expert.

When you check the bases of these lightbulbs, you’ll notice that they don’t look anything alike, and hence aren’t interchangeable. This is due to the fact that halogen lamps may be connected straight into the vehicle without issue. The bottom of the lightbulb has to be constructed differently to suit the gas discharge technique utilized in Xenon HIDs.HID conversion kits are accessible everywhere to assist you to adapt HID bulbs into any halogen vehicle.

HID Conversion Kits not only are unsurpassed in strength and reliability, but they’re simple to install. A “plug and play” setup simply entails changing your yellow Halogen lightbulbs with modern HID lightbulbs and connecting them to the circuit to quickly enhance the appearance and efficiency of your car’s illumination.

When you’re not confident which of the best HID Kits is suited for your vehicle, consult the user handbook or look at the instructions printed on the present lightbulbs.


Are HID Lights Hard to Install?

No, HID lights are not hard at all to install, HID headlight installation is a simple task that can be completed by any DIY-er. However, if you’re changing car lights, having a guideline for setup can help ensure you don’t neglect something vital. If you really are unsure about replacing headlights on your own, it’s often suggested that you get the headlights installed by a professional technician.

We’re explaining here the procedures step by step:

  • Open the bonnet.
  • Remove the nuts securing the headlamp housing to the rear of the headlights.
  • Disconnect the headlights and unplug the factory harness.
  • Unplug the negative terminal from the battery.
  • Disable the stock halogen bulb and the headlight cover.
  • Pull the circular plastic component and the HID lightbulb from the plastic cover.
  • Try not to contact the glass of the HID bulb.
  • You may wash it with denatured alcohol if you accidentally contact it.
  • Replace the HID lightbulb in the headlight casing by screwing it back in.
  • Attach the HID lightbulb’s cables to the ballast, then return the HID ballast to the standard circuit.
  • Whenever you install the ballast, ensure the HID bulb is working.
  • If this isn’t the case, rotate the connector wire 180 °
  • Zip clips are used to secure the HID bulb.
  • Replace all, including the light assembly. You’ll be able to perfectly install HID lightbulbs.

Final Note

Installing HID light bulbs won’t cost you a very hard cash if you follow the instructions we’ve given here. While installing HID headlights if any steps get missed you may need costly replacements as you may require to buy a new set of HID lightbulbs. So, don’t miss the procedures or you can take help from any car mechanics to assist you.

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