How to Choose Halo Headlights for Dodge Ram?

I always put the look as a high priority when buying headlights besides performance and build. And halo headlights are one of the best things to fulfill my need for an attractive-looking headlamp set.

Apparently, when I get more specific on their details, the number of headlight options decreases. I found only so many items when searching for top-quality halo headlights for my ram.

So, I tested many of them and successfully made a list of the best halo headlights for Dodge Ram. If you are looking for them, I suggest exploring my reviews below. You can also find my buying guide, where I tried to explain the different aspects of a Dodge Ram halo headlights I check before purchasing them.

How to Find Dodge Ram Halo Headlight?

Buying a quality halo headlight for a Dodge Ram is no easy task as I have to look into different details of the products. But if I summarize it, most of these factors fall into some basic categories, performance, build qualities, installation, and beam pattern.

In this section, I elaborated on these points so that you can have an informed choice when buying a halo headlight for your Ram. I avoided adding the basic stuff like price, brand, or warranty and tried to be succinct.

The Performance of the Halo Headlights

The performances in a headlight are mostly about how fast the light turns on and how bright it is. I check the latter point when the headlight comes with the bulbs inside.

My initial concern is to know the beam brightness as it is necessary to have a high lumen on dark roads. But that is not all. I make sure that the turn signals and reflectors are easy to spot in the fog.

Beam Pattern

Continuing my last point, the headlight should have a controlled and concentrated beam pattern. I suggest projector headlights as they are better in this job in most cases. The light must focus downward, and there should be no dark spots, scattering, or shadows.

However, I also need a bit of wide lighting to see a little of the side lanes. It helps me react quickly when an animal approaches the road.

Build Quality

Honestly, finding durable halo headlights takes me longer than it should. It is so because most of them cannot tackle harsh weather or survive prolonged operations. A well-built headlight must have high resistance to heat, water, oxidization, rust, scratches, collisions, and a least IP67 weatherproof level with durable components.

PC or PMMA lenses are usually the most reliable for headlights now. As for the LED types, I look for SMD, CSP, CREE, etc. I also prioritize additional micro-prism reflectors and DRL other than the halos.

If a headlight requires me to uninstall it to adjust the beam focus, that is a big letdown. It’s a pity that most Dodge Ram halo headlights are like that.

Installation Process

How easy a headlight is to install or remove is a prime factor that I check, and you should too. You need to especially look at whether the headlight fits the exact model and year of your Dodge Ram.

Even then, I find headlights not fitting perfectly. A professional installation is an option for you, but I like it when they are total plug-and-play with an easy wiring system. The process of modifications for a newly bought headlight that is supposed to fit precisely is not a pleasing matter.

Mistakes I Avoid When Buying a Dodge Ram Halo Headlight

  • I don’t go for a low-quality headlight for a low price. Since it is tied to my safety, I prioritize quality over cost.
  • I avoid going for headlights with a terrible beam pattern. The best way to know about this is to read the customer reviews. Although, it can happen because of a wrong installation process.
  • I try not to go for reflector headlights for HID or LED bulbs. Projector headlights are better for them.
  • I don’t forget to check how street legal the headlight is. Smoked headlights can be illegal in different places. So are headlights with a less controlled beam pattern.

My List of the Halo Headlights for Dodge Ram

1. ACANII LED Halo Ring Black Housing Projector Headlights

ACANII LED Halo Ring Black Housing Projector Headlights

Fit for 1994-2001 Dodge Ram 1500 2500 3500


  • The color options for the housing pleased me.
  • These DOT compliant headlights come Butyl-sealed for proper water resistance.
  • Their SMD chips gave me a quality light.
  • It was so easy to install them for me.


  • I wish they were brighter to be more suited for nighttime.

If you want a mixture of look, performance, and budget, the ACANII Halo Ring Projector Headlights may interest you. I could select between black, chrome, and gunmetal smoked when buying them.

The headlights had stunning halos, and there were bulbs included. But I could easily install the headlamp on my dodge ram without any manual needed. But if you do find it complex, consider contacting a mechanic.

The headlights are well-built and have DOT and SAE compliance. Their clear polycarbonate lenses allowed me to have a proper view at night. They also had UV protection. I could adjust their beam focus using the adjuster how I wanted it. Since they use SMD chips, the overall output was concentrated and dense.

In order to prevent water from getting inside, ACANII used Butyl Sealants on the headlights. So, I could use them in the rain.

2. ACANII LED Halo Projector Headlights

ACANII LED Halo Projector Headlights

Fit For 2002-2005 Dodge Ram 1500 2500 3500


  • The headlights are easy to install and wire.
  • I got a dense and concentrated beam from them.
  • Their Butyl sealant keeps the water out.
  • I liked their attractive look.


  • Adjusting the beam focus was a hassle as I needed to uninstall the headlight for the process.

Here is another ACANII headlight that I had to add to my list for its qualities. The double halos around the high and low beams pleased me. It is possible to install them on the 2002-2005 Dodge Ram models. Between the chrome and black housing options, I chose the latter.

The installation and wiring process took a short time and wasn’t that much of a hassle. But since ACANII doesn’t send any installation manual in the package, it can be a little hard for some of my readers to complete the process. You can get expert helps in that case.

Anyway, there were five screws to let me adjust the beam angle. Honestly, I disliked that I had to remove the headlight to do it. It is so because it can get confusing to remember which screw does what.

They had plug-and-play for easy installation and came with the bulbs. Their DOT approval stamps were also a safety relief. Like the previous ACANII item, this one had butyl sealant, PC lenses, and SMD chips for long-lasting quality performances.

3. Spec-D Tuning Halo Black Projector Headlights

Spec-D Tuning Halo Black Projector Headlights

Compatible with Dodge Ram 1500 2006-2008, 06-09 2500 3500, L+R Pair Head Light Lamp Assembly


  • I could pick from a variety of color options for the headlights.
  • Their installation was easy, and the wiring didn’t take much time. I didn’t need to modify anything.
  • These DOT compliant headlights have ISO certifications too.


  • The overall output from the headlights was not that bright.

Next up, the Spec-D Tuning Projector Headlights took a place on my list with their design and ease of installation. Suitable for Dodge Ram 1500 06-08 and 2500/3500 06-09, the headlamp housings lifted the overall look of my vehicle. There were black, chrome, glossy black, and multi colors for me to pick from.

The low beam was near the edge and the high beam in the middle.

Meanwhile, there were DRL strips and turn signals on the bottom parts. The halos were around both high and low beams.

Anyway, I found that their wiring was actually easier than it may look at first glance. The high and low beams were pre-wired to the connectors.

You can follow their instruction manual or watch YouTube videos for the DRL and halos. I don’t think you will need professional help for these.

There were also two adjustment screws I noticed on the rear. They were easily accessible and controllable. Note that you shouldn’t take these headlights for OE headlights with amber bars.

4. AKKON – Dual Halo Ring LED Projector Headlights

AKKON - Dual Halo Ring LED Projector Headlights

Fits 2006-2008 Dodge Ram 1500 / 2006-2009 Dodge Ram 2500/3500


  • The headlights had an attractive design, turning some heads when lit.
  • It wasn’t hard to install them with the plug-and-play. But the wiring may need a bit of modification.
  • The focused beam pattern helped me see the road properly without blinding anyone.


  • Like the previous ACANII headlights, I had to remove the headlights to adjust their focus.
  • The light output was not bright enough for nighttime driving.

I selected an AKKON headlight next to the list, and I had an idea that I shall have to add one. I could choose from chrome, smoke, and black smoke colors when buying them, and I picked the first one. You get both left and right parts with halos around the high and low beams.

One thing that attracted many customers was their look. I am sure that you will like it as well. It was pretty easy to install them on a dodge ram utilizing their plug-and-play. If you own a Dodge Ram 1500 06-08 or 2500/3500 06-09, I highly recommend them to you.

AKKON added SMD chips to the halos to make them brighter. There are arrays of LEDs beneath an opaque layer that generate a solid tube-like beam. However, the overall brightness of the headlights may not be suitable for dark roads. Anyway, I liked the beam pattern that focuses downward because of its projector style.

I needed to modify the wiring for the halos and LEDs when installing them. They don’t come with any installation manual, making it kind of difficult for people.

5. AKKON Dual LED Projector Headlights

AKKON Dual LED Projector Headlights

Fit for 09-18 Ram 1500, 10-18 Ram 2500/3500, 19-21 Ram 1500 Classic Model


  • I couldn’t ignore the stunning display of them when they were on.
  • The projector focuses the beam downward without glaring.
  • Their micro-prism reflectors allow other people to see the turn signals in mist, making it safer for me.


  • The additional bulbs are low-grade. I suggest getting new H1 and 9005 bulbs for them.
  • The low beam is too low, and it is hard to adjust the beam focus.

This headlight set from the AKKON brand is almost similar to the previous one but is for different Dodge Ram models. They are compatible with Ram 2500/3500 10-18 and 1500 19-21. Note that they are only replacements for dual or quad-beam headlamps. So, remember not to take them to replace projector ones.

Anyway, I don’t think the looks on them will disappoint anyone. Whether you take the chrome, black or smoked housing, it will definitely facelift your Dodge Ram. Their installation isn’t that hard. However, I find the wiring to be lengthy.

The DRL halos of the lights look stunning when lit, and they provide a decent brightness. For focusing the light beam properly, AKKON used durable projector parts. I also noticed the lenses that they designed for a higher concentrated beam. You also get the halogen bulbs pre-installed. However, these bulbs are not that high-quality, and I had to get new bulbs for them. The issue is that the low beam was too low for proper visibility.

AKKON used micro-prism reflectors on the turn signals to make it easier to spot them in rain or fog. Overall, it is a recommendation from me.

6. AKKON Dual Halo Projector Headlights Pair Set

AKKON Dual Halo Projector Headlights Pair Set

Fits 2002-2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Standard Cab | Quad Cab | Mega Cab, Fits 2003-2005 Dodge Ram 2500 |3500 Standard Cab | Quad Cab | Mega Cab


  • They featured an easy installation as I could finish it so quickly.
  • The light output was pretty concentrated, thanks to the German lenses and quality projectors.
  • I got a bright output from the DRLs.


  • It might take patience to adjust the beam focus since it needs removal before the process.
  • The bulbs in the headlights are of pretty low quality.

If you are a fan of AKKON headlights but own a Dodge Ram from 1500 from 02-05 or 2500/3500 03-05 like me, check this one out. Their Dual-projector halo style makes for a picturesque look, and I could select among black, chrome, and smoked colors.

I found their installation process a breeze because of the plug-and-play system. Not to mention, the wiring was so simple. Like the last one, AKKON used quality DRL LEDs to achieve a bright light that can notify other people of your presence even in bad weather.

Most other details of these headlights were similar to the previous ones. Like how the German lenses gave me a concentrated beam, and the projector parts were so durable. Meanwhile, the halogen bulbs in the headlights were not that quality items. I found them lacking brightness and scattering light on the road.

The headlights had micro-prism reflectors on the side of the low beam. As you probably already understand, these reflectors are easier to spot in fog and rain. Their turn signals also functioned well.

Final Note

If you are a halo headlight lover like me, then congratulations on finding some of the best options for your Dodge Ram. I am confident about the products I added to my list. But if you want to explore more halo headlights, I recommend taking help from the buying guide.

I need to check more factors when buying a headlight bulb than a headlight itself. In fact, customer reviews are an easy way to get an impression and idea of their performances. Hopefully, my article can improve your chances of finding the perfect halo headlights for your Ram.

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