How Long Can You Drive a Car Before Registering It?

A brand-new vehicle can be driven home before registering it. However, most regions let you drive the car home within three days. You should have insurance documentation and a license.

The requirements for car registrations after buying them differ by state. Also, in some situations, by county and regional licensing offices. Most regions let you use a brand-new vehicle before obtaining registration plates or emergency plates for at least a few days.

While you wait for the legal plates to arrive, you will have to apply for emergency plates or a short-term license. Read the article for further information, including a listing of state-specific driving legislation.

However, this differs from state to state since not all states allow you to drive a brand-new automobile without a license plate.

How To Get a Registered Plate?

You can receive a license plate by registering. You may also get a temporary number plate when driving a new vehicle to your location. However, if the state gives emergency plates or licenses, you might drive. Or tow the car home while you wait for the registration plate to come to you.

We have compiled information about how to take a new automobile home without license plates in each state. Simply read the whole article to find the state’s regulations.

How Long May You Drive Without a License?

You may drive for up to three days. This is the max number of days a newly purchased vehicle may be driven without being registered. You must drive the car straight to the storage facility, and you should have evidence of insurance and the license in your possession.

You should not fake the purchaser’s license plate when driving the car home. The purchaser must maintain ownership of their license plate.

In this article, the discussion about the legislation of each state addressing the operation of a vehicle without a registration plate is explained. Therefore, if you are searching for a certain state, keep reading about the state laws and get additional information. Also, about how long you may drive a new automobile without a license.

What Are the Registration Requirements for License Plates?

State-specific registration regulations for permanent or emergency license plates include:

  • Title of the vehicle
  • Evidence of insurance
  • Driver’s license
  • Vehicle inspection report
  • Receipt of sale
  • A mandatory registration fee (plus tax)

State Regulations About Driving Without Registration Plates


A new vehicle may be driven home without registration plates within thirty days after registering in Arizona.

Arizona needs the Thirty-Day Public Usage License to operate a new or used vehicle. The permission is valid for thirty days. You should have received a permanent plate number within thirty days.


According to the present legislation, operating a brand-new vehicle in California for up to three months without license plates is permissible. Although, you are required to place a temporary registration on the side of the windscreen.


You may drive a new vehicle in Kentucky with a 1-month emergency plate. Although, following registration, you may only use the vehicle in Kentucky for fifteen days without license plates. Each plate costs $5 in Kentucky.


You may drive a new vehicle in Nebraska, and the time limit lasts one month from the day the 1-month registrations are issued.

In Nebraska, obtaining 1-month permission for traveling without tags requires the vehicle’s registration. In Nebraska, non-residents must pay $15 for a 1-month license.

New Jersey

You may drive a new automobile purchased from a New Jersey showroom home without registration plates for one month. If the car is not brand-new, you must obtain a plate from the state DMV office. Otherwise, the cops will give you a ticket if you are stopped in New Jersey without a registration plate. The interim plate issued by New Jersey dealers is legal for thirty days, costing $10.

New York

You may drive a new automobile in New York without registration plates within thirty days. According to the NYC Department of Transportation, 1-month in-transit car licenses (provisional permits) are required to operate a vehicle in New York after registration. You may still not drive a car that has not been registered.

Additionally, if you acquire a new vehicle in another state, you must have interim plates from that state in order to travel to New York and finalize registrations. In New York City, in-transit permits cost $15.00.


You may drive a new vehicle in Pennsylvania without license plates within three months using interim DMV and PennDOT plates.

You need two months IN transit permits to drive a new or old automobile from Pennsylvania to some other state.

The Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles (Penn DMV) may provide further information about the prices of IN transit plates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Drive a Vehicle Purchased In New York Without License Plates?

In NYC, you may drive a recently purchased vehicle without license plates if you obtain provisional in-transit registration permission. The temporary license permission is effective for up to 1 month. In NYC, temporary license plates cost about $15.00.

Can I Drive a Vehicle Home in South Carolina Without Plates?

There is just one instance in which driving without registrations or license plate numbers is legally allowed. If you recently bought a vehicle from a seller, they are unable to provide you with the plates. To lawfully sell the car, they must return the license plates.

Can I Drive a Vehicle Purchased from a Seller in Illinois?

If you purchase a car from a private person without the help of a dealer, you may drive the car for one day without a plate number. But you should have the car’s paperwork with you while driving.

Can a Vehicle Be Driven Home After Purchase?

It is unlawful to drive a car without tax; thus, it is essential to get it arranged before picking up the vehicle. If you purchase a new vehicle from a showroom, the tax should be taken care of, leaving just the insurance to be arranged.

Final Note

To lawfully drive a vehicle in any state, registration plates are required. Although, state regulations provide permits for newly purchased vehicles. Some jurisdictions allow you to drive for a certain number of days before registering for registration plates. In contrast, other states will allow you to drive the vehicle from the purchase location to the residence or the DMV.

Don’t hesitate to get a temporary registration or tag from the regional DMV after the purchase. We have given the number of days emergency registrations are authorized in each state and the associated fees. Try to drive the car for inspection (not necessary in all states) before registering it as mandated by state transport regulations.

Don’t try to drive the vehicle without tags after the registration term has expired or after the tag has expired. If you do, the police may stop you and penalize you, often between $150 and $550, depending on state legislation.

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