How to Choose Headlights for Toyota Tacoma?

I bought my Toyota Tacoma to feel the thrill of its great off-roading capabilities and the excellent V6 engine. Many of my familiar people also got their hands on it for the low price and easy internal control.

When replacing the headlights on my truck, I found that the best ones are not as easy to spot as I thought. Many manufacturers promise so much but fail to deliver it.

Hence, I had to spend extra hours on my research to list some of the best headlights for Toyota Tacoma. Obviously, I have also put my process of finding them below to let you know what to look for.

Buying Guide

Purchasing and installing a headlight for my Toyota Tacoma was easy. Finding the best ones was not. I had to spend a great deal of time researching various factors of the headlights to pick the top-quality. I originally intended to add ten to the list, but I wanted to suggest only the best ones.

Anyway, since you are also looking for the best Toyota Tacoma headlights, I request checking the factors I explained below. They represent a top-notch headlight and differentiate it from a poorly manufactured one.

A Controlled Beam Patterns

A headlight must have a proper beam pattern to let us see a far distance ahead. I also look for ones that provide a broad view. But the most important thing is not to blind anyone. For this, the headlight must have a downward focused beam. I often lean towards projected headlights as they do the job excellently.

Excellent Body Components

The headlights must have durable PMMA or PC lenses and hardened plastic housing. For off-roading, which is normal for Tacoma, you can go for smoked headlights. But I still don’t suggest them as they are dimmer than other clear lenses.

Anyway, I also check if the headlights have durable metal retainer clips, adjusters, and proper placements of the lights.

An Easy Installation

I often see people complaining that their newly bought headlights don’t fit on their vehicle even though they should be compatible. It often happens because of poor manufacturing.

In order to avoid this, I read the reviews and try to understand if the issue is from the company or the lack of experience in the reviewers themselves. Anyway, my headlights must let me install them and adjust the beam-focus with ease.

Things I Avoid When Buying Toyota Tacoma Headlights

  • Taking a headlight without making sure that it is the right one for the model of my Toyota Tacoma.
  • Not paying attention to the customer review sections.
  • Getting a smoked headlight for on-road purposes.

List of Toyota Tacoma Headlights

1. ACANII LED DRL Halo Ring Chrome Housing Projector Headlights

ACANII LED DRL Halo Ring Chrome Housing Projector Headlights

Fit for 2005-2011 Toyota Tacoma


  • The headlights meet all DOT and SAE compliance and come in different color options.
  • Their projectors gave me a sharp downward beam.
  • The wiring was smooth. Even the halo LEDs had an easy wiring process.


  • Their water-resistance is not as high as I expected. Avoid driving with the headlights in heavy rain or storm.

I am starting this list with a set of headlights from the reputable brand, ACANII. I always liked headlights with halo DRL rings, and this one offered that to me. While I chose the black housing, there were chrome and gunmetal-smoked variations available.

As a pair of projector headlights, I was able to get an aimed beam that wasn’t glaring at others. They had an excellent placement of amber turn signal and reflectors. The parking lights looked sparklingly beautiful when lit.

While the wiring system was easy for me, it may feel complex for people without experience in DRL halos. I suggest watching online tutorials for that. Anyway, the headlights had high and low beam slots where I could insert my bulbs as easily as my stock headlights. There were vertical and horizontal adjusters on the back.

2. AKKON OE Replacement Chrome Headlights

AKKON OE Replacement Chrome Headlights

Fits 2005-2011 Toyota Tacoma


  • The headlights gave an excellent projection level.
  • I didn’t notice any moisture even after washing my car.
  • Their installation and wiring processes didn’t take much effort.


  • The adjusters don’t work as they are supposed to. Otherwise, I just got a defective item.
  • The headlights didn’t include the retainer clips to secure the bulb, even though it was shown in the product description.

When there is an ACANII headlight on my list, it usually also has an AKKON one. The AKKON headlights for Toyota Tacoma 2005-2011 featured a chrome and black housing and gave a fresh look to my vehicle.

Neither the high or low beam blinds anyone on the road as they provided me with a focused light. I liked the style of putting the reflectors and amber turn signals on the sides.

The two adjusters were easy to handle for me. Not to mention, their installation was also fairly effortless due to their bolt-on OEM design. While the headlights do not come with bulbs, you should wait before getting them online. It is so because mine came with them from the seller.

3. Spec-D Tuning Jdm Chrome Housing Clear Lens Headlights

Spec-D Tuning Jdm Chrome Housing Clear Lens Headlights

Compatible with Toyota Tacoma 2005-2011


  • The headlights have excellent placements of different lights for a classic look.
  • The wiring system came pre-wired, saving me the hassle.
  • There were durable adjusters and retainer clips.


  • It needs a lot of rotations on the adjusters to change the beam focus, which raises confusion among people.

The Spec-D JDM Headlights, with their fresh look, caught my eyes, and upon checking the details and testing, I added them to the list. This item is compatible with Toyota Tacoma 2005-2011 and contains both driver and passenger sides headlights in either chrome or black housing.

When I installed the headlight on my Tacoma, it got a new unique look. I found their high/low dual beam on the middle when the turn signal was on one side. The parking light and reflectors were on the other edge.

Spec-D assembled the wiring system themselves, so I didn’t have to do it myself. There were the durable adjusters on the back too, which were easy to control.

I found a durable retainer clip on the rea that secured my stock bulbs. Note that I didn’t get any bulbs in the headlights, so you may need to buy them separately. Anyway, these headlights are totally DOT-approved.

4. Torchbeam Headlight Assembly

Torchbeam Headlight Assembly

Fit for 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Tacoma


  • The headlights provided a safe and impressive beam pattern that reached far and wide on the road.
  • They met OE standards and had durable components.
  • It was easy for me to install and wire them.
  • Their brightness was higher than my stock headlights.


  • It wasn’t perfectly sealed, and moisture could enter rather easily.

After I installed the Torchbeam Headlights on my Tacoma, the truck started to look brand new. So, if you want that as well, go for it. I had the option of both black and chrome housing, and I chose the former.

Both turn signals and the reflectors were easy to spot from far away, even during harsh weather. These headlights cast an aimed beam in front of my vehicle that reached quite far and gave me more than enough time to react to everything. It was also wide and bright without dazzling anybody.

It is true that the headlights had ventilation holes to get any mists out. But I had to use it more than it should, as fogs would build up easily. So, I suggest using marine-grade silicone coatings on the gaps.

Since the headlights met OE standards, I could rely on them. They gave me better visibility from my stock headlights, so I recommend them to you.

5. Even-Fischer Headlight Set

Evan-Fischer Headlight Set

Compatible with 1997-2000 Toyota Tacoma


  • The headlights had an OE style, making it easier to insert them into the place.
  • They were durable and met all DOT standards.
  • The quality of the light I got was high and bright.


  • The headlights may not suit Tacoma 2000 FWD models as the low beams do not focus low enough, and it was hard to change the focus angle.

If you own a Toyota Tacoma model from 1997 to 2000, I suggest the Even-Fischer Headlight Set. It comes with the OEM style and offers a direct bolt-on replacement. For sealed beam headlamps, I think they are durable enough for a long-lasting service.

I was able to insert my stock bulbs directly into the back of the housing, and there was a dust cover with high durability. All screws and parts were stable, and I could install them without much effort needed.

I received a higher brightness and quick performance from these items. As they meet all DOT and SAE standards, I didn’t need to worry about legality. They came with bright bulbs pre-installed as any sealed beam headlight should.

6. AKKON Black Bazel Dual Led DRL Projector Headlight Lamps

AKKON Black Bazel Dual Led DRL Projector Headlight Lamps

Fit for 12-15 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pickup Truck


  • The SMD LED chips of the headlights provided a bright illumination from the running lights.
  • They featured easy wiring and installation.
  • The headlights looked so attractive.
  • I got a projected beam with clear visibility of the road.


  • The LED strips that go horizontally were very dim.
  • The dust cover wouldn’t fit properly and needed additional adhesive to secure them.

I recommend the AKKON Dual LED Projector Headlights to owners of the 12-15 Toyota Tacoma models. My link above takes you to the black variation, but a smoked one is available. Since most of us, including me, use our Tacoma for off-roading, getting a smoked headlight shouldn’t be an issue.

The combination of the black bezel, white DRL, and amber turn signals created a stunning look that facelifted the Tacoma I tried these headlights on.

Wiring them was easy for me as there was the plug-and-play system. But the halo and LED parts took some time. They also fit into the place of the stock headlights without any necessary modifications. Their adjusters worked well, and I found them easy to use.

When I looked carefully, I found the SAE marks on them, and it also mentioned the appropriate bulb size for the headlights.

I like the projector headlights from AKKON because of their well-controlled beam that projects far and wide without blinding others.

Final Note

It may feel confusing to buy a headlight for your Toyota Tacoma if you are doing so for the first time. The same actually happened to me during my earlier years of automotive enthusiasm.

In that case, I highly suggest picking one from my list. If you don’t like what you see, you can always check my buying guide and use the factors to find a perfect one.

That wraps up today’s article. If you have any confusion on any part, feel free to comment down below. Buying a headlight is an exciting matter, and I hope for the best for you.

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