How to Choose Headlight Bulbs for Ford F250?

As the Ford F250 is such an old model that is still ongoing to the modern days, I have multiple of them from different gens. For this reason, I have many an experience dealing with them and had to change their headlight and bulbs on numerous occasions.

Here, I have gathered some of the best bulbs for this super-duty pickup. So, if you are searching for them, take a look below. You can also find a buying guide I made elaborating on the different factors of the best headlight bulbs for Ford F250. So, let’s have a look.

What to look for before buying Ford F250 Headlight Bulbs

I know the importance of the headlight bulbs and how they can increase or decrease my safety. As a result, I pay extra attention to the bulbs whenever I buy them for my F250 and other vehicles. Similar to other components, your bulbs also have some factors to check when browsing for them.

I have explained the stuff I look for in my Ford F250 headlight bulbs. It is true that some people may have different priorities, but most of these points are objective and true for all. With that out of the way, let’s go to the topics.

Brightness and Color

Many of us go for the brightest bulbs available there. It is understandable as we don’t want to let the darkness obstruct us from a safe journey. Hence, I usually go for around 3,000 total lumens from halogen and nearly 8,000-10,000 lumens for LEDs.

Also, I don’t suggest going for blue light bulbs for the headlight as it is not really legal. The only two acceptable colors for headlights are amber and white. So, 3,000K-6,5000K is okay. I recommend 6,000K as it is pure white. Lower colors are better for fog lights.

Beam Patterns

Having an uncontrolled beam pattern is a risky thing. If the light isn’t focused, it can dazzle anyone on the road ahead. The last thing I want is to blind some cops on the street with my headlights. So, I choose bulbs that aim their beams more downward while still giving me a far and wide view.

Heat Dissipation and Waterproof

LED bulbs need a heat dissipation system to keep their heat under control and last a long time. Hence, I want ones with capable heat sinks. If they have fans, they must have a high-speed rotation.

The manufacturers must use highly heat-resistant heat sinks for fanless ones (like using duralumin) to balance them out. There must also be a least waterproof level of IP65 to tackle rain and such weather.


Since the bulb has the size that my Ford F250 accepts, it must fit in without any issue. I look for a plug-and-play design with a 1:1 size like my factory halogen bulbs. It makes the installation process a breeze.

Aftermarket or OEM halogen bulbs are usually easier to install as they mostly come in the exact size as the stock ones. But there are other factors here. Some LED bulbs may hinder you from using the retainer tabs or the dust cover.

Some may need a bit of trimming to fit. Hence, I like LED bulbs with thinner bases and fanless designs.

Mistakes I Avoid When Buying Ford F250 Headlights Bulbs

  • Taking the wrong sized bulb for my F250 model and release year. I need 9004 bulbs for 87-91 models, 9007 for 92-2000 and 01-04, and H13 for 05-16 and 17-20.
  • Going for a too-bright headlight bulb without a perfectly focused beam.
  • Not paying attention to the customer reviews. The product description isn’t always accurate and may exaggerate.
  • Getting bulbs for only one side. Usually, the stock bulbs go out around the same time. So, when one burns out, the other may do so soon.

Best Ford F250 Headlight Bulbs

1. Torchbeam T2 H13/9008 LED Bulbs Kit

Torchbeam T2 H13/9008 LED Bulbs Kit

6000 Lumens 6500K Super Bright Replacement Bulbs, 400% Brightness, Canbus Ready


  • The bulbs provided a high brightness in front of my Ford F250.
  • I could see really far into the distance, giving me enough reaction time.
  • The turbofans worked faster than regular bulbs.
  • They came CANbus-ready with a 1:1 ratio as the stock bulb size.


  • I was hearing some noises from the bulbs when operating. It was probably from the turbofan.

I wanted the best and brightest bulbs for F250 05-16 and 17-20 and found the Torchbeam T2 bulb pair. With nearly 15,000 lumens, I received a 6,500K colored light, which was a lot brighter than my stock ones. I didn’t need to worry about blinding others with that high brightness, as the beams were highly focused.

Because of their concentrated light output, the road ahead of mine becomes clear as day. Although, I had a slight issue reading road signs for the high color. But it wasn’t too bad. The beam from the bulbs reached so far ahead, nearly a spotlight angle as they promised.

Obviously, such heavy-duty operation needs better heat dissipation. So, Torchbeam added aircraft-grade aluminum with an efficient fan that removes the heat so fast. I also liked their smart thermal control chips. They also had a pretty high waterproof and dustproof body.

The bulbs came CANbus ready and had plug-and-play to ease up the installation process. When I was installing them, I noticed that they had the same size as the stock ones. As there was a driver built-in, I didn’t need to worry about it taking more space.

2. NEWBROWN H13 Halogen Headlight Bulb

NEWBROWN H13 Halogen Headlight Bulb

Super White Light P26.4T 12V/55W or 60W 5000K


  • The light bulbs gave me high lumens for halogen lights.
  • Their beam patterns were impressive.
  • All the parts were so durable with high heat resistance.


  • They are still not significantly brighter than my stock halogen on my F250.

As I was looking for a top-notch halogen bulb pair to replace the stock ones, the NEWBROWN H13 Headlight Bulbs caught my eye. By working on 12V and 55W, these bulbs offer a white illumination of around 5,000K. It was possible due to the blue ion membrane on their glass parts.

Each bulb emitted a brightness of 1,700 lumens, which was higher than my factory bulbs. These DOT-approved bulbs are promised to last for around 800 hours by the manufacturers. And their durable bodies make it seem so.

I liked how they added gases with high density inside to lengthen their lifespan. NEWBROWN seemed to add PPS material with high thermal resistance on their bases to keep them going for a long time.

I could install them without issues as the bulbs had plug-and-play bases with an exact OEM size. It was a great experience to use them.

3. BEAMTECH H13 LED Bulbs for F250

BEAMTECH H13 LED Bulbs for F250

10000LM 60W 6500K Extremely Super Bright 9008 30mm Heatsink Base CSP Chips Conversion Kit


  • They are not-too-bright bulbs and keep the light dense.
  • The bulbs are highly energy-efficient.
  • I could insert them into the housing without any issue.
  • The bulbs can absorb a high heat without shortening their lifespan.


  • I occasionally caught them interfering with my radio signal.

I also wanted a set of bulbs to add here that won’t provide too high a brightness, as not all of us want that. The BEAMTECH H13 LED Bulbs generate over 9,000 lumens with a color temperature of 6,500K, running only on 60W.

Since it uses CSP chips, I was able to get a highly concentrated light output from my vehicle. They actually save a high energy, and after changing my stock halogen with them, the change was even more noticeable.

LED bulbs often make it harder to install them because of their fans. Well, these ones have a built-in driver and chips with a smaller fan, allowing me to insert them with ease. They also can survive pretty high heat. LED bulbs like these don’t heat up that high, though.

Anyway, the bulbs can resist water from IP65 and other weathered conditions. So, taking them for my F250 wasn’t a bad decision.

4. BEAMTECH S1 Series H13 LED Bulbs

BEAMTECH S1 Series H13 LED Bulbs

8000LM 50W Quiet No Fan CSP Chips Conversion Kit Fanless Cool White All In One Plug N Play Halogen Replacement


  • Similar to the previous bulbs, these ones have CSP chips, giving me a denser light.
  • Their efficiency is high, saving a significant amount of electric cost.
  • The duralumin used on their heat dissipation system and radiator keep the heat under control.
  • Their fanless body removed the possibility of fan failure, noise, and radio interference and let me install them quickly.


  • They were not properly plug-and-play on my F250.

Here I have another BEAMTECH bulb that is more leaned toward the light-duty operation. These H13 bulbs cast a beam of around 7,000 lumens out of my headlights to eliminate the darkness ahead. Like before, they utilize CSP chips, saving me from scattered lights.

Because of their fanless design, I didn’t have to endure any annoying noises or radio interference. It also removed the common problem of fan failure. Another signature trait of BEAMTECH bulbs that I mentioned in the last review is their efficient operations.

BEAMTECH used duralumin, special material for aircraft, on the radiator to keep the bulbs cool. As I tested them after prolonged use, the bulbs were cool to the touch. So, I believe they should last a long time. I tried them in the rain, and their IP65 level showed satisfactory results.

Fanless bulbs like these are almost always mini in size. So, I could insert them right in like a halogen bulb.

5. Sylvania 9007ST.BP2 – 9007 SilverStar

Sylvania 9007ST.BP2 – 9007 SilverStar

High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb, High Beam, Low Beam and Fog Replacement Bulb


  • These halogen bulbs provided a brighter light compared to my factory ones.
  • I got a whiter and more downward beam focus.
  • Their OEM sizes let made the installation a breeze for me.
  • I got a 12-months satisfaction guarantee.


  • The increase in brightness isn’t too significant as I initially expected.

Sylvania is one of the leading brands in the field of automatic halogen bulbs, and the 9007 SilverStar shows that. The pair of bulbs pleased me with their white illumination clearing the way ahead of my F250 with a bright view.

Normally, halogen bulbs don’t blind or glare at anyone on the road. But the manufacturers were still responsible enough to give these bulbs a more focused beam. So, I safely used them on the road without worrying about ruining someone else’s driving.

Note that these bulbs are OEM ones, which means I could install them the same way as my stock halogens. It wouldn’t even feel like a change unless I experienced high performance and better visibility.

Also, I received a 12 months customer satisfaction guarantee from Sylvania upon buying the bulbs. I noticed that there are other variations of them, including an H13 one.

6. LEPPEIN 9004 LED Headlight Bulbs

LEPPEIN 9004 LED Headlight Bulbs

Dual Hi/Lo Beam 24xCREE Chips 6500K Cool White 6000LM Halogen Replacement Conversion Kit-1 Pair


  • These headlight bulbs had a smaller design than traditional LEDs, even with their fans.
  • Their CREE LEDs work with less electricity.
  • I was able to see further down the road with them.
  • Their fans were mute.


  • I needed to remove the dust cover for proper air circulation and heat dissipation. It leaves the bulbs a bit vulnerable to dust and water.

I don’t want to risk dazzling anyone on the road and slowly leaning towards the bulbs that are not too bright but still get the job done perfectly. The LEPPEIN 9004 LED Headlight Bulbs are one such example, as they emit around 5,500 lumens with a 6,500-color temperature.

Introducing one of the thinnest LED bulbs on my list as they allowed me to insert them straight without any obstruction or modifications. Their upper parts have a 1:1 halogen size, and the lower components only use as much space as they need for the heat sinks.

Because of their quick heat removal, I think that they should last a long time. Add an IP65 weatherproof level on that, and it guarantees a long-lasting service.

I was able to see around 150 meters ahead of my F250 with these bulbs. They utilize 24 pieces of CREE chips, which are famous for their efficient work. The noiseless fans, plug-and-play plugs, and copper boards, everything was made to last and stay cool. It pleased me to find that I could adjust the collar 360° with ease.

If you are an owner of a Ford F250 1987-1991, I highly recommend this pair for your high and low beams.

7. SEALIGHT 9007 HB5 Led Bulbs

SEALIGHT 9007 HB5 Led Bulbs

12000LM 24xCSP Chips Dual Beam Led Bulb 6000K White


  • Their fanless body made the installation quicker. It also removed noises.
  • The CSP chips and 6,000K color gave me better visibility than usual LEDs.
  • Their beam pattern was controlled, as I could see far and wide without blinding anyone.
  • The bulbs can survive a wide temperature range.


  • The bulbs worked best on low beams and performed poorly on high.

The LED Bulbs from SEALIGHT are a little different than regular ones, especially when I look at their light colors. The 6,000K temperature with around 10,000 lumens output created a lesser reflective light. So, I could read road signs or see further in different weather conditions.

In order to add to my previous statement, there are also 24-pieces of CSP LEDs inside the bulbs. It allowed them to generate a denser beam without scattering. I could see nearly 150 meters to the distance and a bit to the sideways without glaring.

These pair of headlight bulbs were not that hard to install, and I tried doing so on both low and high beams. Their 0.5-inch heat sink size helped me do that. The bulbs also came with a plug-and-play connection and built-in CANbus.

It was a fanless design, meaning that I didn’t have to face any radio interference or sounds. The bulbs still would stay pretty cool using their capable heat sinks. They could work fine under -104° to 176° F.

8. Philips 9004 CrystalVision Platinum Upgrade Headlight Bulb

Philips 9004 CrystalVision Platinum Upgrade Headlight Bulb

Headlights that enhance the style of your vehicle while offering improved performance compared to standard bulbs


  • The bulbs gave me both a brighter and whiter beam.
  • They were durable yet smaller to ease up the installation for me.
  • The light pattern was highly focused on the street.


  • They are not that long-lasting, as suggested by many previous users.

Phillips is the other brand that manufacturers some of the best halogen bulbs on the market. Their 9004 CrystalVision Platinum is one of them that specially provides a higher whiteness of 4,000K. But that is not the only good thing.

Their beam pattern was excellent as it sends the light beams right where they need to go. So, I was getting a more aimed beam from them equal to my stock halogens. They also reached quite the distance.

I found DOT marks on their body. With a 1:1 size, I could insert them right after I pulled the factory bulbs out. I received a pair of them in the box. But if you wish to replace both high and low ones, consider ordering two packages.

9. Auxbeam H13 LED Bulb

Auxbeam H13 LED Bulb

6500K 8000 Lumens High Brightness 9008 Led Conversion Kit


  • The bulbs are not reflective and provide a 360° illumination.
  • The beam pattern has no dark spots or dark ranges.
  • AUXBEAM used durable and heat-resistant materials to construct these bulbs.
  • Their mute fans had a 12,000-rpm speed.


  • They are not as bright as some other LED bulbs of the same price range.

Auxbeam bulbs are products that I can trust and rely on as I have used them many times before. Their H13 LED bulbs are a perfect replacement for F250 models from 2005-2016 and 2017-2020.

The light I got from them was around 8,000 lumens bright and 6,500K white. So, it wasn’t that reflective in nature, and I could read roadside signs clearly. Their 3-sides illumination gave me 360° lighting. Not to mention, it was aimed as well. I found no dark spots or shadows in there.

I liked how AUXBEAM cared for their builds, giving them a fasten wire style with plug-and-play and a compact body. The cooling fan inside had 12,000 rpm, and it is protected by an A3 shield. They used Polyamide 66 mixed with 30% glass fiber to give the base a higher heat resistance. There are also rubber seals for water protection. Auxbeam promised an IP65 on them, and it seemed to be accurate.

I found COB chips inside along that spread across two sides. It ensured a broader beam pattern and could work in 12V without issues. Their fans were also mute and didn’t obstruct radio signals.

10. Philips 9007B1 Standard Halogen Replacement Headlight Bulb

Philips 9007B1 Standard Halogen Replacement Headlight Bulb

When installing a new bulb, never touch the glass. Either use gloves or paper towel when handling.


  • The bulb has a stable and heat-resistant body.
  • Its brightness is higher than the factory ones.
  • I could select other size variations compatible with different Ford F250 models.
  • They had a low cost.


  • It is not the ideal option for high brightness lovers.

Finally, we have another Phillips bulb that satisfied me with its performance. The 9007B1 from the brand comes in one per package. So, you might need a pair of them. Their package also seems to have different designs.

Anyway, I noticed a simple plug-and-play base with a durable and heat-resistant body. Although, you mustn’t touch its glass parts under any condition.

The bulb offered me a 3,000K colored light with decent brightness, slightly brighter than my stock ones. It was totally DOT and SAE compliant with a controlled beam. Don’t forget to check out its 9004 or H13 versions if your F250 is from different years.


Shorting out the best headlight bulbs is not a casual task, and it may be tiring for anyone. Hence, I request saving your time by checking out my list and trying them out. I can’t speak for the brands, but those bulbs provided me with excellent service, and I believe you should experience the same.

If you are going for a halogen bulb pair, I should warn you not to touch their glass parts. Many don’t know about this, but doing so can shorten the lifespan of the bulbs. The skin oil from your fingers can stay on them and heat up when the bulbs are in operation. Anyway, I hope you find the perfect bulb for your Ford F250.

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