How to Choose Headlights for FJ Cruiser?

I managed to get my hands on an excellent FJ Cruiser before Toyota officially discontinued it back in 2014. When I was trying to replace the headlights on it recently, I came to know that the vehicle is still being sold in some markets. So, it led me to list the best headlights for FJ Cruisers for my fellow users of this model.

When researching various headlamps, I discovered that many top-quality ones are available at a low cost. So, the price wasn’t too much of an issue here. But I still had to check various other factors. I advise you to go through my buying guide to know more about it.

How to Find the Headlights for FJ Cruiser

I believe that the best FJ Cruiser headlights aren’t just the costliest ones. One shouldn’t miss out on a great item for a little high price, either. There are not many quality options available for FJ Cruiser currently. It is actually a blessing in guise, as I need not look into or try so many products.

Here I shall point out some factors that I checked to pick the best headlamps for FJ Cruiser. I left out some obvious ones like the price, warranty, or brand. Since almost all available headlights for this model are compatible with 2007-2014 (every model year), I also excluded the compatibility factor.


The beam pattern on the road is one of the most important aspects of these headlights. I always look for downward aimed headlights as they do not blind any upcoming traffic. But I also make sure that the beam pattern lets me see far into the distance.

The headlight must have a horizontal and vertical beam adjuster to let me change the focus. The brightness is also something to check if the headlamps come with bulbs. In that case, I want a brighter output than my stock ones.

Otherwise, I simply get the bulbs separately. Remember to check the bulb size that the headlight supports before getting them.

Build Quality

I want a durable body from my newly built headlight. Hence, I prioritize ABS plastic or aluminum housing, polycarbonate or PMMA lenses, and high-quality SMD, CSP, or OSRAM LEDs for the DRLs.

If you like LED headlights with DRLs and turn signals like me, consider getting ones with a switchback design. If any headlight comes with a defective or broken part in the package, I immediately contact the sellers. Delaying it is not ideal.


Since the headlights are supposed to be tailored-made for my FJ Cruiser, they should fit right into the crevice without any problem. But many of them still give me issues when installing them. I suggest checking the customer reviews to see how their installation went. I often need to modify or trim parts to make them fit into the places.

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Set of FJ Cruiser Headlights

Here are some of the mistakes I often see people making. Try to avoid them at all times.

  • Underestimating low-cost headlights and not checking them.
  • Not checking the appropriate bulb size of a headlight that doesn’t come with the bulbs. I actually found an FJ Cruiser headlight that accepts single beam bulbs, while the vehicle is dual-beam. So, the high beam was not working.
  • Not taking a look at the customer reviews. Yes, most reviewers there may be unprofessional, but they can still give you an idea of the potential issues in the headlights.

My List of the Best FJ Cruiser Headlights

1. VLAND Projector LED Headlight & Black Bumper

VLAND Projector LED Headlight & Black Bumper

Fit for Toyota FJ Cruiser SUV 1st Gen 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015


  • The headlights came with an additional bumper and looked classy.
  • They had a sharp cut-off that gave me an aimed beam.
  • I could install them easily using their plug-and-play systems.
  • They contained switchback turn signals.


  • I wish they included the bulbs too, considering the price.

My list starts with possibly the best projector headlight for the 1st Gen of FJ cruiser (2007-2015). The VLAND Projector LED Headlight includes a bumper in the package. I found their looks really attractive, and they had the sequential DRL and turn signal design.

The dual-beam lights were on the side, while the amber turn signal and LED DRL/parking light were together near the edge. Every one of them had enduring covers over their lenses. Since it contained projector headlights, I was getting a sharp downward illumination.

I could adjust their beam pattern vertically and horizontally using the beam adjuster on the rear. The headlights featured total plug-and-play plugs. There were resistor boxes of high quality. However, I didn’t find any bulbs included in there. So, I had to get additional D2H bulbs.

The housing is made of ABS plastic, which keeps it long-lasting. They are DOT compliant and have a water and dust resistance. Replacing my stock headlights with these pair of headlights and bumper lights was worth the money as they totally facelifted my vehicle.

2. AmeriLite Black Projector Replacement Headlights

AmeriLite Black Projector Replacement Headlights

LED Halo Set For Toyota FJ Cruiser


  • These projector headlights had bright and white LED halos that I absolutely loved.
  • Their looks were head-turning too.
  • They had DOT and SAE complaints with a focused, controlled, and bright beam pattern.
  • I found the H9 bulbs included in the headlamps.


  • While it didn’t happen to me, some people had their halogen lights not working.

AmeriLite has proven again that their products are so reliable to get. The Black Projector Headlights from them had a LED halo design. I personally love halo headlamps. With both passenger and driver sides, they fit Toyota FJ Cruiser from 07-14.

The headlights are totally DOT and SAE compliant and could replace my OEM ones without modifications. I loved that they included the H9 bulbs installed, as it is a hassle to get them separately.

Since they had crystal clear lenses, no light particles were blocked. The high-low light access had a durable and sealed cover on the rear. Meanwhile, I could adjust the beam without any problem. It was so easy for me to install them as well.

3. Evan-Fischer Headlight Set

Evan-Fischer Headlight Set

Compatible with 2007-2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser Left Driver and Right Passenger Side


  • The headlight came at an affordable price.
  • They had an OEM design with OE parts. Their beam patterns were safe and controlled as well.
  • I could install them as easily as the factory ones.


  • The bulb bail doesn’t hold the bulb properly. So, I had to use the ones from the stock headlights.

I added the headlight set from the Evan-Fischer for my readers looking for quality OEM style headlights. These items have a fresh look and are installable on FJ Cruiser 2007-2014.

They included halogen bulbs, which was convenient for me. It is possible to get the headlight for only one side. But I suggest taking both if you want to get a total upgrade.

The rear part of the headlights was durable with a beam adjuster and strong clips. Evan-Fischer used OEM parts in their making. Because of their exact OEM sizes, installing them wasn’t a big deal for me. Considering their low cost, I got the bang for the buck.

4. AUTOANDART Brock Replacement Headlights

AUTOANDART Brock Replacement Headlights

Fit for 07-14 Toyota FJ Cruiser SUV


  • The headlights are easy to install and adjust.
  • They also had an OEM style with some OE components like the previous item on my list.
  • Their housing and lenses were durable.
  • I got better visibility at night using them.


  • You may need to modify it a little to install the bulbs into the headlights.

Following my list, I have the Brock Headlights from the AUTOANDART brand. Their outer appearance is almost similar to the previous item. Like the ones from Even-Fischer, the headlights had durable housing and polycarbonate lens covers with a couple of adjusters.

I could install the headlight easily as if they were the stock ones. However, inserting the bulb wasn’t as easy. I had to trim the bulb fixture a bit. Anyway, they do look attractive, even after having an OE style.

Suitable for FJ Cruiser 07-14, these headlights are DOT approved. I suggest handling the rubber boots carefully when installing or uninstalling them. Overall, these low-cost headlamps can win your mind as they did mine.

5. Epic Lighting OE Style Replacement Headlight

Epic Lighting OE Style Replacement Headlight

Compatible with 2007-2014 FJ Cruiser


  • They feature OEM components and meet all DOT standards.
  • The lights were focused and adjustable.
  • The installation was effortless.


  • Their lenses didn’t seem durable enough. Applying clear coats should solve the problem.

The Headlight pair from the Epic Lighting brand came with the same classic design as the previous two. They had black housing with a durable setup. I could get the driver and passenger sides separately if I only needed to replace one.

I had to buy additional bulbs to use with the headlights, but it is understandable. They were DOT approved and had plug-and-play connections. Because of having the OEM design, it was easy to fit them. However, since their lenses were a little less durable, I applied a clear coat to them. Although, I use coatings on all my headlights anyway.

These headlights are compatible with the 2007-2014 FJ Cruiser. Note that some packages may include the bulbs, while others don’t.

6. PGTOPONE Smoke Lens LED Headlight

PGTOPONE Smoke Lens LED Headlight

Compatible with Toyota FJ Cruiser 2007-2021


  • The headlights had an easy installation and wiring process with their OEM styles.
  • They had LED beads for a brighter and energy-efficient output.
  • I could use them in the rain without worries.
  • They came CANbus-ready.


  • They don’t include high-low beam parts.
  • Their connectors had fragile plastic bodies.

The PGTOPONE LED Headlights fit basically all FJ Cruiser models after 2007. Their stunning looks are sure to win the mind of any automotive enthusiast as they did mine. Since they have smoke lenses, I only suggest using them off-road.

I could switch the DRL to the turn signal as they had white and amber colors. Note that it is only those two parts as the item doesn’t include the main high and low beams. Their installation was hassle-free for me, thanks to the plug-and-play system. I only had to connect the yellow wire for the turn signal and the white one for the DRL.

The lights use 30 pieces of SMD LEDs to offer a clean output. They came CANbus ready, and I didn’t have to get an additional decoder to prevent error codes.

I needed not worry about using them in the rain, as they had an IP67 level. But I still suggest not using the lights in extreme weather. All in all, using these headlights gave me a brightness upgrade that cost lesser energy.

7. 1A Auto Front Headlamps Lights

1A Auto Front Headlamps Lights

Fit for 07-13 FJ Cruiser


  • The headlights look fresh and classic with an OEM style.
  • I could install them very quickly.
  • They gave me a downward aim.
  • Their output was surprisingly brighter than the stock headlights.


  • I found some parts of the headlights more fragile than many similar headlamps.
  • They are not suitable for nighttime driving.

I couldn’t ignore the Front Headlights from the 1A Auto brand upon seeing their specs and had to try it. The pair have a complete OEM look that regained the showroom look to the vehicle’s front. They were installable on FJ Cruiser 07-14.

They use halogen bulbs and focus their beam downward. So, the headlights were DOT approved. As you can guess, I could install them as effortlessly as factory headlights. They fit rightly. Note that I had to get bulbs separately for the headlights, so don’t forget to do that as well.

Final Note

The Toyota FJ Cruiser is an SUV that I always found cool from interior to exterior. Hence, I tried to keep its look the same way even after a long time. If you think like me, I highly suggest taking your time to research before purchasing a headlight for the vehicle.

I request you to check the last section of my buying guide to avoid some common mistakes people make when buying such headlights. Unfortunately, most headlights for FJ Cruiser on the market don’t have the right qualities. Some came with major flaws too. So, I advise being extra careful to avoid those items.

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