How to Choose Headlights for Toyota Camry?

The elegant beauty and power of a Toyota Camry led me to get one of them. While I bought one of the modern models, I also used older ones in the past. I can confirm that they were one of the best cars I used.

Because of my habit of replacing the stock headlights of vehicles, I searched for them on the market. After carefully checking their descriptions and personally testing many of them, I successfully made a short list of some of the best headlights for the Toyota Camry. But before that, I am explaining the factors you should look for when buying them.

Buyer’s Guide

Finding the best headlights for Toyota Camry seemed harder than I initially expected. It is so mostly because there were not enough headlights for my Camry model, and many of them were of low grades.

If you want the best one, which is pretty obvious, there are certain factors you need to know about. I explained them below. I usually don’t consider the price or warranty as major factors, as they are common in all products. With that out of the way, let me move to the main point.


There are many generations of Toyota Camry, including the different timelines for the narrow and wide-body variations. And they accept different headlight sizes.

Because of that, I always check the compatible model and year of release for the headlight I shall buy. Avoid wasting your time by ordering the wrong headlights.

Beam Pattern

I look at the light output coming from the headlights to check whether they are controlled or not. A great headlight set should put a focused beam to avoid glaring. They must have no dark spots or shadows and reach a decent distance. I also want a spread view of the road from my headlights.


I opt for headlights with durable body parts, namely, PC/PMMA lenses, hardened plastic, strong adhesive, meta clips, and tough adjusters (that actually work). I also want the headlight to look attractive.


How easy the headlight is to install is one of the major factors that most people check. I look for the ones with bolt-on installation and a simple wiring system.

Obviously, you can expect a little complexity on headlights with DRL halo and LED parts. But avoid headlights that may not install with ease.

Things to Avoid When Buying a Headlight for Toyota Camry

  • Getting a headlight that isn’t compatible with the Camry model or release year.
  • Not checking the beam pattern of the headlights from the description or customer reviews.
  • Avoiding headlights from no-name brands altogether, even after they seem promising.
  • Prioritizing only the looks rather than the quality and performance.

List of Toyota Camry Headlights

1. DWVO Headlight Assembly

DWVO Headlight Assembly

Compatible with 2007 2008 2009 Camry Exclude Hybird Projector


  • The headlights had a well-controlled focus angle that didn’t blind anyone.
  • I could easily install them as if they were tailored-made.
  • The headlights were waterproof and vibration-proof.
  • There was a one-way vent to get condensation out.


  • I wished the light reached a bit further.

DWVO headlights often won the top of my list with their excellent manufacturing. Their 07-09 headlamps come with a projector-style that contains amber reflectors. I believe that you will like how they change the look of your Camry.

The headlights gave me a controlled beam pattern on both low and high beams. I could easily see the amber turn signals from far away in the fog. Note that the headlights do not come with the bulbs for high, low, and turn signals. I used my stock bulbs for that reason.

I found an adjuster on the rear that worked so well in changing the beam focus. Meanwhile, the one-way vent allowed me to remove the condensation from the inside.

The clear PC lenses of the headlights blocked no light particles, giving me a bright beam that pierced through the darkness. It reached a decent distance with a wide angle, but they didn’t glare at anyone. I could use these lights in the rain because of their waterproof parts.

2. JSBOYAT Headlight Assembly

JSBOYAT Headlight Assembly

Fit for Toyota Camry 2007 2008 2009 Passenger and Driver Side


  • Aside from water and dust, they are shockproof as well.
  • I used the plug-and-play system to wire them quickly. You can find installation instructions in the product description.
  • These DOT-approved headlights had moisture breathers on the back.


  • Moisture can form inside quicker than it should.

When I looked at the JSBOYAT Headlights, their look instantly attracted me to buy them. But these headlights for 07-09 Toyota Camry have other qualities too. There were three color variations for me- chrome, black, and amber-smoked.

I bought 9005 and H11 bulbs to use on these headlights, and I received a crisp light with high brightness from them. Meanwhile, both turn signals and reflectors would glow brightly, allowing others to spot them easily.

Aside from the durable adjuster on the back, there was also a moisture vent to get rid of condensation that may form inside. I liked their durable covers for the bulbs that keep the dust away.

3. AmeriLite LED Tube Projector Headlights Assembly Pair

AmeriLite LED Tube Projector Headlights Assembly Pair

Fits: 15-17 Toyota Camry (For Halogen Type Only)


  • The headlights looked spectacular.
  • They provided a sharp cut-off of the beam.
  • I found pre-installed bulbs in the headlights.
  • They were direct OEM replacements.


  • They don’t use the same bulbs as the factory ones, so my pre-bought aftermarket LED bulbs were useless for them.

I have checked some headlights for Toyota Camry 15-17, and the ones from AmeriLite caught my eyes. The pair excelled at both attractiveness and performance. I liked their LED tube style, which emitted solid light output.

The headlights were DOT approved and gave an aimed beam in front of my vehicle. Their projector-style allowed it to have a sharp cut-off on the projection, removing the possibility of blinding anyone.

One thing I liked about these headlights is how they came with high-quality bulbs installed. So I didn’t have to get them separately. Because of their crystal-clear lenses, the light particles could get past them without getting blocked.

I was able to install and wire the headlight without much effort needed. There was a beam adjuster as usual and a side marker connector with the plug-and-play feature.

4. AKKON – Chrome Clear Projector Headlights

AKKON - Chrome Clear Projector Headlights

Sealed beam type for any truck or car, 100% Plug N play Design, made with Osram LED Chips and Upgrade polycarbonate lenses.


  • These projector headlights provide me with a shadowless and glare-free beam pattern.
  • Their lenses were so high-quality and durable.
  • While no installation guide was included, it was still pretty straightforward.
  • They cost low.


  • The adhesive on the plastic wasn’t as strong as I expected them to be.

I was surprised that I didn’t find many headlights from the AKKON brand for Toyota Camry, while there were plenty of them for Tundra and Tacoma. Anyway, their headlight set for Camry pleased me like they always do. You can also get it for only one side, but I don’t know why you will do that.

As projector headlights, I found a crisp cut-off with an excellent beam pattern on the road. It didn’t have shadows and reached pretty far. Their turn signals and reflectors on the edges were also of high quality.

They accepted my stock headlights as they were made for them. I could also install them and adjust their beam pattern without taking much time. You should only take them for halogen type Camry from 12-14.

The projector parts had high-quality, durable lenses that ensured a long-lasting service. Moisture didn’t seem to form inside them, even in rainy weather.

5. ACANII – For 1997-1999 Toyota Camry Headlights

ACANII - For 1997-1999 Toyota Camry Headlights

Fit for 1997-1999 Toyota Camry


  • They were one of the best-looking headlights for Camry 97-99 that I have seen.
  • The headlights were available at a low price.
  • They had a bolt-on fit.
  • I found durable components all over the headlights.


  • It could have been a little brighter. Yes, it was bright, but I wanted a bit more.

I think I should add a set of headlights for my readers with a Toyota Camry 1997-1999. Since I don’t have one of these models, I had to test the headlights on someone else who owns one. I digress. These headlights facelifted the vehicle I tried them on with their fresh look.

At such a low cost, I got such durable headlights. There were parking lights at the corner, and the high low beams gave me a higher brightness than the stock ones. There were dust covers on the back and stable housing.

I found both horizontal and vertical adjusters on the rear parts, allowing me to change the beam focus how I want it. The headlights had polycarbonate lenses with resistance to collision and UV rays.

Final Note

Installing the new headlights on my Toyota Camry always brings me pleasure, and I don’t want to ruin it by getting a low-grade one. The very first factor behind getting the best headlights is checking their specs. If they seem potent enough, only then do I buy them to test personally.

I assure you that the headlights I have added to my list all have peak quality and have won many praises from their customers. So, you can rely on them. My buying guide above is also there to help you differentiate a top-notch headlight from a poor one.

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