How Many LED Lights Are on a 15-Amp Circuit?

Automobile circuits are specifically designed to operate with a given power supply while adhering to strict tolerance requirements. Ensure that the circuit is not overloaded before installing new LED lighting systems on your vehicle.

To demonstrate how to compute the number of LED lightbulbs that can be operated on the 15-amp circuit, we’ll walk you through the process in this post.

According to the wattage of the LED lightbulbs, the maximum number of lightbulbs that may work on a 15-Amp circuit will be determined.

When all of the circuit’s light sources are turned on, the output amperage utilized by the fuse box shouldn’t exceed 85 percent of its maximum capability. It will outcome in a limit of 12-amps being drawn from the 15-amp circuit breaker. When installing a 65-watt LED bulb, the 15-amp circuit is capable of supporting 25 LED lightbulbs, more than this won’t be able to adjust.

How Many LED Lights Are on One Circuit?

If you use reduced LED lightbulbs, including a 10-watt LED lightbulb, you may install maximum 155 LED lightbulbs in one circuit, allowing you to save money on electricity.

We don’t advocate using anything besides LED lightbulbs even though you can’t do so without surpassing the 15-amp limit and causing the vehicle’s electrical systems to become disconnected. This is a terrific illustration that LED lighting saves such power for the battery in the first place.

The max wattage per LED lightbulb installation is listed on the lightbulb. This is the highest wattage that may be legally used with the fixture. Due to the obvious quantity of heat produced by a higher wattage lightbulb, it might spark ablaze.

To determine how many LED lightbulbs may be installed on a single circuit breaker in a car, you must first understand the following:

Panel of Electricity

An electrical panel, in a car, is required before any electrical systems can be placed. The primary electrical wire enters this box from the outside. This wire is then split up and connected to several circuit breakers.

Breaker of the Circuit

Circuit breakers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There is one standard circuit breaker for a vehicle, which is divided into smaller amp (amperage) personal connections.

The total main amp cannot be exceeded by all of the minor circuit breakers together. If there is an enormous quantity of electricity flowing through a circuit breaker, it is meant to trip (cut off).


The quantity of electric power flowing through any lighting system of a car at any particular moment is measured in amperage or current. The number of amps will be prominently marked on each light fixture.


Watts are a unit of measurement for electrical power consumption. One watt is the product of one volt and one amp.

Wire for Electricity

The circuit breaker sends power to the outlets or LED lightbulbs through the electrical wiring of a car. An insulator is constructed of a material that easily transmits electricity, commonly copper. Various wires are designed to carry different loads.

How Many Outlets and LED Lights Are on a 15-Amp Circuit?

You can get as many outlets as you want on a 15-amp circuit breaker if you have enough power. In general, one outlet for every 1.5 amps of current, up to 85 percent of the circuitry breaker’s capacity is a to-do instruction to follow.

Therefore, for a 15-amp circuit, we propose a total of 8 electrical outlets for the circuit that would be perfect for your vehicle.

A circuit is not permitted to provide more than 85 percent of the rated capacity of the circuit breaker. During normal operating conditions, this stops the circuit breaker from tripping on and off many times. Assuming you don’t use much more than 12 amps at a time, a 15-amp circuit with 20 connectors should be plenty.

Just use the following equations to determine the score: Watts per volt equals 85 percent of the amps. Also, keep in mind that most American outlets operate at a voltage of 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

As a result, if you’re working with a 15-amp circuit and normal 125-volt outlets, the most wattage you may use is 1500. This guarantees that the circuit does not really use more than 80 % of the total of that very 15-amp circuit’s available capacity.

Because all electrical equipment in a car, such as auxiliary power units, adapters, and LED lightbulbs, should have their wattage listed on the packaging, you can simply add up the projected watts out of each item to obtain the overall wattage of the circuit.

How Many 100-Watt Lights Can I Put on a 15-Amp Circuit?

Use this method to figure out how many 100-Watt LED lightbulbs we can put on a circuit of a vehicle while staying within the cabling code’s constraints.

100 Watts ÷ 125 Volts = Amps.

Amps = 0.8

The current required by a 75-watt LED lightbulb is 0.600 amps, according to many. Using the 12-Amp constraint and the amperage of the LED lightbulbs, we can work out how many more of these LED lightbulbs we may fit on the exact circuit at one time.

Current rating: 0.8 amps ÷ 12 amps.

There is a total of (15) fifteen 100-watt LED lights in use.

Following the arithmetic, we find that we can only install a total of 15 100-Watt LED lights while remaining within the 85 percent limit of the circuit breaker.

What Is the Maximum Current that a 15-Amp Circuit Can Handle?

The electrical circuits in the automobile are only capable of handling a particular amount of current. Several outlets in a vehicle with comparable demand are connected together on a circuit.

In the same manner that engineers arrange electrical outlets collectively, grouping LED lights in a car permit cabling for a certain purpose to be more easily accomplished.

The rating of the circuit breaker, the width or thickness of the wire used throughout the route, and the amount of energy used by the led lightbulbs all have an impact on the number of LED lightbulbs that may be utilized on the circuit. Drivers will need various gauge cables depending on the circuitry they are using.

The lighting circuit makes use of a 14-gauge electrical wire, which is much narrower than the cord that is used for outlet installation. Circuits that are allowed for 20-Amp breakers sometimes use a thicker copper wire, typically ranging from 12 to 10-gauge.

This means that a 15-amp circuit breaker cannot have more than 12-amps of current running through it at any particular point in time. Generally speaking, there really is no limitation on the number of LED lightbulbs fixtures that may be connected to the 15-amp circuit in a vehicle, according to industry standards.

You would be in breach of the existing electrical regulations for your vehicle if all of those lightbulbs are turned together at the exact time and the current flow exceeds 12-Amps.

Final Note

Calculating how many LED lightbulbs you can power on the 15-Amp circuit is a simple exercise that will allow you to work out any electrical circuit additions you wish to add to your automobile.

If you are unsure about the computations and the ways to perform any repairs on your electronic systems, it is usually safer to hire an experienced mechanic. Electricity isn’t gameplay also it’s not worth sacrificing the security and the safety of your vehicle in order to save a little cash on electricity.

If you make any electrical repair on your automobile, you should get it checked by a professional before attaching it to the power source.

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