How To Choose The Best H8 Fog Lights?

Fog lights allow you to see oncoming traffic and objects more clearly. They’re made to cut through badly illuminated regions and provide you with a better view of approaching cars. One must invest in a high-quality fog light that will endure for a few seasons.

Fog is one of the worst things that may happen to a car driver. This can severely impair vision, increasing the chances of an accident. Isn’t that reason enough to put H8 fog light bulbs in the vehicle?

We are here to assist you in finding the right H8 Fog Lights for your vehicle from our user experience. We will also give you a comprehensive buying guide so you know exactly what to search for.

Things To Consider Before Buying H8 Fog Light

You’ll note that none of the items on our lists is without problems. It’s your job to locate one that satisfies specific criteria. Knowing what to search for can also save you a lot of time when it comes to lowering your objective.

That’s what we’ll talk about next. If you really want to receive the greatest thing, look over each of these suggestions and attempt to follow these.

Before you go out and buy fog lights, there are a few factors to consider. Here are a few of the most significant.

Color Temperature

Your automobile will look stunning with a color temperature of around 6500 K. Matching the color temperature of the fog light bulbs to the chromaticity of your headlights is a smart idea.

This one will give the automobile a much more streamlined appearance. The light intensity is calculated in Lumens, and that’s how strong fog lamps are.


Because you often travel at nighttime and reside in a location where the mist is prevalent, a greater illumination level is typically suggested. Lights come in a variety of brightness.

Certain fog LED lights have such brightness of up to 8500 Lumens, and others have a brightness of only 1,500 Lumens.

In most cases, 1,500 Lumens should be adequate. Nevertheless, it is very dependent on the nature in which you are driving.


It’s not expected to be taking so long to put new H8 light bulbs in the car. As a result, you should select H8 fog light bulbs that are simple to install.

You must also ensure that now the light bulbs are suitable with the fixtures on your vehicle. This is frequently stated on the item’s packaging and specification sheet.

The connector designs are the most practical when purchasing H8 fog light bulbs. That spares both time and money that would otherwise be spent looking for a professional.

Additionally, ensure that the H8 fog light bulbs you plan to buy are suitable for the particular vehicle.


Fog lights must survive for a long period even when they’re not used frequently. A fog light bulb with such a lifespan of over 10 thousand hours is generally a wise investment. If you just want a fog light bulb that will last for a long period, go for more expensive options.

One can maintain these on for nearly 500 days if you have them on for 10 thousand hours, which you certainly won’t do.

As a result, these bulbs will live for many years. Although fog light bulbs are really not used very frequently, it’s still crucial to choose LED bulbs with a long life expectancy. LED fog lights have a lifetime estimated in hrs.

Best H8 Fog Lights

1. SEALIGHT H11/H8/H16 LED Fog Light Bulbs

SEALIGHT H11/H8/H16 LED Fog Light Bulbs

6000K Xenon White, 27 SMD Chips, 360-degree Illumination, Non-polarity


  • An excellent beam pattern with an intense flash supply can equally illuminate the road in front of you. It needs just 10 minutes for installation.
  • It ensures a longer service life of 30,000 hours.


  • It may be confusing while installing for a beginner.

Using these lights makes it easier to look at the road even in rainy and foggy weather. To provide 360° lighting, it is equipped with 27 sophisticated LED chips. The convex lens focuses the light and projects it further, ensuring safe and pleasant sight while driving.

It only took us 10 minutes for SEALIGHT H8 LED bulbs Installation. You don’t have to replace headlights on a regular basis.

The entire 6063 aircraft aluminum frame and constructed absorber plate provide better thermal efficiency, ensuring a 30,000-hour life span. The manufacturer claims that 1 SEALIGHT fog light is equal to 145 halogen lamps. It sounded a bit exaggerated to us but they do provide a long lifetime!

Suitable with 99 percent of automobiles, these may be used as fog lights and nighttime driving lights for any vehicle and also are appropriate with H8 lights. We personally like to utilize them as fog lamps on our F150.

Frequently used in a variety of situations and it can perform well enough in rainy, icy, or hazy conditions, ensuring you have a smoother experience of driving in foggy weather. IP67 watertight, high temp anti-aging elastic rings maintain sealing for your led lighting system.

2. AUXITO H11/H8/H16 LED Fog Light Bulbs or DRL

AUXITO H11/H8/H16 LED Fog Light Bulbs or DRL

6000 Lumens 6500K Cool White Light, 300% Brightness, CSP LED Chips Fog Lamps Replacement for Cars


  • It can be easily installed in 10 minutes without any modification.
  • Each set of H8 fog lights comes with a total of 6000-lumen value.
  • Twice as bright as the best halogen.
  • 2 AUXITO H8 bulbs consist of 1 package.


  • It doesn’t fit on Ford ranger 2021.

According to the manufacturer, every AUXITO H8 LED fog light is packed with elevated CSP LED chips, producing 6000 LM and set brightness, which is 3-fold brighter than halogen. Therefore, it is 400 percent brighter than ordinary halogen.

Even though we can’t confirm whether or not the bulbs are four times brighter than most halogens, they are certainly more than twice as bright! While driving at night, 6500K bright light helps you in seeing much further and broader.

It has a long lifetime of 30,000 Hours. Chassis design prevents pollution from entering the unit. An all minimalist size with comprehensive aluminum alloy provides rapid and reliable dissipation of heat to extend the AUXITO H8 fog light’s longevity and effectiveness. The very same lamp bulb location is used in the one-on-one safe radiation pattern.

The AUXITO H8 fog lights accurately replicate the beamforming of original halogen bulbs, providing 360° complete angle brightness. There have been no shades or slight discoloration, giving you a clearer view and a better experience of driving. 

10 minutes wirelessly engineered and inserted, AUXITO fog lights were easy to set up in our F150. A suitable dimension layout fits snugly inside the headlight frame. It’s IP65 water-resistant and shockproof efficient.

IP65 waterproofing and extremely durable performance help to perform well in wet, icy, or hazy weather, enabling you to see more clearly in foggy weather. We did not experience any electromagnetic disturbance. Moreover, the technology is frame-ready, making it suitable with 98 percent of modern vehicles.

3. Alla Lighting Golden Yellow Xtreme Super Bright Fog Light

Alla Lighting Golden Yellow Xtreme Super Bright Fog Light

Each H11 H8 H16 LED bulb includes 16 pieces high power and high illumination 3030 latest chips with high performance


  • Every Alla H8 LED bulb has 16 elevated quality 3030 LED chips for strong light.
  • ALLA Lighting H8 3000K Yellow LED fog light is 360° full angle degrees light output.
  • It can be installed certainly in every auto vehicle.


  • Some users stated that the fog lights have flickering issues.

It has an extended life duration having around 50,000 core hours. Which makes this fog light better than other available lamps on the market. 3000K brilliant yellow-ochre color is painted on the light frame.

Every H8 LED bulb has 16 elevated, high-lighting 3030 newest processors with high-performance 360-degree full-angle illumination and projector lens design.

The microchip section is made out of aluminum, which maintains the light bulb at a high operating temperature and allows for greater thermal transfer in the headlight compartment.

Each and every LED fog light bulb produces roughly 1000 lumens, for just a maximum of 2000 lumen output for both H8 LED fog lights bulbs. Many automobiles are simply easily integrated, and the setup is simple.

However, to prevent technical errors or flashing difficulties, a few European automobiles using cable systems might need a resistive load or decoder.

4. Philips 12360B1 H8 Standard Halogen Replacement Bulb

Philips 12360B1 H8 Standard Halogen Replacement Bulb

Always replace in pairs to ensure a symmetric light beam from both bulbs on the road. Headlights dim over time.


  • The plastic adapter won’t come off even if does probably your low beam is an H7 bulb.
  • Very easy installation process.
  • The values of the light bulbs are wattage 35 watts which is perfect for any head bulbs to connect them with the main chassis.


  • Sometimes it has a different bulb and wiring setup for low beam.

As the most dependable functioning, this light bulb uses the authentic components grade seal. To provide a symmetrical beam of light from both light bulbs on the road, constantly change them in couples. One of the downsides is that the brightness of the headlight bulbs fades with time.

Philips headlight lights have indeed been consistently developing car illumination for over a hundred years. Therefore, we trust the brand when it comes to halogen bulbs. 

The exterior of these fog headlight bulbs is painted and the value of its wattage is 35 watts. From the easy installation to a higher-than-OEM brightness, we were satisfied with the pair!

5. AUXITO 880 LED Fog Light Bulbs

AUXITO 880 LED Fog Light Bulbs

6500K Xenon White, 30W 6000LM Super Bright, Plug and Play, Can-bus Error Free, 899 DRL Replacement for Chevy, Ford, GMC


  • It comes with 12 pieces CSP also it’s brighter than normal halogen lights.
  • It gives a full 360-degree angular brightness.
  • Perfectly adapts to any weather, be it foggy or rainy.
  • Also can be used as daytime lights.


  • They cannot be used as a headlight low beam or high beam.

The Twelve components CSP inside the AUXITO 880 fog light bulbs effectively distribute the light bulb next to the automobile, enabling the LED fog lightings 400 percent stronger than normal OEM halogen lights and without affecting cars coming, safeguarding you or others from risk.

Auxito 899 LED fog fluorescent bulbs have a non-polar construction and thus are ready to use right away. The original 880 LED bulbs’ beam pattern is efficiently replicated by the super-duper copper circuitry and about one on one identical lighting strand location, resulting in 360° complete angle lighting.

These 880 fog lights have an updated smart controller that enables them suitable with 98 percent of cars with no error messages or electromagnetic fields.

The complete bodywork aluminum alloy has a slightly curved look, which allows for a larger thermal transfer area and faster thermal management. In comparison to the 30W capacity of the conventional vehicle fog light source, the 880 fog light merely requires 15W for every bulb, resulting in significant power efficiency. As a result of all of this, the LED fog lights may last for more than 40,000 hours.

The Latest annual of the 880 fog lights is IP67, which allows them to withstand adverse weather conditions such as mist, rainfall, ice, and dirt. The improved vision is achieved by using 6000 LM for every set with 6500K halogen white.

6. SIR IUS LED H8 H11 LED bulb


For car truck Fog Light 6500k White High Power Projector Super Bright


  • Per bulb has around 400lumen.
  • Each and every bulb has 6 individual 5W LED chips.


  • It does not have dual High-Low beam functions.

We were able to improve our 24-hour lights and fog lights with this set of 30W LED light bulbs. Every light bulb contains six individual 5W LED chips that use projecting technology to boost illumination concentration & range, resulting in a strong white color illumination source. 

H8 fog light bulbs determine the exact size needed in the headlight compartment. Installation is simple because of the connector and adaptor design, which is made from high aluminum that is both sturdy and climate resistant.

The bulbs did not cause any error messages to the two vehicles we tried them on (F150 and Honda Civic). To circumvent the technical errors on cars equipped with the system, a load resistance package may well be required. On the other hand, it doesn’t weigh much like the other fog lights.

7. SEALIGHT H11 H8 H16 Yellow Fog Light Bulbs

SEALIGHT H11 H8 H16 Yellow Fog Light Bulbs

3000K Golden Yellow 4000 Lumens 11W High Power, LED Fog Light DRL Bulbs Replacement for Cars ,Trucks, SUVs, Vans


  • Easy for installation.
  • Much brighter and penetrates much further than the halogen bulbs that came standard with the car.
  • Don’t require any adjustment for focus or pattern.


  • It is a lengthier process to install because it is directly connected to the original plug, reducing can bus errors.

These lights claim to be 380 percent brighter than Halogen. From our use, we can safely say they are more than twice as bright! Each of bulb includes 12 sets of maximum voltage led circuits, 3000K glorious yellow temperature, providing you a pleasant sensation with no glaring reflection. Following tests, the individual sensitivity to yellow light is twenty times those of other color hues.

It has great piercing control on road. Brightening the journey ahead for drivers also implies signals to the vehicle’s location clearer for the others even within wet and hazy conditions, improving the safety of the driver.

Using smart thermal management innovation, the lights can identify external factors and adapt the incandescent light temperature to protect themselves from excessive heat and incinerating, ensuring a 50,000-hour LED fog light bulb life expectancy.

SEALIGHT H8 fog light bulbs are the connector, with the chassis being linked directly to the existing socket, minimizing Canbus faults. The installation took us only five minutes!

Because of the water-resistant structure, it could be used in cloudy, snowy, cold, and dirty conditions without fear of water and debris entering within the light bulb compartment.

8. HELLA Optilux XY Series H8 Xenon Yellow Halogen Bulbs

HELLA Optilux XY Series H8 Xenon Yellow Halogen Bulbs

Optilux Extreme Yellow XY Halogen bulbs produce a yellow GT Series race car looking beam, providing better color contrast in rain and fog situations.


  • It’s made at an affordable cost for drivers.
  • The use of xenon gas improves the performance of light bulbs.
  • The ideal compromise between light bulb life and efficiency.
  • The color temperature (>42000 K) produces bright, sharp light. XY Halogen lights emit a beam that resembles that of a yellow GT Series race car.


  • It weighs comparatively more than other similar H8 fog lights.

XY-led fog lights generate a bright yellow illumination that delivers quality illumination experience while traveling, offering skilled drivers more security period and convenience. 

It generates a clean yellow light from a light bulb that’s also constructed to some of the most exacting specifications in order to deliver the precise light output required on your trips.

These are suitable for individuals who drive through remote regions and across a range of environments. This package is made for only off-road usage. Moreover, this product includes 2 lights in a dual protective case.

9. ZonCar H11/H8/H16 LED Fog Light Bulbs

ZonCar H11/H8/H16 LED Fog Light Bulbs

6000K Xenon White, 360-degree Illumination, Non-polarity Fog Light Replacement Bulbs


  • Non-polarity and fits nicely in fog enclosure; no changes are needed; simply Plug’n’play.
  • The heat pump is made of aeronautical aluminum and is water-resistant to IP67. It has stable performance.
  • When compared to halogen fog lights, super high brightness helps you see the highway more clearly.


  • No High or low beam functions.
  • The manufacturer listing claims 5000 lumens, but the packaging reads 1500 lumens each.

These bulbs are a straight swap for 99 percent of kinds of vehicles. The assembly difficulty is no longer an issue thanks to the new non-polar structure. In five min or less, a connector DIY setup may be completed. The ZONCAR customized CSP processor measures 1.8cm * 1.8cm, which is 25% bigger than the appropriate dimensions.

It achieves up to 300 percent luminous efficiency, which is the highest on the market. The creation of 6000K illumination blankets led the light region for the motorist to reduce nighttime operating strain.

From darkly lit parking areas and boat launches to dimly lit motorways and roadways, the ZONCAR ZF2 system offers a 250 percent better option for detecting items next to automobiles, trucks, and SUVs.

Higher cooling capacity is ensured by a successful in fulfilling frame structure and conditioning fan. Zoncar LED light bulbs are built of elevated components and may last approximately 50,000 hours when it is used constantly. Getting the right combination of the life span of fog lights and efficiency you can buy this without hesitation.

It uses an IP67 certified watertight cardboard tube to preserve your led lighting clean in the rainfall or snowmelt. This H8 fog light offers a brighter, brighter illumination for the driving.

10. Alla Lighting 3800lm Xtreme Super Bright H8 LED Fog Lights

Alla Lighting 3800lm Xtreme Super Bright H8 LED Fog Lights

3000K Golden Yellow ETI 56-SMD 12V DRL Lamps Replacement H16


  • Each H8 LED bulb produces around 1900 lumens, for a total of 3800 lumens from both H8 LED bulbs.
  • Able to plug and play directly.


  • Not recommended to use as headlights.
  • To prevent technical errors or flashing difficulties, it may be necessary to use a resistive load or processor.

Every H8 LED fog light bulb produces 1900 lumens, for a total of 3800 lumens from both H8 LED bulbs; each LED H8 bulb has 56 ETI LED chips for great lighting and power. Constructed smart IC controller and industrial aluminum alloy for maximum ventilation and longevity.

It has a working power of 8.5W also it’s able to connect volts around 10V–22V. Using Extremely Super Bright Circuit board Tech, this fog light or during the period of the bulb may be used to substitute factory xenon, conventional, or HID H8 fog lights.

Final Note

When it’s foggy, vision on the roadway can be very low. This implies that possessing working fog light bulbs guarantees you have a better vision of the immediate surroundings, which is important for safety.

We looked at the best-rated fog lights that may be used as a substitute for customized fog lights. Before buying from your dealer, make sure the fog light seems suitable for your vehicle model.

ZonCar H8 LED Fog Light Bulbs are our top selection for the best-LED fog light bulbs. We appreciate the style, even if the LED fog lights aren’t the sharpest on the market. It’s also suitable for a wide range of connector kinds and is reasonably priced. It’s difficult to say no to these bulbs.

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