How to Choose Headlights and Bulbs for Your Dodge Ram 1500?

The multiple awards-winning model, Dodge Ram 1500, is the source of pride for many of us. It is understandable considering how the pickup model went a long way since 1981. Even now, in their 5th Gen, they are thriving as much as ever.

I wanted to give the best headlights and bulbs to my Dodge Ram. After me and my friends went through a collection of the best headlights for Dodge Ram 1500, I found many potential items.

If you want further information regarding them, you may check out the buying guide. It explained how you should short out a single headlight or bulb for your Ram, among many.

List of Dodge Ram 1500 Headlights

1. AmeriLite for 2009-2019 Dodge Ram 1500 2500 3500

AmeriLite for 2009-2019 Dodge Ram 1500 2500 3500


  • The square projector beams and dual-LED designs make a perfect beam pattern on the road.
  • The LED switchback design looks like lava giving your vehicle a lavish look.
  • There are additional pre-installed high and low beam bulbs in the headlights.


  • There is no installation manual added.
  • Some people got faulty headlights where only one side works or only high/low beam bulbs work.

Covering the entire 4th Gen of Dodge Ram 1500, these headlights from AmeriLite are the best item that I used to replace my stock ones. You can install them on Dodge Ram 1500 from 2009 to 2018, 2500 and 3500 from 10-18, and classic from 2019.

As a direct OEM replacement, I only needed to plug the headlight properly. There is no need for any modification or wiring. These headlights with a dual-LED design come in black and chrome housing. The black is understandably a bit pricy but I prefer it over other colors.

The placement of the LED turn signals and LED daytime running lights are right underneath the low and high beams. It creates a nice beam pattern. I got both the low and high beam bulbs in the package with a wiring harness. These headlights meet all street codes set in Canada and the USA.

2. AKKON – For 2006-2008 Dodge RAM 1500 & 06-09 Dodge RAM 2500

AKKON - For 2006-2008 Dodge RAM 1500 & 06-09 Dodge RAM 2500


  • Akkon uses a unique projector design where the lenses help the light beam focus like a magnifying glass. Here, the beams concentrate totally on the road and the inside lane. They don’t glare.
  • The headlights have high-quality lenses.
  • You can adjust the beam patterns of high and low beam bulbs both vertically and horizontally based on your need.


  • The beams don’t have as long-range as other top-quality headlights. Adjusting them is not easy either for many.

Akkon is one of the most reputable and top-notch brands regarding vehicle headlights and parts. Their set of Dodge Ram 1500 headlights comes with black housing. As a projector headlight, I got them at a low cost. They can be your best deal for your Dodge Ram 1500 from 2006 to 2008.

I noticed the LED turn signals on the corner of the headlights with an excellent and durable cover. Meanwhile, Akkon uses their impressive LED tube design on the DRL. It consists of a series of LEDs beneath a layer. When you turn them on, you get a solid light pattern rather than separated.

There was no issue in the installment as they are direct bolt-on replacements. Unfortunately, the headlights do not come with additional bulbs. So, I had to get them separately.

3. VLAND HeadLights Assembly Compatible for DODGE RAM 1500

VLAND HeadLights Assembly Compatible for DODGE RAM 1500


  • The headlights have literally the same wiring and connection as the stock ones. You can install them by reversing the process of uninstalling the original headlamps.
  • Aside from the wiring harnesses, you get a user manual.
  • LEDs used on high and low beams, turn signals, and DRL are all peak-grade.


  • There is a mistake in the advertisement. The headlights have amber side markers, while they say it is clear.
  • The headlights have a bit high price.

Vland makes quality headlights for many vehicle models out there. They obviously have some for Ram models too. The one we are talking about is compatible with Dodge Ram 1500 from 2019 to 2020. While it is a reflector housing, you can also get a projector housing for 09-18 models.

Using polymethyl methacrylate, Vland successfully created a top-quality and durable lens for the headlights. These headlights use full LED for both high and low beam bulbs.

The DRL of the housing unit stretches both above and below the high and low beams. Meanwhile, the amber turn signal has switchback patterns underneath them.

The headlights are really easy to install. They have an OE fitment and plug-and-play installment feature. You do not have to worry about legality issues, considering they are entirely DOT and SAE compliance.

4. DWVO Headlight Assembly

DWVO Headlight Assembly


  • For moisture removal, there is a one-way vent on the housing unit.
  • It is possible to adjust the beam pattern of the lights.
  • You get much wider and brighter lighting that lets you see any person or animal approaching the road from far back.


  • Their plastic parts are not that durable.

It is a little hard to find a set of headlights for the 2nd Gen of Dodge Ram 1500. So, me and my friends did that for you. The DWVO Headlight Assembly is suitable for Dodge Ram 1500 from 1994 to 2001. You can also fit them in 2500 and 3500 versions from 94-02.

The headlights are available in black and chrome. Somehow, the chrome one was pricy and more popular between the two. I highly recommend these headlights because of their crystal-clear lenses made of polycarbonate. They can resist UV rays and water.

The 2nd Gen Dodge Ram 1500 models use a single bulb for high and low beams. DWVO used a high-quality construction for this crevice. Meanwhile, the turn signal lights are at the side with a practical design. They are effective and easy to spot from long distances.

Unfortunately, there are no bulbs included in the package. But they accept the OEM or most aftermarket bulbs. I was able to adjust their beam patterns using the adjuster.

5. Nilight Headlight Assembly Set

Nilight Headlight Assembly Set


  • It is so easy to install them or adjust their beam patterns.
  • The headlights are resistant to water, UV, dust, and shock.
  • They do not get foggy or cloudy even after a long time, saving the cost of cleanups.


  • The light pattern is a bit weird but not something concerning.
  • The turn signal opening needs a bit of modification to fit them.

Lastly, I used the headlight set from the Nilight brand, which is installable on Dodge Ram 1500 from 2002 to 2005. This product is a complete replacement set with the driver and passenger sides for your truck headlights.

I was able to find different color options for them. There are both black and chrome housing and amber and clear reflectors.

Whether it is a dark or rainy road, I could drive my vehicle safely with these headlamps. Water does not damage them because of their IP65 level and one-way vents. They follow DOT and SAE standards. Its silicone body blocks moisture from entering too.

Nilight used carefully selected parts and materials that repel UV rays and shocks. Meanwhile, their reflector containing multiple prisms can turn many heads when you light them.

List of Headlight Bulbs for Dodge Ram 1500

1. Firehawk 2022 New 9005 LED Bulbs

Firehawk 2022 New 9005/HB3/H10/9145 LED Bulbs


  • The bulbs have a built-in CANbus.
  • While the bulbs are already super focused on the road, you can use the beam adjuster to control it.
  • You can run them even under a low temperature of -45° or a high temperature of 150° F.


  • Some models may need resistors or anti-flickering, but the package doesn’t include any.
  • Some people got a dimmer bulb than how bright the actual bulbs are.

Our first selection is the Firehawk 2022 New 9005 LED Bulbs that would not be wise to ignore. The bulbs have the perfect size for the high beam of Dodge Ram 1500 from 2009 to 2021. It is also suited with the low beam of 16-18 Dodge Ram 1500 with projector headlights.

The 15,000 lumens from these bulbs are what I wanted at night for clear and safe visibility. Worry not about the color since the 6,000K temperature is totally legal. It also provides a luxurious look for my vehicle.

They come as a total replacement for your halogen bulbs, meaning that I could install them without any modification necessary. Note that these LED bulbs are also available in 9012, H11, and H13.

Using 62W is quite low for that high lumen. But the top-quality CSP chips that Firehawk used managed to do that. Their bulbs have anti-glare tech that avoids blinding others and stays focused on the street. I was able to install them under 5-minutes using the plug-and-play feature.

2. Sylvania 9005 SilverStar Halogen Headlight Bulbs

SYLVANIA 9005 SilverStar High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb


  • The headlight bulbs have a long-lasting service for halogen bulbs.
  • The light you get from them is pure white with decent brightness that doesn’t blind anyone.
  • Sylvania constructed the product with OEM quality components.


  • They are pricier than the XtraVision bulbs from the same series. But they provide the exact same performance.
  • Installing them on your Dodge Ram can be a bit tough. We suggest getting expert help if you don’t have enough experience.

When it comes to halogen bulbs, one brand stands out so much. The lighting products from Sylvania won the mind of many like these 9005 bulbs from their SilverStar series. Among its other variations, only 9005XS and H13 are compatible with Dodge Ram 1500 models.

With 1,700 lumens on each bulb, I got a pretty bright and pleasing light from the headlight compared to the stock halogens on my Ram 1500.

It also gives me a white output that works great and is comfortable for the eyes. The bulbs also don’t glare at anyone’s eyes.

Sylvania used blue coating filters in order to get that pure white light from the bulbs. The halogen gas mixture of high quality also adds to that. These bulbs are entirely road legal with ISO and DOT certifications. Their parts are OEM quality.

3. Torchbeam T2 H13/9008 LED Bulbs Kit

Torchbeam T2 H13/9008 LED Bulbs Kit


  • Because of the 1:1 design, you can install them without any modification. You also don’t need additional drivers. There are a built-in driver and power supply inside.
  • These bulbs can tackle immersion, fog, snow, or sleet for a long time.
  • They have praiseworthy brightness and beam patterns.


  • Some people faced issues with reversed polarity.
  • There have been complaints about sudden flashing by many.

If you own a Dodge Ram 1500 from 2006 to 2012, you have found one of the best set of bulbs for its high and low beams. The Torchbeam T2 H13 LED Bulbs Kit offers an astounding 12,000 lumens with a color temperature of 6,500K. I got a 400% higher brightness with them compared to my stock Ram 1500 halogen bulbs.

The light these bulbs emit concentrates highly on the road instead of glaring. So, nobody will be dazzled by your vehicle headlight. As a result, it will ensure a safe journey for you and other drivers. You also get a long beam distance with them.

Because of the thin lamp pole, the reflection angle of the light is like the OE pattern. I didn’t notice any dark spots in the beam.

LED lights need a proper heat dissipation system. Hence Torchbeam used aviation aluminum to give higher heat resistance to the body. The cooling control chips that the manufacturers used do their job quickly and effectively. The turbofan has speedy blades of 10,000 RPM for proper faster heat removal.

4. Fahren H11/H9/H8 LED Headlight Bulbs

Fahren H11/H9/H8 LED Headlight Bulbs


  • The 0.6 inches long heat sinks can fit into your Dodge Ram housing without modification. It has 12,000 RPM fans.
  • The bulbs can let you see 200 meters with 10,000 LM.
  • They have a weatherproof level of IP68. You can use them within -49° to 302° F temperature.
  • Their 1:1 design will let you mount the LED bulbs within 10 minutes. You can also adjust the beam patterns.


  • Some people got bulbs with defective parts. We suggest checking them with a mechanic as soon as they arrive.

Now we have an excellent set of LED bulbs from Fahren that pleased thousands of customers with their performance and built. These are highly efficient bulbs with 10,000 lumens and 60W energy input.

They emit a truly bright light that illuminates the road with a wide-angle of 6,500k color. This color temp is known as the cool white, which is totally legal on the road.

These two LED bulbs are created with the purpose of giving you a long-distance and wide beam pattern. There will be no blinding anyone, nor will be any dark spots. I could see 200 meters ahead of my Dodge Ram 1500 with total clearance.

For aiding with the installation, Fahren added a plug-and-play that fits the factory sockets of my car flawlessly. There is CANbus pre-installed to suit most modern vehicles. However, Dodge owners may need an extra decoder to prevent error codes and flickers.

Fahren used an aerospace-quality aluminum body with uniquely designed hollow engraved heat sinks for the best cooling system. The efficient LED chips also help in producing less heat.

5. HIKARI Ultra H11/H8/H9 LED Bulbs Conversion Kit

HIKARI Ultra H11/H8/H9 LED Bulbs Conversion Kit


  • It is the most energy-efficient bulb set on our list. The bulbs have 32W and 18,000 lumens.
  • They have a flawless, wide beam pattern without dazzling anyone or dark spots.
  • Their max LUX of 2,530 will let you spot objects with much clearance.


  • They work better inside reflector housing. On projector housing, the bulbs showed poor performance.

When it comes to energy efficiency on LED bulbs, very few brands are equal to Hikari. Many people may underestimate them because of their total wattage of 32. But it is literally equal to a 120W regular bulb and can let a brightness of 18,000 lumens out of my headlights.

Hikari used prime ZES chips on this product in order to convert that low energy into this high brightness. Most of us prefer Xenon white light, which is basically 6,000K color temperature. You get that from these LED bulbs, a perfect output.

There are ready CANbus that will rid you of any annoying error codes or dangerous flickers on the road. You can install them on your Dodge Ram 1500 13-16 low beam on reflector housing and 19-21 on projector housing.

They are also compatible with the same models from the year 09-12 with 4-forward lights. The bulbs are available in other sizes too that fit Dodge Ram 1500 from different years.

Hikari used smooth bulb carves with high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum for a better cooling system than regular LEDs.

6. Xtremevision HID Xenon Replacement Bulbs

Xtremevision HID Xenon Replacement Bulbs


  • The bulbs have multiple size options for Dodge Ram 1500 models.
  • They have quartz glass tubes that can stop the bulbs from fading by UV rays.
  • You get top-quality wiring harnesses in the package.


  • There are no ballasts included with the bulbs.
  • Unfortunately, some received defective bulbs that flicker suddenly on the road.

Dodge Ram 1500 from 2013 to 2015 uses 9012 headlight bulbs on projector housing (Reflector housing uses H11). And what is better on a projector headlamp than a top-quality pair of HID bulbs. Their multiple color options may be attractive. 

But I should warn you that color temperatures over 8,000K are not legal in many states. Neither is any other color than white and yellow. I suggest going with the 6,000K option.

Anyway, I got these HID bulbs at a low cost. They work perfectly with 35W DC ballasts or 55W AC. You can find other sizes of these bulbs like H11, H13, 9005, 9007 that also are for Dodge Ram 1500 models. Make sure not to select the wrong sized one.

Aside from the two bulbs, I got a wiring harness with a plug-and-play installation system. Because of their exact OEM sizes, they are released for replacing the stock halogen bulbs.

These bulbs have excellent build quality. There are Xenon gas pills inside a tube made of quartz glass. This body construction allows them to have a long-lasting impression and brighter light output. It also blocks UV-rays from damaging the bulbs.

7. NEWBROWN 9005 HB3 Halogen Headlight Bulb

NEWBROWN 9005 HB3 Halogen Headlight Bulb


  • They are available at an affordable cost.
  • You can find DOT and SAE stamps on the product, proving their safety.
  • They are direct plug-and-play.


  • They are not as bright as many of us want.
  • They are not that long-lasting, which doesn’t align with what the manufacturers say.

Finally, we have a pair of 9007 halogen headlights from NEWBROWN. For the owners of Dodge Ram 1500 from 2002-2005, this item should be the go-to. You can use these bulbs with 5,000K daylight color for the high or low beam of your vehicle.

Note that the brand releases these same bulbs in other sizes like 9005, 9008, 9012, or H11, which you can get for different Dodge Ram 1500 vehicles as well. The bulbs are perfect fits as replacements for the stock halogen bulbs.

NEWBROWN used carefully selected PPS material for the bulb holder that resists super high temperature without damaging any part of the bulb or surrounding. Meanwhile, the gas has a high density inside a durable glass tube.

For a whiter light, the manufacturers added a layer of blue ions. You shouldn’t touch the glass part when installing them. These bulbs produce 1,700 lumens with a total wattage of 55 or 60 on 12V.

How to Find the Headlights and Bulbs for Dodge Ram 1500?

Purchasing a headlight or bulb doesn’t take long. The actual time is taken by researching and finding the perfect one.

Needless to say, the process is also a bit stressful since you may need to browse through countless items. If you want the best-quality headlights and bulbs for your Dodge Ram 1500, you need to check some factors. Consider following the points below.

Headlight Housing Type and Color

It is a factor that is relevant to both headlights and the bulbs of your truck. There are two housing types that most vehicles use nowadays. For starters, there are reflector headlights that work really well with LED bulbs.

They have a wider beam pattern that covers most of the lane. Meanwhile, the projector headlight housings are better with HID bulbs. They have impressive downward focus. No oncoming driver or passerby gets dazzled by one.

If you are a nighttime driver, projector headlights will be better. We highly suggest getting compatible bulbs with the housing units.

The housing color also needs your attention as it heavily defines the look of the front of your Ram 1500. Black-colored housing often has a higher cost than chrome ones. Prioritize clear reflectors over amber ones.

Build Quality

Headlights can come with vivid material types. But we recommend the ones with PVC or ABS bodies. For their lenses, polycarbonate is the best. There are glass lenses too, but they are more fragile and are more susceptible to fogginess.

For LED bulbs, you should look for aviation-grade aluminum bodies. It ensures better heat dissipation. The bulb must also have a heat sink with a high-speed fan. Fanless LED bulbs usually use high-quality chips to produce lesser heat.

Check these factors well. Halogen bulbs must have durable quartz glass tubes or similar ones. Otherwise, they can break easily or get faded by UV rays.

Beam Pattern

Both the headlights and bulbs have a factor in common- the pattern and focus of the beam. In this regard, projector headlight housing has more downward visibility. Install a set of quality HID on them, and you are good to go.

Reflector housings have a wider illumination. But you need a LED or halogen bulb with more downward aims and adjustable beams to use with this housing unit. Remember that your headlights must let you see at least 50 to 100 meters ahead of your truck and mustn’t blind anyone by glaring.

Installation Process

Headlights for particular Dodge Ram 1500 models should fit them without any wiring or modifications. It must have a plug-and-play installation and manual, as otherwise, you will need to spend on expert services.

The same goes for headlight bulbs. Make sure that you pick the correct sized bulbs for your Dodge Ram 1500 model and year of release. If it is HID, you will need a set of ballasts. Some bulbs may need adaptors.

Meanwhile, LEDs should have a built-in CANbus to prevent error codes or flickers on vehicles with stock halogen bulbs.

Brightness and Color

If you are getting a new set of bulbs, try to get a least total lumens of 3,400 for a clear view. Apparently, there are LED bulbs with over 6,000 LM! But if they glare, that high brightness can become the cause of getting pulled over.

There are also legality factors regarding the color of the lighting. Currently, 3,000K to 6,500K is the safe range that won’t get you into any trouble. The less color, the warm and yellowish it gets. Meanwhile, higher temperature causes a whiter to bluer output.

Any other headlight lighting color other than yellow, white, or slight blue are illegal in the USA.

Final Note

We hope you have already picked out one set of bulbs or headlights for your Dodge Ram 1500. If not, you can very well research more.

There are so many top-grade products on the market, and it wasn’t easy to short them out to make a list. Maybe you will find some headlights or bulbs as good or better than the ones on our list.

You will often notice that some customers sometimes get defective items, even from retable brands. It is not always because of poor build quality.

It can also happen because the bulbs or headlights get faulty after staying in their storehouse for too long. It is why you should check the products quickly after receiving them.

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