How Do You Fix a Headlight that Keeps Going Out?

You need to fix your headlights immediately if they keep going out. Not only is this a safety concern, but also you can be fined a hefty amount. Depending on the problem, you have to fix it or replace the headlight altogether.

Here, we talked about the most common factors contributing to headlights burning out. Moreover, you will find a quick fix for each problem mentioned. Let’s get started:


If anything in the headlight assembly is loose, it can cause this issue. As you drive, your vehicle deals with a lot of vibration. If the wiring harness or the light holder is loose, they may face damage and can result in blown-out headlights.

Open your headlight cover and find out any potential damage or anything that’s loose. You may need to replace the wiring harness if they are damaged. If anything’s not installed tight, disconnect the lights from the power source and tighten the housing by reinstalling it.

Issues with Installation

If your headlight keeps going out right after you have installed a new one, it may be installed wrong. Or perhaps, the headlight you installed isn’t compatible with your vehicle.

Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual and determine what size headlights are compatible with your car. Then confirm if the bulbs are of the same size. If nothing’s wrong with the compatibility, it may be the wiring harness being damaged or a loose headlight assembly that’s causing the dysfunction. Follow the guide on the previous step to fix those issues.


Moisture or water can damage headlights if they do not have any weatherproof features. For example, water can easily get in if there is a leak on the headlight assembly. If you see condensation on the inside of the headlight cover, moisture can be the reason why it keeps going out.

Check for leaks in the headlight assembly. If you find any, it needs to be sealed. The entire headlight assembly may need to be replaced if there are too many damaged.

Blown Fuse

A headlight can go out due to a blown-out fuse. If you recently replaced a fuse, check if it’s compatible with your car or not from the information you get on the owner’s manual. A blown-out fuse can also be the result of a short circuit. In this case, you should also inspect all of the car’s electrical components for damage. Begin the inspection with the alternator and battery.

Temperature-Related Issues

Sometimes, cold weather can play a role in damaging the bulb’s filament. Overheating can also be an issue. In this case, you need to replace the bulbs.

Final Note

Frequently checking your headlights can stop the issues mentioned in this article from happening. Moreover, take care of other components of the vehicle. Low-quality bulbs can be behind this matter as well. Therefore, be smart with your purchase when replacing your headlight bulbs.

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