How to Choose HID Lights for Your Jeep Wrangler?

The appearance of a Jeep Wrangler can win over the minds of any vehicle enthusiast. However, when you light their stock halogen bulbs, the poor lighting with low lumen can ruin that mood. Not to mention, once the sun sets and you are on a dark rural road, a bright light is mandatory.

Replacing the stock bulbs with HID solved the issue for me. It also can facelift the vehicle. Depending on the year of release of your Jeep Wrangler, the difficulty of finding a top-quality HID bulb for them can vary.

We tried our some of the best HID lights for Jeep Wranglers. The following list was made by several considerations, including built quality, performance, and accessories.

Brightest HID Lights For Jeep Wrangler

1. Innovited AC HID Bundle with Slim Ballast and Xenon bulb

Innovited AC HID Bundle with Slim Ballast and Xenon bulb

Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof. 3X Brighter than Halogen Bulbs. Lasts 5X Longer. 35% Less Power Consumption. 


  • The package includes HID bulbs, slim ballasts, wiring harnesses, and an instruction guide.
  • Their latest Gen AC chipset helps the bulbs be brighter using an AC connection.
  • The bulbs are made of quartz glass. It can repel UV rays to prevent fading.


  • There have been complaints about sudden turn-offs and on in the middle of the road with these bulbs.
  • Some people received used items.

Starting this list, the Innovited AC HID Bundle is a great deal when you are totally replacing your Jeep Wrangler headlights.

The HID bulbs come in H13 size and are compatible with Jeep Wrangler 07-10 for high beams and 11-20 for both beams. While we recommend the 6,000K color temperature, other variations are available.

Now, we know that HID bulbs can’t work without having a ballast set. Innovited added a pair of slim ballasts and wiring harnesses since it is a total replacement.

These harnesses contain the plug-and-play system that helped us install them faster. For further assistance, the company included an installment manual in the package.

The bulbs use a total of 55W for brighter light emission. Because of the amazing craftsmanship of the brand, they were able to make the beam pattern reach long ahead of my vehicle. Because of their IP68 waterproof level, I didn’t hesitate driving in the rain or fog.

2. Xtremevision HID Xenon Replacement Bulbs

Xtremevision HID Xenon Replacement Bulbs

Compatible with 35W & 55W Ballast. Compatible with most aftermarket HID Lights


  • There are several color and size options that you can check.
  • The bulbs work with both AC and DC ballast connections.
  • The quartz glass tube with xenon gas pills inside creates a UV-resistant body with whiter light output.


  • Defective bulbs may arrive with flickering issues.
  • They are not that bright to safely use on dark nights.

These are HID H1 bulbs for low beams of Jeep Wrangler from 2007 to 2010. Very few brands come close to Xtremevision when it comes to HID bulbs. They made these items available with 5,000K color.

However, you can get 4,300K and 6,000K too. The other colors available are mostly not road legal and only for offroad.

Note that you can get its H13 size for your high beam or H3 size as the fog light of 97-06 models. Anyway, as I upgraded my halogen with these HID pairs, I got three times higher brightness. It also has a longer beam distance pattern on the road. The bulbs take 35% lesser energy in comparison.

While the bulbs accept both AC and DC ballasts, they don’t come with any. I had to get a pair of ballasts separately. But I did receive a wiring harness set with plug-and-play feature.

Xtremevision used a quartz glass body to prevent UV rays. Meanwhile, the interior xenon gas pill keeps the light bright and white. Their bases are highly water and thermal resistant. I was able to fit them with ease due to their 1:1 OEM sizes.

3. Xentec H1 HID Xenon Bulb

XENTEC H1 6000K HID Xenon Bulb

Output up to 3000lm, 3X of halogen bulb; Machine calibrated bulb ensure color precision


  • They offer pleasing and safe beam patterns.
  • They work with most HID kit ballasts from the shop.
  • They only take 35W, which is pretty energy-efficient.


  • They are not a total OEM replacement, and you may need to trim a bit to install them.
  • The bulbs are not that bright compared to regular HID.

Xentec is one of the most reputable brands for automotive lighting. The H1 HID bulbs from them come in a pair that illuminates the road with a color of 6,000K.

So, you get the Xenon white light at a low cost. You can install them on similar Jeep Wrangler models as the Xtremevision HID Xenon bulbs above.

Among various color options, our recommendation is 5,000K and 6,000K. These two colors are totally safe and legal on the road. Available in several sizes, these bulbs need additional bridge ballasts and wiring harnesses to operate. If you want to use them with any aftermarket ballasts, you can.

For the H1 version and some other sizes, I needed to insert the pin to install them as they come without clips. Xentec made sure to keep the bulbs as almost OEM sizes while placing the xenon gas chamber properly to get the best beam pattern.

The brightness is 3000LM in total. They already mentioned it, but you may notice sticky residue on some new bulbs. It is nothing but color agents used on them.

4. HID-Warehouse HID Xenon Replacement Bulbs

HID-Warehouse HID Xenon Replacement Bulbs

HID Replacement bulbs require HID Ballast to work. HID bulbs will not operate without a ballast. Compatible with both DC and AC HID Ballast.


  • The quartz glass tube and xenon gas pills ensure a spectacular beam pattern. It also resists ultraviolet lights.
  • They have a water and heat repellent level keeping them safe under different weather and prolonged operations.
  • These bulbs are budget options.


  • The plastic connector may need a little trimming to fit.
  • They are not that long-lasting and can break if used on bumpy roads so much.

The pair of bulbs from the HID-Warehouse are impressive with their vivid color and size selections. While these bulbs are in H13 size, you can actually find other sizes that match other Jeep Wrangler models.

Another convenient fact about them is their low cost. But on the opposite, the bulbs are not very bright with the 35W energy consumption. However, the items can be excellent replacements for your stock bulbs as they definitely have more lumens than the halogen ones.

These bulbs come with plug-and-play H13 connectors. Even without much experience, one may still install them correctly. Since it is not a kit, you will need additional ballast to purchase. You have the option of both AC and DC ballasts with 55W and 35W.

5. Innovited H3 4300K HID Xenon Bulb

Innovited H3 4300K HID Xenon Bulb

Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof .3X Brighter than Halogen Bulbs. Lasts 5X Longer. 35% Less Power Consumption. 


  • The bulbs use built-in CANbus error-free technology to avoid annoying codes appearing on your vehicle computer while the bulbs are on.
  • The bulbs drain so low energy of a total of 55W on 12V.
  • There is a built-in CANbus in the ballast set.


  • You need to get professional help when installing them. It is so because they require some modifications beforehand.

Now we have another set of HID bulbs from Innovited with H3 size. We used them as the fog light on Jeep Wrangler on the 1997-2006 models. Because of that, we highly recommend the 4,300K color option. It will give you better visibility in fog and rain. Whiter and bluish colors are not as good as warm ones in foggy weather.

This kit also includes a pair of digital ballasts. There is a popular problem that vehicles with stock halogen bulbs face. When they use HID or LED bulbs like this with high efficiency, their computer show error codes or makes the bulbs flickers. That is why the ballasts include CANbus pre-installed to avoid these problems.

From these bulbs, you get a brightness 60% higher than average HIDs. Because of their waterproof level of IP68, you can actually traverse through rain safely without damaging them. They also have protection against shacking.

6. Xentec H13 Telescopic bixenon HID Xenon Bulb

Xentec H13 Telescopic bixenon HID Xenon Bulb

Please check existing bulb before placing order, if not sure please visit sylvania bulb reference guide


  • You get pleasant beam patterns from these bulbs.
  • The zinc alloy casting prolongs the lifespan of the bulb base.
  • Necessary accessories aside from the bulbs and ballasts are added to the kit to help you further.


  • The bulbs are not that durable. So are the ballasts.

Next up, we have the Xentec H13 HID Xenon Bulbs. It is not a popular item but still holds high qualities. We got a color of 6,000K from these bulbs that we can use as both high and low bulbs of our Jeep Wrangler. It is a complete kit. So, there are a pair of slim ballasts too.

The bulbs work with Jeep Wrangler models that accept the size. Xentec used Zinc alloy on the slim casing to let them withstand harsh conditions for a long period.

The ballasts are of 35W output, ensuring you a bright light from the HIDs.

As our previous Xentec item, the gas chamber is placed with utmost care for a safer beam pattern. Thanks to plug-and-play, you can install them without much effort.

7. O-NEX 2x XENON H10 9145 HID Bulbs

O-NEX 2x XENON H10 9145 HID Bulbs

Super bright 3500 lumen produces up to 3x brighter than halogen, improve visibility, up to 5000-hour life expectancy


  • You get a stunning upgrade of brightness from your stock bulbs.
  • They are pretty energy-efficient.
  • The bulbs come with total resistance against water, dust, and shocks.


  • You will need to apply a bit of trimming to install them on Jeep Wranglers with stock halogen bulbs.
  • They are not long-lasting enough to meet people’s expectations.

If you are looking for a set of fog lights for your Jeep Wrangler from 2007-2010, you can check the item we found. The O-NEX 2X Xenon 9145 HID bulbs showcases a durable build from top to bottom.

Since it is a fog light, we think the 4,300K color will be the best. There are versions with 3,000K, 6,000K, and higher color temperatures as well.

The item also has an H3 variation, the fog light size of older Jeep Wrangler 97-06. Anyway, at a really lower rate, we got peak-grade HID bulbs with durable wiring harnesses. I had to get a set of ballasts separately.

You can obtain a 70% higher brightness from your headlights compared to what you got from the stock bulbs. They work under 35W on a 9-16V DC connection and can work for around 3,500 service hours.

These bulbs are pretty effortless to install because of plug-and-play. But some models with stock halogen may need trimming.

8. Xentec H3 6000K HID xenon bulb

Xentec H3 6000K HID xenon bulb

35w standard size electronic ballast for xenon bulb


  • You can find efficient digital ballasts and necessary instruments with the bulbs.
  • They make your vehicle look great with 6,000K whiteness as you light up the fog lights.


  • They don’t include the wiring harnesses for the H3 and some other sizes.
  • Being fog lights, their waterproof level should have been higher than IP65.

Here we have an H3 bulb for the fog light of the 09-06 Jeep Wrangler. They work surprisingly well because of the durable quality of the bulbs and ballasts. I got a 35W digital slim ballast to use with the HID bulbs. Aside from them, there are other accessories inside the pack.

I received a beam of 6,000K, focusing on the road ahead. It is one of the best options for me to see through rain particles and fogs. So, my journeys felt safe, whatever the weather is. If you want an even better performance in the rain, you can opt for the 3,000K or 5,000K options.

The ballasts have zinc alloy casing, like other Xentec HID products. It ensures a better cooling operation. You will find a constant light output from these HID by utilizing their digital ballasts.

Their water-resistance is IP65, which could be better. These bulbs contain an exact OEM pattern and size. I had to insert the pin to install them for the H3 size.

9. HID-Warehouse HID Replacement Bulbs

HID-Warehouse HID Replacement Bulbs

Compatible with most aftermarket HID Lights


  • The bulbs work with both 35W DC ballast and 55W AC ballast from the market. You can also use stock ballasts if your vehicle has factory HID size.
  • There are Quartz glass tubes that block UV rays for them.
  • The Xenon gas pills will provide brighter and whiter light emissions.


  • Some people got an HID bulb pair where one has a different color than the other.

HID-Warehouse release some of the best headlight bulbs of different sizes. Their H1 HID bulb pair are installable as the low beams on the housing units on your Jeep Wrangler from 2007 to 2010. You should choose one from the 5,000K, 3,000K, 4,300K, or 6,000K among all the colors.

As a budget option, these bulbs are pretty worth it. They do not come with ballasts, which is understandable for this price point.

The bulbs accept any AC or DC ballasts from the aftermarket, though. They are perfect fits as my lighting replacement requirement.

10. Troniz H10 9145 9005 Xenon HID Bulbs

Troniz H10 9145 9005 Xenon HID Bulbs

100% Quartz Anti-UV Glass, Excellent in Performance. 


  • The bulbs contain a proper mix of xenon gas. There are also APL pills of the peak grade.
  • They run smoothly on 35W, making them efficient.
  • They fit perfectly as your Jeep Wrangler fog lights. You won’t need to modify or wire anything.


  • The bulbs have a chance to get dimmer after prolonged use.

The Troniz 9145 Xenon HID Bulbs was our final selection for the list because of its features and traits. Jeep Wrangler 2007 to 2010 owners can take these bulbs for the fog lights of their vehicle.

The link will lead you to the version with 6,000K color. Other variations include higher colors, which will be illegal on-road and terrible for fog lights.

Because of their ideal power usage of 35W, the bulbs do not heat up like the 55W ones out there. The bulbs use an AC ballast connection to run.

I had to get the AC ballast separately. Fog lights must remain highly weatherproof. That is why the Troniz 9145 HID bulbs have total resistance to water.

The brand used quartz glass for the bulb that removes fading issues. With tungsten electrodes and pure top-quality Xenon gas, they last for around 5,000 hours.

What To Consider Before Buying HID Lights for Jeep Wrangler?

You got to conduct research thoroughly for the best HID bulbs for your Jeep Wrangler. It is not because there are so many products on the market. On the contrary, it is pretty unfortunate that there are not that high-quality HID bulbs out there.

Only some notable brands release top-notch ones. So, you may need to check lots of bulbs to find the best and brightest ones. But what defines the best? From a professional standpoint, you should consider buying a bulb if it meets the following standards.

The Correct Size

Before checking any other qualities, you must make sure that it fits the model of your Jeep Wrangler. It depends on the year of release for your vehicle. Some people mistake taking a set of identical but different-sized bulbs as a replacement.

They think trimming the housing or connectors will do the trick. But that’s not true. Bulbs are classified into different sizes for a reason.

Even if two different sizes have the exact same physical appearances, they are not interchangeable optically. Doing so may harm the housing. Jeep Wrangler models use the following bulb sizes-

  • The 1997-2006 year models- H6024 for both high and low beam and H3 for Fog light.
  • The 2007-2010 year models- H1 for low beam, H13 for high beam, and 9145 for fog lights.
  • The 2011-2016 year models- H13 for both high and low beams and 12276 for fog lights.
  • The 2017-2019 year models- H13 for both high and low beams and PSX24W for fog lights.
  • The 2020-year models- H13 for high and low beams and 2504 LED as fog lights.

Legal Color and Brightness

The brightest HID bulb may not be the best if it is illegal. Brighter ones are more prone to glare at oncoming drivers. Therefore, you must get bulbs with a controlled beam pattern that focuses on the road.

HID bulbs have an advantage here. They have the highest potential with projector headlights. And projector housing units already have a proper downward aim.

Meanwhile, the color temperature has a legal limit too. The lighting color must be either yellow or white. So, the lawful range is between 3,000K to 6,500K. Remember that lower temperature gives you better visibility in rain and fog.

Installation Process

Since you are planning to replace your stock bulbs, the HID bulbs must have a full OEM size. It makes it easier to install, paired with a plug-and-play system.

For some bulbs, you may need to pre-assemble or modify some parts. If you don’t have enough knowledge, you may require expert helps.

You will need additional ballasts to use with HID. Products that come with ballasts and wiring harnesses will be highly convenient.


HID bulbs use xenon gas and transfer an arc between the electrodes to generate light. The item must have a quartz glass body and an excellent gas mixture for a long-lasting performance.

Make sure that it has a waterproof level of at least IP65. Otherwise, water may go inside and damage the base, ballasts, or bulbs.

Final Note

It is a fact that HID lights go well with projector headlights. In fact, you should consider getting a pair of projector housing to get a better downward focus and desired beam patterns.

They also look way more modern than reflector ones, which can facelift your Jeep Wrangler many folds. After staying in the storehouses for so long, many bulbs get defective even before being sold. As a result, you can obtain a defective one while your friend didn’t. 

Try to reach out to the manufacturers or sellers quickly. It is where having responsive and helpful customer service comes in handy.

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