How to Choose Headlights for Your Toyota Tundra?

As the second full-size truck from Toyota, I had to get a Tundra to add to my collection. Unless the factory headlights are excellent, I almost always replace them with a new pair to facelift my vehicles. It is true that headlight replacement isn’t a significant change in look. But the process is still worth it.

When changing my Toyota Tundra headlamps, I came across some top-notch items that won my mind. Obviously, nothing is without flaws.

Check my list here to pick one that piques your interest. Below, I also made a buying guide to make you acquainted with different factors of the best headlights for Toyota Tundra.

Things to Consider Before Selecting Toyota Tundra Headlights

Picking one headlight among many took time as I had to go through many details. But it had to be done in order to acquire the best headlight for my Toyota Tundra. Since it took me such a lengthy process, I can imagine how it will be for someone without enough knowledge on the matter.

After all, buying a headlight for your vehicle is not a small task as it may take a high amount of money. Hence, I have explained what I look for when buying Toyota Tundra headlights.

Beam Pattern

A headlight set with a controlled beam pattern is always at the top of my priority list. It is so because an uncontrolled beam can blind others on the road. I look for ones that focuses their lights downward while still providing a wide view. I don’t want to dazzle others on the road with my bright LED bulbs.


I have come across some really durable headlights for Toyota Tundra, while some were poorly-made. Durability is one factor that determines the lifespan of the headlight. So, I go for ones with PC/PMMA lenses, ABS plastic body, and other layers and coatings.

It must have a decent waterproof level. I prefer headlights with moisture breathing valves as they let me remove condensation easily. Also, some headlights show discoloration after a year or so. It often ruins the look. Applying protective film on the them should help to prevent that.


I try to get headlights that are easier to install. OE styled ones are usually better in this case, and they often provide a seamless fit. Look for headlights with plug-and-play plug and simple wiring systems.

If the it accepts any halogen or LED bulbs without modifications needed, that is a bonus. Check if you need to uninstall the headlight in order to change the beam-aim as that is not a preferable factor.

What Not to Do When Buying Toyota Tundra Headlights

  • Make sure not to forget to check the compatible Toyota Tundra models and year of release for the headlights.
  • Don’t ignore the customer reviews. They can be your main source of details of the headlights, as the product description often exaggerate.
  • Avoid short-lasting headlights.
  • Try not to take headlights with a poor beam control.

List of the Toyota Tundra Headlights

1. VIPMOTOZ LED Halo Ring Black Projector Headlight

VIPMOTOZ LED Halo Ring Black Projector Headlight

100% Street Legal. Meet All Regulations In USA & Canada. 


  • The headlights had a three-layered cover for a proper coating against all mess types.
  • The installation process was pretty comfortable as there was everything that I needed.
  • I got a quality light output with a downward aim.
  • I received the high and low beam bulbs pre-installed.


  • The headlights were not working with the previous LED bulbs that I bought. And modification is hard.

VIPMOTOZ often comes up with some of the best headlight assembly for different vehicle models. Their LED Halo Ring Projector Headlight is for the Toyota Tundra models from 2007 to 2013. I noticed some top-notch qualities in it that are absent in regular headlights.

For example, the headlight had sapphire crystal halos that emitted a beautiful light from my vehicle. Meanwhile, I got a sharp cut-off on the light beam with bright illumination. It was possible because of their German-made projectors.

This headlight pair had a three-layered cover over the housing that kept dust, water, and UV out from the area. I liked that they added Phillips LEDs on these, which is one of the best for quality light output.

The installation was easy for me as it came with the necessary parts. There were harness adapters with a simple plug-in design. I also found load resistors that prevented error codes on my Toyota.

I noticed DOT and SAE stamps at one corner of the housing. Note that while I found the high and low beam bulbs included, there were no bulbs for park lights and markers.

2. DWVO Headlight Assembly Compatible with Tundra

DWVO Headlight Assembly Compatible with Tundra

Compatible with Tundra 2007-2013/ Sequoia 2008-2017 Chrome Housing Amber Reflector


  • The beam pattern of the headlights wasn’t dazzling anyone and focused correctly.
  • There were moisture breathers on the headlights to remove condensations from the inside.
  • The turn signals and reflectors were easy to spot even from afar.
  • I could take them in the rain without problems because of their waterproof bodies.


  • There can be a slight issue of discoloration after many months.

Next up, I have the headlight assembly from the DWVO brand. It gained so much attention for its attractive look and performance. Suitable for Tundra 07-13, these headlights were available in chrome and black housing for me.

Both high and low beam lights had a proper focus angle for glare-free illumination. I liked the amber reflectors and the turn signals as they were bright and easy to spot in the dark and mist. Unfortunately, it didn’t come with the necessary bulbs, so don’t forget to get them separately.

The moisture breathing valve on these headlights is rare, and it removed the worry of condensation build-up from me. Also, adjusting the beams was pretty effortless compared to many similar headlights.

I got a far and wide light output from the headlights. While the manufacturers promise a bright light, I believe that it mostly comes down to the bulbs I am using. Anyway, they also had a high resistance to water and dust.

Their installation was a breeze, and I believe anyone should find it easy. If it seems confusing, YouTube videos may help. I should mention that they are not for vehicle models with an electrical headlight adjustment system.

3. ACANII – For 2007-2013 Toyota Tundra

ACANII – For 2007-2013 Toyota Tundra

Fit For 2007-2013 Toyota Tundra 2008-2017 Sequoia Headlights Aftermarket Driver


  • The headlights had an attractive look.
  • They had an OEM design that made it easier for me to install them.
  • The rear parts were all durable.


  • As I checked other people’s reviews, I noticed that some received defective or used headlights.

ACANII is one brand that almost always managed to please me with their different headlight products. When I looked at their headlight set for the Toyota Tundra 07-13, my first impression was that it looked spectacular.

When I looked at the back, I immediately noticed durable parts and adjusters to change beam focus. The high and low beam crevices were like the factory headlights, making it easier to install new bulbs.

Back to the front, I found two high-quality reflectors with excellent design. There were amber turn signals on the other corners, which looked eye-catching when lit.

The headlight was easy to install as it was identical to the OEM unit. Their DOT and SAE compliance made them more reliable.

4. AKKON Sequoia OE Style Headlight Assembly Pair

AKKON Sequoia OE Style Headlight Assembly Pair

Fits 2007-2013 Toyota Tundra + 2008-2017


  • The headlights had an OE style.
  • They generate a focused and controlled beam, making them legal everywhere.
  • Both front and rear parts of the headlights were so durable.


  • It was quite hard to insert the bulbs, as the reflectors and the high and low beams didn’t align well.

As an owner of a Toyota Tundra, I couldn’t gloss over this headlight set from the AKKON brand. The headlights also fit Sequoia 2008-2017 models. If you are searching for an OE-style headlight set, I suggest this pair.

I loved the look and color of the headlight. They had high-quality reflectors on the sides. There were two adjusters on the back for horizontal and vertical adjustment.

The light output that I got from them focused downward. These are DOT approved, making them legal in most places. I found their components really durable. Also, their OEM style made the installation a breeze.

5. Evan-Fischer Headlight Set of 2 Assembly

Evan-Fischer Headlight Set of 2 Assembly

Compatible with 2001-2004 Toyota Sequoia/Tundra 2004 Tundra Double Cap Passenger and Driver Side


  • The headlights look the part when installed and turned on.
  • They fit right in without any issue.
  • The headlights included the bulbs.
  • I got a brighter output from these headlights than my factory ones.


  • Like one of the previous items, a customer received a broken headlight in the package.

I recommend this headlight set from the Even-Fischer brand if you are searching for one for your Toyota Tundra 03-04. These headlamps have a unique look that will definitely change the face of your vehicle and turn some heads when turned on.

The headlights were durable and had an effortless installation method. It was so because of their direct OE replacement design. I got a higher brightness than usual from these headlights, making my nighttime driving safer.

I loved their clear and durable lenses and tough plastic housing. The headlights came with the necessary halogen bulbs, which saved me from the extra effort of buying them separately.

6. AKKON – Black Smoke Exclusive Halo Projector LED Headlights

AKKON - Black Smoke Exclusive Halo Projector LED Headlights

New Exclusive Halo Feature Projector Headlights Design, Provide Better Light Pattern Than Traditional Crystal Headlight


  • The headlights had halo rings that I liked.
  • Their beam pattern was aimed to prevent blinding others.
  • Their installation and wiring weren’t complex.


  • Their LEDs are not that bright.
  • I noticed condensation build-ups on them after around a year of use.

After checking the previous AKKON headlights, I came across these ones. These headlights are for Toyota Tundra without level adjuster from 2007 to 2013. What caught me was their excellent halo ring look and other fine traits.

There were three color options for me to choose from- black, chrome, and black smoke. The last one is more suited for racing vehicles. Anyway, when lit, the high and low beams looked stunning. The amber turn signal on top of the bright was easy to spot in the fog. Then there were quality reflectors as well.

The wiring for these headlights went smooth for me as it wasn’t that complex. Although, I needed to apply a bit of modification to the halo and LED parts. There were adjusters, but I hoped they would be more durable.

Because of their projector-style body, I received a crisp cut-off of the light. It was safe as it didn’t blind anyone in front of my vehicle.

7. ACANII Crew Cab 2007 Sequoia Black Headlights

ACANII Crew Cab 2007 Sequoia Black Headlights

Fit For 2005-2006 Toyota Tundra Double


  • The headlights had a spectacular look.
  • Their controlled beam pattern made my driving safer.
  • It fits seamlessly, and I could install them quickly.


  • Like the previous product, there can be condensation after a long time.
  • There can also be discoloration issues after a year or so.

Another ACANII headlight set that I should add here is this pair for the 2005-2006 Toyota Tundra models. These black headlamps also fit 2007 Toyota Sequoia and offer a crystal clear look and visibility.

These headlights had a near OE style, but ACANII took it to the next level with that design and look. Their rear parts had two adjusters, dust covers, and durable components. I could insert new bulbs right into the housing without any modifications needed. They also came with plug-and-play plugs to let me install them faster.

The headlights were DOT and SAE compliance, and it showed through their controlled beam pattern. Note that these headlights are only for full 4-door trucks.

Ending Note

It is a pity that some insanely good-looking headlights for Toyota Tundra don’t have what it takes. Meanwhile, I often find headlamps with comparatively ordinary looks besting the stunning ones. So, research their specs well before buying.

I suggest reading customer reviews before buying any headlights or any similar item. It can save you from any potential problems. Don’t go for headlights with too many negative comments. I request picking one from my list as they performed so well for me.

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